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"Do you think Fisk had something to do with this?"
"Speak of the devil."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson

Speak of the Devil is the ninth episode of the first season of the television series Daredevil.


When Fisk gains the upper hand, the goal to destroy him becomes even more difficult, while Daredevil faces his own demons.


Matt Murdock decides that he needs to speak with Father Paul Lantom before he makes any move against Wilson Fisk, so Murdock takes the priest's offer about having a latte. They discuss the Devil and whether he is real or a concept. Lantom tells Murdock a story of his past from when he was in Rwanda; there Lantom came to believe that the Devil was real when an honest, well-respected man named Gahiji was killed with his family by a military leader. Ultimately, Lantom allowed Murdock to decide for himself what to do.

Murdock goes to work; Ben Urich is meeting with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson about Fisk's press conference as he enters. Urich and the three compare notes and legal options about what to do about Fisk; all the while, Murdock is amused as he maintains his secret identity around his friends who have mixed responses to the Masked Man's efforts. They decide that they will continue their mission to take down Fisk.

Meanwhile, Fisk and James Wesley meet to discuss public opinion and the whereabouts of Detective Carl Hoffman when Nobu Yoshioka, easily dismissing the bodyguard Francis, interrupts, wanting to know why he still does not have the city block he requested. Fisk calms him by telling him that it might take Yoshioka's organization to defeat the Masked Man to expedite the delay. Yoshioka decides that he will provide someone to help.


Murdock goes to the Scene Contempo Gallery to meet Vanessa Marianna, hoping that through her he could get to understand his enemy. As the two talks, Fisk walks into the gallery. Time practically slows down for Murdock as he finally stands before his nemesis. Murdock quickly leaves the gallery after the two talks cordially; Fisk notices the exit.

The next day, after he spoke again to Father Paul Lantom, Murdock went to work where, during an impromptu celebration of getting the "Nelson and Murdock" placard, Page learns from Brett Mahoney that Elena Cardenas was killed by Junkie Jake.

The three go to the precinct and identify her body before they go to Josie's Bar to have a wake and arrange for her funeral. WHiH World News interviews Fisk about Cardenas' death and Murdock listens to the news, as Fisk taunts the "Mask" to come from the shadows. Murdock states to Page and Nelson that he believes Fisk is responsible for Cardenas' death, as she was the sole holdout of his tenement deal.

Murdock goes to his apartment and decided to kill Fisk. Beating up different drug addicts, Murdock finds Junkie Jake, but he is too high to resist. Jake tells Murdock that his employer met him at Pier 81.

Fisk gives wounded Masked Man a beating-0.JPG

At the pier, Murdock is confronted by Yoshioka himself and is beaten badly. However, when Yoshioka goes for the kill, Murdock causes the flammable liquid that immersed Yoshioka during the duel to ignite. Fisk arrives with Francis and Wesley and explains to Murdock that all of this was staged so that he and Yoshioka could kill each other. The bloody Murdock tells Fisk that he will kill him, causing Francis and Wesley to draw their guns; Fisk has them wait as he pummels Murdock mercilessly. When Fisk gives Wesley the kill order, Murdock manages to escape.

Emotional, Nelson goes to Murdock's apartment to speak to his best friend. While pounding on the door, Nelson hears a crash and proceeds to enter. There, he finds the injured "Mask" lying on the floor. Nelson calls 911 but hangs up after he sees Murdock's partially covered face in the moonlight. Nelson then pulls the mask off and is shocked to discover that Murdock is the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.


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Damaged Girl Brett Detar
Gone Zachary Kibbee


  • Speak of the Devil was nominated in two categories at the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards: Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series and Outstanding Special and Visual Effects in a Supporting Role.
  • This episode was also nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode.


  • Foggy Nelson asks Elena Cardenas "¿Dónde está la biblioteca?" (Where is the library?), which was a popular catchphrase of the characters Troy and Abed in the NBC TV series Community.


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