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"I hate that chair."
"So I’ve been told. Even so, I’d hope you would sit in it one day."
Gamora and Thanos[src]

The Space Throne is Thanos' personal floating seat in Sanctuary, where he receives his subordinates such as the Other and Ronan.


After Gamora's arrest on Xandar, Thanos summoned Ronan the Accuser and Nebula to Sanctuary. Thanos sat in his throne facing away from Ronan as the Kree started throwing all the blame at Gamora's feet. After The Other was murdered by Ronan when he lectured him for not showing the proper respect to his master, the Kree insisted Thanos take this matter seriously. Turning his throne to face Ronan, the Mad Titan declared he couldn't care less for Ronan or his politics, comparing his demeanor to that of a whiny child and for alienating his favorite daughter. Thanos ordered Ronan to return to his task and bring him the Orb of Morag so he might fulfill his end of their deal to destroy Xandar, and threatened to bathe the starways in his blood if he failed. Thanos then sat back onto his throne.[1]

Later, Thanos moved his throne to his warship, Sanctuary II. When Thanos captured Gamora after the Ambush in Knowhere, she expressed her hatred for his throne.[2]


  • In the comics, the Space Throne allows Thanos to travel faster than light and to teleport between different dimensions.


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