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"I'm staggeringly versatile. To give you a couple of examples, I'm very good at being your bestie. I'm also devilishly good at being not your bestie. It's really just a matter of taste. Cake or death."
―Sonya Falsworth to the Dalton Skrulls[src]

Special Agent Sonya Falsworth is an MI6 agent and a friend of Nick Fury, who took it upon herself to protect England's national security during the Skrulls' Secret Invasion. Initially refusing to work with Fury, Falsworth commited to taking the Skrull Resistance down by herself, but soon realized that MI6 might have been compromised. Finding out that Skrulls' operation went much deeper than she anticipated, Falsworth eventually decided to join forces with Fury. Together, they convinced Ritson that he was being manipulated by the James Rhodes Skrull, making him call off the strike on New Skrullos and preventing World War III. Once the invasion was thwarted, Falsworth, who was made aware of G'iah's new powers, approached her to recruit her into a mutually beneficial partnership, amidst Ritson's global hunt for Skrulls.


Early Life[]

Working with Nick Fury[]

"We used to work pretty well together back in the day."
Nick Fury to Sonya Falsworth[src]

Sonya Falsworth became a spy for MI6 and worked with Nick Fury, getting to know him well enough to know that he prefered to drink bourbon. They worked many cases together, and Falsworth came to respect Fury's abilities as a spy.[1] During their adventures together, Fury learned from Falsworth that the only way to ensure a secret was kept was to kill the people who knew it.[2]

Secret Invasion[]

Kidnapping Nick Fury[]

"The fact that you don't know tells me all I need to know about this new, rather old Nick Fury. I think that Thanos' Snap changed you. Taught you that no matter how hard you fight for what's right, there's always someone stronger to undermine you."
―Sonya Falsworth to Nick Fury[src]
Secret Invasion D23 Trailer (32)

Falsworth being reunited with Nick Fury

Falsworth learned that Nick Fury had returned to Earth from S.A.B.E.R., so she sent two of her agents to kidnap him while he was out for a walk in Moscow. She dismissed her guards after Fury complimented their efforts and complimented her looks. Falsworth poured drinks while Fury asked about the clocks on the wall, so Falsworth explained the tradition to put up a clock when their work was done. She gave Fury a cheap drink, commenting on his destruction of her apartment, and the two drank.

Sonya Falsworth (Secret Invasion)

Falsworth and Nick Fury discuss the Snap

Falsworth asked why Fury was in Moscow, so he explained he was trying to stop the Skrull rebellion. Falsworth commented on Fury's personal relationship with Gravik, but Fury corrected him, saying that they used to know each other. Falsworth suggested that Fury returned because he felt responsible, but Fury changed the subject to a heist that occurred of a weapons cache in Kazakhstan. Falsworth denied knowledge, claiming that his lack of knowledge about the contents of the cache indicated that Fury had lost hope due to the Snap.

Fury offered a collaboration, but Falsworth continued to comment that him not seeing her men coming indicated that he could not predict Gravik's attacks. Fury claimed that he allowed himself to get kidnapped, but Falsworth told Fury to return to the S.A.B.E.R. Space Station. He offered one of her men to escort him to his safe house, but Fury refused and left, asking her to call him if she decides to tell him about the raid.[1]

Meeting with Derrik Weatherby[]


Falsworth meeting with Derrik Weatherby

"Gravik has something very big up his sleeve. But the immediate threat remains the bombs. Five specialists in Moscow are capable of building such an explosive. My money's on this one. Vasily Poprishchin."
―Sonya Falsworth to Derrik Weatherby[src]

The next morning, Falsworth met with her superior, Director Derrik Weatherby and told him that Fury's arrival indicated that Skrulls infiltrated major world powers. Falsworth said that Gravik's bombs were the main threat, and that she suspected Vasily Poprishchin of being the one making them. Weatherby ordered an immediate raid, but Falsworth pointed out that they needed to wait to follow the Skrulls to their hideout.[1]

Torturing Brogan[]

Secret Invasion Featurette (5)

Falsworth beginning to torture Brogan

"Now, shall we do this the easy way or the other way?"
"I'm gonna break these chains. And then, I'm gonna break every bone in your body."
"The other way it is."
Brogan and Sonya Falsworth[src]

Brogan, disguised as Martin Wallace, was captured by Falsworth's agents at the site of the Bombing of Vossoyedineniye Square, and Falsworth arrived at a slaughterhouse where several men were torturing him for information on the whereabouts of New Skrullos. Falsworth took over the torturing duties, and cut off the finger of the uncompliant Brogan to verify that he was a Skrull. With confirmation, Falsworth administered him with a biochemical agent that would elevate his body temperature to the boiling point. Brogan confessed the identities of the scientists who were conducting experiments on a machine owned by Gravik. Shortly thereafter, Gravik and Pagon stormed the slaughterhouse, killed Falsworth's agents and abducted Brogan, although Falsworth was able to flee through an escape hatch.[3]

UN-1 Missile Crisis[]

Secret Intelligence Service Building

Falsworth receiving a call from Nick Fury

"Somebody leaked the location of the butcher's shop when I was doing some of my best work, so my hands are tied."
"Loose enough to get the captain's name?"
"His name is Commodore Robert Fairbanks."
―Sonya Falsworth and Nick Fury[src]

Falsworth returned to her home, annoyed that there was a Skrull in the SIS, as no one else could have informed Gravik where she was torturing Brogan. She then found the camera on her owl sculpture named Hoot, which she realized was put there by Nick Fury. As she was fixing the owl, she was contacted by Fury, asking for information on the HMS Neptune. Falsworth demanded an apology for placing a bug on Hoot, saying that she was renaming it "Nicholas Fury" as she covered the damage with an eyepatch. Fury said that Skrulls had infiltrated the Neptune and were intending to launch on a United Nations delegation, but Falsworth said she could not give her full cooperation to the mission as she was busy investigating her Director Derrik Weatherby for having leaked the information. Fury then asked for a name of the commander, which Falsworth gave him. When the call disconnected, she sent the information on Fairbanks, including his location, to Fury's vehicle.[4]

Becoming Acting Director[]

Derrik Weatherby Skrull at gunpoint

Falsworth demands to know "Rosa Dalton's" whereabouts

"I must inform you that the SIS has no official policy on killing Skrulls. So unless you want me to enact my personal preference right now, you should start talking."
―Sonya Falsworth to Derrik Weatherby Skrull[src]

Falsworth walked in on "Derrik Weatherby" watching the news report on footage of "Nick Fury" killing Maria Hill. "Weatherby" asked if Falsworth believed Skrulls to be on Earth, but Falsworth simply pointed her gun at him and asked where "Rosa Dalton" was. Falsworth shot "Weatherby" in the leg, prompting several SIS agents to enter, pointing their guns at her. However, Falsworth showed them that "Weatherby" was a Skrull, threatening to kill "Weatherby" if he did not answer her questions. Falsworth was appointed acting director and, upon his request, provided "James Rhodes" with evidence of Skrulls existing on Earth.[2]

Visiting the Daltons[]

Sonya Falsworth greets Skrulls

Falsworth greets "Rosa" and "Victor Dalton"

"I won't let her betray Gravik. Let us go or I'll kill her."
"Oh, I don't doubt you for a moment. The males in my species are very similar. If they're not busy gaslighting you, they're threatening you with murder. That's what all the podcasts are about."
Victor Dalton Skrull and Sonya Falsworth[src]

Falsworth went to Rosa and Victor Dalton's home and started analyzing their data. The Skrulls impersonating the Daltons then arrived and asked who she was, so Falsworth offered to be either cooperative or uncooperative. "Victor Dalton" pointed a gun at her and demanded that she leave, to which Falsworth criticized Nigel for not doing his job. Nigelthen arrived and threatened "Victor" by placing a gun against the base of his skull, prompting the Rosa Dalton Skrull to sit down. Falsworth explained what she had learned prior to their arrival and asked about their research. "Victor" started to answer, but Falsworth cut him off and asked "Rosa" to answer. "Rosa" simply said that her work was involved, so Falsworth asked specifically about the Skrull Power Replicator, asking her to include every detail.

Sonya Falsworth kills Victor Dalton Skrull

Falsworth kills "Victor Dalton"

Falsworth then had Nigel and the other agents present confiscate all of the "Daltons'" data and made the "Daltons" watch as they set the laboratory on fire. "Victor" broke free of his handcuffs and threatened to kill "Rosa" if Falsworth did not free them. Falsworth commented on men treating women poorly before shooting him in the head, killing him.[2]

Assisting Nick Fury[]

Sonya Falsworth and Nick Fury

Falsworth and Nick Fury discuss the Photostatic Veil

"So, let me clarify. You knew how dangerous this vial was, so swapped its location to protect it from Gravik, and now you're going to give it to him."
―Sonya Falsworth to Nick Fury[src]

Falsworth met with Nick Fury in Finland and picked him up as he arrived, taking off his Photostatic Veil. Falsworth commented on the veil's lack of ability to cover Fury's body other than his face, but Fury said that the rest was covered by a newer version of it. Falsworth then put on rap music, surprising Fury, before driving off.

Sonya looks at Fury

Falsworth expresses shock that "James Rhodes" was a Skrull

Fury asked why Falsworth believed "James Rhodes" to be in charge of the United States' fight against the Skrulls, so Falsworth explained that "Rhodes" requested information on New Skrullos, which Falsworth provided. Fury teased Falsworth for giving him the information, revealing to her that Rhodes had been replaced by a Skrull. Falsworth expressed frustration about the number of Skrulls on Earth. Falsworth asked by Gravik was planning to blow up his own people, but Fury explained that it was leverage so that Fury would deliver the Harvest, the collected DNA of every Avenger who had bled during the Battle of Earth. Falsworth suggested that since Fury sent Gravik to collect the Harvest, he was responsible for the invasion, which Fury agreed with, noting that it was the reason he returned to Earth.

Nick Fury & Sonya Falsworth

Falsworth and Fury retrieve the Harvest

The two approached one of Fury's many fake graves, and Falsworth asked why Fury did not call the Avengers. Fury said that it was personal and that he did not want humans to depend on superheroes to defend them. Falsworth asked about Fury having another grave, so Fury explained that he had many, but chose it because it reminded him of Fury and Varra's honeymoon. He noted that they chose Finland for their honeymoon because Skrulls liked the cold, prompting Falsworth to realize that Fury's wife was a Skrull. Fury then retrieved the Harvest despite Falsworth's doubts, and he and Falsworth initiated their plan to defeat the Skrulls.[2]

Infiltration into King George VII Private Hospital[]

Sonya Falsworth on the phone

Falsworth sets a trap for Raava

"No checking behind the doors? You really are a Skrull."
"Sonya, I don't know what it is you think you're doing, but–"
"No buts. Just yours back into the hallway. Go on."
―Sonya Falsworth and "James Rhodes"[src]

Flasworth called Raava, who was still impersonating James Rhodes, and warned "him" that Nick Fury had returned to the hospital and was preparing to kill Ritson. Falsworth then watched as Raava reacted to the call before enacting her and Fury's plan. The pair worked together to take out each of the United States Secret Service agents in the hospital. Raava found the room Falsworth was in, but she hid behind the door so the Skrull did not see her. Raava tried to get Ritson moved into the room, but Falsworth revealed herself and forced Raava into the hallway.

Ritson, Skrhodey & Sonya

Falsworth holds Raava at gunpoint while Ritson decides who to trust

Fury then revealed himself, and Falsworth held Raava at gunpoint while Fury revealed the truth to Ritson. Fury and Raava both attempted to convince Ritson that the other meant Ritson harm, so Falsworth stepped in and asked Ritson what he had to lose by delaying the strike. Fury agreed with Falsworth, asking Ritson to delay the missile strike on New Skrullos and arrest Fury if he was wrong. Raava pushed Falsworth to the side and stole her gun, aiming it at Fury, who stole Ritson's gun and killed her, causing her to fall to the ground and revert to her natural form. Ritson saw the transformation and realized that Raava was the Skrull, so he asked for a cell phone, which Falsworth gave him. Ritson then called off the missile strike.[5]

New Partnerships[]

Recruiting G'iah[]

Sonya Falsworth SI

Falsworth recruits G'iah to work together

"You'll need resources to fight this war that Ritson has launched on your people and I can get them to you."
"And let me guess, you're doing this out of the kindness of your heart?"
"Oh, God, no, don't be silly."
―Sonya Falsworth and G'iah[src]

Falsworth found G'iah, who had been walking in London, and said that fighting her would be a bad idea. Falsworth explained that she was not there to fight and that G'iah's people needed a leader and offered resources for the Skrulls to fight back against the human hit squads that were targeting them. G'iah expressed hesitance due to Nick Fury and Talos' deal ending poorly, so Falsworth insisted they would not become friends and simply use each other's resources and abilities to make Earth safe for both peoples. G'iah agreed and the pair went to Falsworth's car together. Falsworth and G'iah found a room full of Fracking Pods, and noted that it was how the Skrulls had become good at infiltrating.[5]


"Yes, let's be sure not to repeat the mistakes of Talos and Fury and leave love and friendship out of this. I will use you and you will use me and together we'll make this planet safe for both our people."
―Sonya Falsworth to G'iah[src]
This section needs a rewrite

Sonya Falsworth appears at first glance to be a friendly and polite person, while also having a sense of British humor (albeit sometimes twisted), as shown when she put an eyepatch on the eye of the owl statue and named it Nicholas Fury when she discovered the lens on the eyes of the owl, or pretending to applaud Brogan’s “bravery”. She initially also exhibits a friendly demeanor towards Brogan when she attempts to interrogate the rogue Skrull for information on Gravik’s plans, and tried to persuade Brogan to comply. Similarly, while encountering the Dalton Skrulls, she at first politely asked them to work with her peacefully.

Falsworth is also an old ally of Nick Fury and the two share some sense of camaraderie. However, Sonya Falsworth sees the Nick Fury that returned from the Blip as unfit to deal with the Skrulls' invasion of Earth, as she sees this Fury to have changed since the Snap, advising Fury to stay out of the situation, echoing Talos, Gravik and Maria Hill’s claims that Fury is no longer who he was. Despite of that, she still partnered with Fury, relaying information on the mussel strike on UN-1, traveled with him in Finland and also joined forces with him to protect Ritson.

However, Falsworth's moralities are somewhat ambiguous. She is, in reality, an extremely ruthless agent who does not hesitate to resort to violence and torture to achieve her goals. As noted by Nick Fury, Falsworth supports a scorched-earth policy to oppose Gravik and the Skrull Resistance, reflecting her tendency to neglect any moral concerns and defeat the enemy by any means possible, even if it meant harming innocents. Moreover, she cut off Brogan’s finger and injected a chemical agent to torture Brogan when he is not willing to expose Gravik's plans, reflecting on her ruthlessness and cruelty. She is also very cold-blooded, as seen when she mercilessly shot her superior, the Derrik Weatherby Skrull in order to get intel on the Daltons, and then killing the Victor Dalton Skrull without hesitation when the latter tried to resist.

Falsworth's allegiances are also somewhat ambiguous. This is shown when she recruited G'iah into a partnership where the Skrulls, led by G'iah, and Falsworth would use each other and gain mutual benefits, even when the US President Ritson started an act of war against shapeshifting aliens which led to global anti-Skrull sentiments and the rise of vigilantism.


"Send in a raid now."
"If by 'now' you mean, 'Wait until a Skrull rebel picks up a device in order to follow them to their hideout,' then, yes, I totally agree."
―"Derrik Weatherby" and Sonya Falsworth[src]
  • Expert Tactician: To be added
"Skrulls have infiltrated the ranks of major world powers."
―Sonya Falsworth to "Derrik Weatherby"[src]
  • Expert Spy: To be added
"You're wasting your time. I'll never talk to you."
"Well, that's very brave, but everyone talks when their blood starts to boil at 160 degrees centigrade."
Brogan and Sonya Falsworth[src]
  • Expert Interrogator: Sonya Falsworth has extensive knowledge on the art of interrogation and the methods and tools used. For example, she brutally cut a finger off from Brogan to confirm his identity as a Skrull, causing extreme pain to the latter, and later Falsworth made use of a biochemical reagent which raises Brogan's blood to the boiling point to interrogate and extract information from the Skrull, eventually learning of the Skrull Power Replicator from Brogan. She later also brutally shot the Derrik Weatherby Skrull to extract information about the Dalton couple’s research.
  • Expert Marksman: Falsworth can accurately use her firearm to hurt or kill her enemies, as shown when she shot the Derrik Weatherby Skrull without hesitation to expose his identity as a Skrull infiltrator, and later shot and killed the Victor Dalton Skrull right at the forehead at point-blank range when the latter tried to resist.
  • Bilingualism: Falsworth is fluent in both English and Russian.



  • Glock 17: To be added

Other Equipment[]

  • Interrogation Serum: Falsworth used an interrogation serum which heated her victim's body temperatures to unbearable temperatures to get them to reveal information. She used the serum to get Brogan to reveal the existence of the Skrull Power Replicator.






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