"Hey, jury, if you can hear this on tape, totally innocent. I don't even know these people."
―Sophia Carter[src]

Sophia Carter is a criminal figure in New York City.


Kingpin's Offer

Meeting of Criminals


Carter at the criminal bosses' meeting

Sophia Carter was ambushed by the FBI agents led by Benjamin Poindexter and Ray Nadeem who apprehended her and brought to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant. Together with Rosalie Carbone, Everett Starr, John Hammer, and Latimer Zyl, Carter wondered why the FBI brought them there, and Carbone noticed that they did not taken them to the headquarters, so they clearly wanted something from them.

Moments later, they were joined by Wilson Fisk who ordered the FBI to brought them to the meeting. Fisk offered them all protection from future federal investigations and prosecutions in exchange for cut of their profit. Hammer was unconvinced and believed that Fisk was involved with a sting organized by the FBI. Thinking that they set up the wiretap, Carter said for a record that she is totally innocent and had no idea about other bosses.

However, when Starr dismissed and decided to leave the restaurant, he was murdered by a man in Daredevil's suit, leaving other bosses in horror. As Fisk made it apparent that they had no choice, Carter and other bosses accepted Fisk's offer.[1]






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