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"Luke Cage is Soul Brother #1! But I want you to ask yourselves one thing. Who is he really, Luke Cage?"
James Lucas

Soul Brother #1 is the first episode of the second season of the television series Luke Cage.


As Luke adjusts to his growing fame and tries to shut down the flow of heroin branded with his name, someone from his past reaches out.


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Luke Cage's popularity continues to grow, as he becoming a bona fide celebrity and a hero of the Harlem community. However, on the flip side, various criminals start to use his name to sell heroin on the streets. Cage busts on of the Luke Cage dealers' hideout but the traffic on the streets does not slow down. Meanwhile, Pop's Barber Shop faces financial problems, but Cage is hesitant to use his abilities for profit.

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Claire Temple helps Misty Knight, while she is recovering from losing her arm at Midland Circle. Knight does not regret her actions and says that she does not need anyone's pity, but Temple insists that she simply appreciates Knight saving her life. Knight then visits Cage at the barbershop and talks about his hunt for the drug dealers. Cage tells her that the NYPD is not fast enough and asks her to help him take the traffic down but Knight refuses, as she is not capable to do that.


Shades greets Comanche, who just got out of jail, back at the city and gets him to join the Stokes Crime Family. Mariah Dillard meets with Piranha Jones, a Wall Street trader, who informs Dillard about the current deal between Atreus Plastics and Glenn Industries. Jones suggests that if Dillard buys all the Atreus' stock and get Mark Higgins to approve the merger with Glenn Industries, she would make her investments back tenfold. Despite Shades' skepticism, Dillard sees it as an opportunity to abandon the crime and become a legitimate businesswoman, although she knows that Higgins will be hard to persuade.

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Having a dinner together, Cage talks with Temple about him reclaiming the streets from the criminals who use his name. Voicing her concern over their financial situation, Temple tells Cage that he needs to understand who he wants to be, a hero or a vigilante. Cage worries that the positive perception does not last long and something bad is coming but Temple tries to calm him down.

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Cage approaches Sugar on the streets who tells him that Dillard is planning to sell the gun business to a highest bidder, so she could abandon the crime. Afterwards, Cage encounters his father, Reverend James Lucas, who arrived at the city to reconcile with Cage after all these years. Lucas wants to start all over but Cage refuses to forgive him for abandoning him and what happened with his mother. Lucas tells Cage that no matter what happens, Cage is his son, but he reminds about Willis Stryker before leaving.


While searching for the one behind the heroin traffic in Harlem, Bobby Fish and D.W. Griffith help Cage to find Arturo Rey III. Cage heads to Harlem's Paradise where Dillard gathered Rey, Nigel Garrison, and Cockroach Hamilton as a potential buyers of her business. Cage interrupts the deal but Dillard points at Temple who also came to the club and tells Cage to leave the club with her, before the situation goes south.


Shades talk with Dillard about the deal and questions her intentions to sell the gun business to Rey, as Hamilton's proposition would be much more profitting. Dillard tells Shades that Rey would maintain the peace between Washington Heights and Harlem, while Dillard would finally be free from the sins of the Stokes family. Shades, however, reminds her that no matter how much money does she have, the past of her family cannot be overwritten, while Dillard tells him to think about the chance to start all over with her.

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Cage receives a call from Sugar about Rey and his subordinates being spotted at the Washington Heights, so he heads over there to deal with that. Rey lures Cage into the truck, filled with explosives, and blows it up, before shooting Cage with the Judas Bullet. However, Cage withstands everything and knocks Rey out. With Griffith filming, Cage records a message that Harlem is under his protection, and if anyone wants to test him, they can try.

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Knight returns to the 29th Precinct Police Station where she meets Tom Ridenhour who became a new Captain of the precinct. Knight tells Ridenhour that she does not appreciate the civilian life and wants to get back at the force, especially after she encountered Hamilton who got out of jail. Ridenhour informs Knight that numerous cases were jeopardized because Rafael Scarfe, after his corruption was exposed, so Knight tells him that she will help bring them all back.

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Cage brings unconsious Rey to the precinct, telling Knight that the possession of the Judas Bullet would get him a federal charge. Knight understands that she can use it as a leverage to make Rey give up Dillard and Shades. However, Ridenhour critisizes Cage's vigilantism and tells him that he should work with the police legally, but Cage tells him that the police needs to step up, so he will not be needed.

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After years of being absent, Bushmaster returns to New York City, setting his sight on Harlem, but decides to take Brooklyn first. Bushmaster confronts Garrison, as he warned his brother to make sure that the Yardies would never work with the Stokes family but Garrison did it regardless. Bushmaster voices his intention to bring Dillard down and take over Harlem, but Garrison scoffs at it, as he would have to get through Cage first. Bushmaster brutally murders Garrison and incapacitates his men with his superhuman speed and endurance, and takes over the Yardies.

Cage confronts Dillard at the club, informing her that Rey is out of the game, and that the Judas Bullet cannot hurt him anymore. He warns Dillard to stay away from Temple and threatens to kill her if she does not comply. He tells Dillard that nothing can stop him and that she should think carefully about her next step, before leaving.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Shook Ones (Part II) Mobb Deep
  • Luke Cage takes on a group of thugs at a drug warehouse, then strolls down the street.
Dat's Jazz Donald Harrison
Night Nurse Gregory Isaacs
You Know What It Is Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
  • Luke Cage gets some intel from Sugar, then scratches his car when Sugar fails to tell him everything.
No You're Billy Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
A Different Land Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
  • Bushmaster talks of his plan to take over Brooklyn before moving on Harlem.
No Grey Matter (Not Because You Owe Me) Joi
What If I Kissed You Right Now? Joi
Strolling Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Love You Forever Right Now Joi
He Needs Me Nina Simone
  • Shades joins Mariah Dillard and comments on her drinking, then they discuss business while getting close.
End Theme Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
  • End credits.


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