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"Я думала, что Генерал Сологуб отвечает за экспорт.[1]"
"Сологуб - курьер. Он прикрытие. Твоя устаревшая информация подводит тебя.[2]"
Black Widow and Georgi Luchkov[src]

General Solohob is a Russian Armed Forces officers who served as a front for Georgi Luchkov to perform illegal export of some kind of wares.


When Georgi Luchkov established his weapons business in Russia, he assigned Solohob to covert his activities. He seved as a front of Luchkov's business and courier who performed export of weaponry. During one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. missions, Black Widow was sent to Russia to bring down Solohob's business. She was captured by Luchkov and his men in the process, but they told her their actual information about Solohob before she freed herself and defeated all of them.[3]





  1. Translates from Russian to: "I thought General Solohob is in charge of export."
  2. "Solohob is a courier. He's a front. Your obsolete information is misleading you.
  3. The Avengers
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