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The Sovereign Chambermaid is a subordinate and personal aid of Ayesha.


The Sovereign Chambermaid accompanied Ayesha on Contraxia, unfolding a blue carpet in front of her so that Ayesha would not have to walk on the planet's snowy ground. When Taserface called the Sovereign to inform them of Yondu Udonta's escape, the Chambermaid answered the call and burst into laughter upon hearing Taserface's name. She then reported the call to Ayesha.

After the Sovereign failed to eliminate the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Sovereign Chambermaid came to Ayesha to inform her that the Sovereign Council was expecting her to account for the loss of resources dedicated to the hunt for the Guardians. Ayesha explained to her Chambermaid that she had designed a new type of being to chase their enemies, one she would call Adam.[1]





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