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"Look at this. A handheld sonic cannon powerful enough to stop a tank. Untraceable by metal detectors and we've got thousands of them."
Erik Killmonger[src]

The Sonic Spear is a Wakandan weapon made of Vibranium with enough firepower to fight against war engines.


When Erik Killmonger planned to send Wakandan weapons all around the world, the Sonic Spear was one of the designs he planned to send, personally admiring it and commenting on its destructive potential. Several soldiers wielded Sonic Spears during the Battle of Mount Bashenga. Shuri herself picked up a Sonic Spear after her Vibranium Gauntlets were damaged by Killmonger and she took down several opponents with it.[1]

The Wakandan Royal Guard shoot the Outriders

During the Battle of Wakanda, the Wakandan Royal Guard used Sonic Spears to shoot at the Outriders as some of the creatures managed to break through the protective dome surrounding Wakanda. Sonic Spears were further used when the Wakandan armies charged the massive hordes of Outriders once the barrier was opened on T'Challa's orders. Okoye used a Sonic Spear in an attempt to fight Thanos.[2]


Being made from Vibranium, Sonic Spears are incredibly durable, able to absorb kinetic energy. They are untraceable to metal detectors and can project a powerful sonic blast, similar to Ulysses Klaue's Prosthetic Arm, which is said to be able to destroy a tank.