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"Report says this guy bought a ticket to Sioux City. That's a convergence spot for three separate Ley lines, FYI."
Damon Keller[src]

South Sioux City is a city located in Nebraska.


"Harold Simcoe... age 51, reported missing a week ago. Seems he abandoned his family and his job in Sacramento, cut off all contact. Family says he's never been to Reno, much less Sioux City."
Damon Keller[src]

The city of South Sioux City was located on a convergence point of several Ley lines, which Damon Keller believed to be connected to the unexplained arrival of Sarge's Squad on Earth.

Harold Simcoe bought a bus ticket in Reno, and intended to go to South Sioux City, despite apparently having no connection whatsoever to this city. Before he could go there, however, he was found and murdered by Sarge, who wanted to destroy the Shrike which infected him.[1]


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