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"You think that I don't know what you've been building? With all of this? Quantum technology. And you can forget nano-tech. Forget A.I. Forget cryptocurrency. Quantum energy is the future. It's the next gold rush. I want in."
―Sonny Burch to Hope van Dyne[src]

Sonny Burch is a criminal, restaurateur, and black-market technology dealer with connections in the FBI. Over the course of two years after the Avengers Civil War, Burch was contacted by Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne, who requested import materials for the Quantum Tunnel. However, Burch double-crossed them and sought the Mobile Laboratory for himself when he realized the potential profits to be made from Pym's research. During his chase for the laboratory, Burch was confronted by Ant-Man, Ghost and X-Con Security Consultants. Following a high-speed pursuit, Burch and his subordinates were arrested by the SFPD.


Notable Criminal

Selling Quantum Technology

"I have a special friend, down at the FBI. And I say special, because... Well, he tells me things that I didn't previously know. For example... Your name isn't Susan. It's Hope van Dyne. And your unseen associate, that's your father."
―Sonny Burch to Hope van Dyne[src]

Sonny Burch became known in a criminal underworld as a notorious black-market technology dealer. In order to keep his illicit activity in an appropriate state, Burch came into a contract with Stoltz, bribing him for information and security from the FBI. Hiring several mercenaries and criminals, such as former MI6 member Uzman, Burch purchased the restaurant Oui to use it as his base of operations.

Burch was contacted by the woman named Susan who requested him for some pieces of technology for unsaid reasons. Using his connection at the black-market traffic, Burch was able to get the technology she needed, for what she generously paid. However, Burch felt suspicious about his new customer and asked Stoltz to find information about her. Stoltz informed Burch that her real name is Hope van Dyne and she is the daughter of Hank Pym.

Learning about Pym's experiments with Quantum technology, Burch realized that Pym used the technology purchased from him to build the laboratory fulled by valuable technology. In the wake of the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D. and disruption of HYDRA, Burch admitted that Pym's discovery in Quantum energy was able to become the next "gold rush", overtaking nano-tech, A.I., or cryptocurrency in his opinion. Intending to obtain the lab, Burch contacted his customers, announcing the starting bid for the lab - one billion dollars.[1]

Conflict with Wasp

Meeting Hope van Dyne

Burch attends a meeting with Hope van Dyne

"It's a pleasure doing business with you, Sonny."
"Oh, our business isn't finished yet, Hope. I can assure you of that."
Wasp and Sonny Burch[src]

Having arranged to make a deal, Burch waited for Hope van Dyne at one of Oui's tables. He greeted her as she walked in, although he referred to her by her alias, Susan. She was there to purchase a component from him for the Quantum Tunnel she was building. Burch informed Susan that he knows exactly who she was and who her associates were, commenting on how she and Hank Pym were on the run due to the Sokovia Accords. Believing that she had the upper hand on the situation, Burch had attempted to blackmail van Dyne into doing business with him, but she said no. As she got up to leave, Burch had told van Dyne to leave the money she brought as compensation.[1]

Battle at the Oui

Burch ordering his crew to locate Hank Pym

"She said her and daddy had something pressing. I wanna know what it is 'cause if they're not working with us, they're working with somebody, so find out, I wanna name."
―Sonny Burch to Uzman[src]

Once Hope van Dyne had left, Burch had begun issuing orders about who van Dyne might be working with when suddenly his men are attacked by van Dyne as the Wasp, who swiftly overpowered them. Burch's goons then attempted to escape with their Quantum Stabilizer but instead were defeated by Wasp. Just as Wasp attempted to leave with the device, Ghost appeared out of nowhere and stole the Pym's Mobile Laboratory from her.[1]

Hunting for the Laboratory

Burch learns about Hank Pym's technology

"That my friend, is how I'm staying in the picture. Now, the tech in that lab's gotta be worth billions, find 'em, and Uzman, I wanna know who that is."
―Sonny Burch to Uzman[src]

During the hunt for Hope van Dyne, Burch was informed by Uzman that ants had been covering every security camera around the city block, save for one at a local library that had just been sprayed by pesticides by exterminators two days prior. Burch viewed the footage that revealed Hank Pym shrinking the Mobile Laboratory. Knowing the value of the laboratory, Burch ordered Uzman and his men to find Pym, van Dyne, and their associate who was also shown in the footage.[3]

Interrogating X-Con Security

Burch and Uzman prepare to interrogate Luis

"Okay, hold on, hold on. I like a good story as much as the next person, but what in the hell does this have to do with where Scott Lang is?"
―Sonny Burch to Luis[src]

Later, Burch showed up at X-Con Security Consultants looking for Ant-Man and Wasp. He too wanted to steal the Mobile Laboratory from them so that he can sell the Quantum Tunnel that they had built. Burch ordered Uzman to inject his Truth Serum into Luis so that he can coerce the information out of him. After blabbering about Ant-Man and Wasp's relationship, Luis finally revealed that they are hidden in the forest. Suddenly, Ghost appeared, angered by the revelation, spooking both parties before vanishing. Releasing Luis and his associates, Burch returns to his SUV only to find all tires destroyed. Knowing the Ghost had a head start, Burch called his FBI contact, Stoltz and informed him of their location on the condition that he steal the lab for Burch.[1]

Chase for the Laboratory

Burch attempts to steal the Mobile Laboratory

"Anyone seen a Southern gentleman carrying a building?"

Burch followed Wasp and Luis to the group's rendezvous point. Wasp backed up and led Burch and his men on a chase through San Francisco. Witnessing this, Ant-Man then grew into Giant-Man to stop them but Burch was finally able to grab the Mobile Laboratory while the Wasp and Ghost fought each other. With the Laboratory in his arms, Burch ran to Pier 39 where he boarded a ferry to get away from them. However, Giant-Man was able to catch up and proceeded to grab the laboratory from Burch's arms.[1]

Taken into Custody

Burch, Uzman and Anitolov being arrested

"I have also committed numerous healthcode violations in my restaurant. Some of them would shock you."
"It is truth serum."
―Sonny Burch and Uzman[src]

Burch and his gang soon cornered Luis, only to be shot with tasers and tied up by Kurt Goreshter and Dave. When the San Francisco Police Department arrived, they began to confess their various crimes due to having been injected with Uzman's Truth Serum, and Burch added that his restaurant had multiple health code violations.[1]


"My buyers don't take no for an answer. So, we're either in business together, or we aren't in business together."
"Then, I guess we aren't."
"You can go. But, I'm afraid your money's gonna have to remain. Let's call it compensation for my injured feelings."
―Sonny Burch and Hope van Dyne[src]

Burch is a savvy, opportunistic and ambitious man that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He has little scruples about betraying his business partners if it means he will profit from it. Being a professional criminal, Burch is ruthless by trade and is willing to kill anyone that gets in his way.


"Sonny Burch. He traffics in black market technology. He's been getting us what we need to build the tunnel."
Hank Pym to Scott Lang[src]
  • Expert Businessman: Burch is an exceptional businessman, but his greed can get the best of his business decision making. He regularly made deals with Hope van Dyne to give her parts in exchange for money. However, when he found out about the Quantum Tunnel, he spent all of his efforts with that.
  • Thief: Burch was able to very briefly steal the Quantum Tunnel from Giant-Man.


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