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"Who are they?"
"Just some guys who are about to walk into a diner for the last time."
Karen Page and Punisher[src]

Speed was an assassin working for the Blacksmith. When he and Chaney were sent to kill Frank Castle, they were both defeated and Speed was shot through the head in front of Chaney.


Hired Assassin

Attack on the Punisher

Speed and his partner Chaney were ordered by the Blacksmith to find and assassinate Frank Castle, and likely Karen Page as well, along with any witnesses. As they circled a diner Castle and Page were eating at, Castle had warned Page to hide and advise the staff to do the same. As Speed and Chaney entered the diner to engage Castle, Castle charged them. He grappled with Chaney, redirecting his shots, and shot him two times in the stomach in turn, wounding him.

Speed engaged Castle, attempted to shoot him with his shotgun, but was grappled by Castle, who redirected his shots and unarmed him. Speed attempted to brawl, but was outmatched by Castle, whose combat skills were superior. Beating down on Speed, Speed threw a box at Castle, and grabbed a kitchen knife, attempting to slash Castle. Getting one slash in, Castle in turn smashed a pot of hot coffee on Speed's head, burning him.

Yelling in pain, Speed was then brutally stabbed several times in the stomach, gravely injuring him. Speed collapsed on the ground, clutching his wounded stomach and coughing and wheezing for air. When interrogating Chaney, who defied Castle, Castle shot Speed in the head, killing him. After killing Speed, Castle killed Chaney as well.[1]



  • Shotgun: Speed attempted to shoot the Punisher with his shotgun but was grappled by him and redirected his fire, later being disarmed by him.
  • Knife: While being beat down, Speed grabbed a kitchen knife, attempting to slash the Punisher until he was smashed with a pot of hot coffee. He was then stabbed several times in the abdomen with the kitchen knife that he took.