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Something Inhuman This Way Comes... is the fifth episode of the first season of the television series Inhumans.


On the run from Auran’s forces, Black Bolt and Medusa reluctantly work with Louise to help locate the rest of their family. Back on Attilan, Maximus' actions change the game completely.


Karnak and Jen wake up

Karnak and Jen get out of their tent after spending the night together, only to be attacked by Reno, who tries to shoot them. Karnak uses his power to slice the bullet in half, but Jen is wounded by a fragment, forcing her an Karnak to flee while Reno chases them. They hide in the hole Reno dug for Ted's body and manage to drive Reno away from them. Reno returns to his camp where he meets his customer Tua. After learning that Reno murdered Ted, Tua executes him and decides to chase Karnak and Jen.

Karnak tends to Jen's wounds

Hindered by her wounds, Jen has trouble walking and faints. When she regains consciousness, Karnak manages to extract the bullet shard from her body. They decide to return to the camp as they think Reno will not expect that. However, Karnak is hesitant as his powers are not as reliable as before, but Jen convinces him that doubt is a good thing. They find the camp empty and prepare for Reno's return, ignoring that he is already dead. When Tua's traffickers come back, they hide until nightfall. After a violent fight, Karnak and Jen get captured by Tua and his men. Tua intends to torture them, but they are eventually rescued by Gorgon, who helps them run away.

Black Bolt and Medusa find Gorgon

Locus regains consciousness and is ordered by Black Bolt and Medusa to help them find Karnak, and Louise Fisher criticizes their behavior towards Locus. On the way, Locus is contacted by Maximus, who learns that they do not know that Crystal is on Earth as well. As the night falls, they still look for Karnak and Locus voices criticism against the caste system of Attilan, although Black Bolt and Medusa remain quite insensitive to her critics. After hearing gunfire, they reach the marijuana farm and defeat Tua's traffickers and reunite with Gorgon and Karnak. Jen decides to leave, much to Karnak's sadness, and Locus dies from a wound she got during the fight. Before dying, Locus reveals that Crystal is on Oahu as well and begs Black Bolt to change his politics.

Crystal and Dave talk about their lives

At Dave's barn, Lockjaw is slowly recovering and Crystal decides to find her family. Crystal, Ben and Lockjaw teleport, much to Audrey's amazement. After arriving on a beach, Crystal and Dave talk about the former's life on Attilan and her fear of Humans. Dave has Crystal relax and enjoy the Hawaiian way of life, claiming that they will find her family later.

Auran regains consciousness

At the Declan Research Facility Lab, Evan Declan perform an autopsy on Sakas. When Auran finally recovers from her wounds, she brutally murders Declan's assistant and demands to know Black Bolt whereabouts. When Maximus calls her, he informs her that Declan is working for him and orders her to stay with him. Auran then has Mordis and Flora return to the lab with Sammy, who they captured. On Attilan, Maximus orders Tibor to recruit Inhumans to be sent to Earth to assist Auran and Tibor reports to Maximus that the people begin to doubt him.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Overboard Lo Tom Louise Fisher drives as Black Bolt and Medusa reacquaint themselves with one another. Medusa tells Black Bolt how she lost her hair when inquires about her new baldness.
Katana Groove Hotei Montage as Karnak reacquaints himself with tools of weaponry, then settles on a bamboo stick and practices.


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