The Spear of Bashenga is a weapon used by a Warrior Shaman of Wakanda.


During the war in Wakanda between five tribes over Vibranium, Warrior Shaman Bashenga used his own spear made by Vibranium. Bashenga used his spear and kill many enemies before he faced Bast and became the first Black Panther.

Although Bashenga eventually passed away, his spear remained a sacred treasure for the Wakandan population, who kept it for centuries and entrusted it to their successive shamans. In the 21st century, the spear was wielded by Zuri who notably carried it during Wakandan traditional ceremonies. As such, Zuri had the spear with him during the Incoronation of T'Challa and used it to signal the beginning of the duel between T'Challa and M'Baku.

Zuri once again wielded the spear when a new duel opposed T'Challa to Erik Killmonger. As Killmonger prepared to strike a final blow, Zuri used the spear to block him and prevent Killmonger from killing T'Challa, instead asking to be killed in T'Challa's place. However, Killmonger replied that he would kill them both and mortally stabbed Zuri with the spear.[1]


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