South Carolina is a state located on the southeastern region of the United States of America.


Bank Theft

Benjamin Pollack and his girlfriend Claire Wise planned a series of thefts using a Chitauri Gun that fell from the sky inside their laboratory in New York City and that Pollack managed to repair.

One of those thefts took place in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, ten days after the Battle of New York, where they managed to steal the money and access the vault of the bank blasting the door with the weapon. As with the other thefts, Pollack and Wise abandoned the town after the successful theft.[1]

Honest Eddie's Car Dealership

Honest Eddie's1

Honest Eddie's Car Dealership

In search of a car to travel to the Retreat, Phil Coulson and Lance Hunter went to Honest Eddie's Car Dealership in South Carolina. Coulson began negotiating with Honest Eddie for a vehicle that could "take a beating", offering cash for a car he wanted, before Hunter decided to steal Eddie's jeep. Coulson disapproved of Hunter's action, arguing against criminal activity, to which Hunter refuted that they did not have many options with their bank accounts frozen. Eddie then realized they were stealing from him and attempted to call the police, forcing Coulson to shoot him with an I.C.E.R.[2]


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