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"This is Claire Temple's apartment."
"Actually, it's Claire's mother's apartment."
Luke Cage and Hansen[src]

Soledad Temple's Apartment is the residence of Claire Temple's mother.


Return to Harlem

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Protecting Candace Miller

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A Fight Against the Hand


"You need to leave your mom's place right now. Gao may be sending people to hurt you."
Danny Rand to Claire Temple[src]
Winding down for the night, Temple left her phone on a table in the living room and headed for the bathroom to shower. Her phone vibrating to the call from Danny Rand, warning her that the Hand could be after her and to be wary. Cleansed, she returned to discover her phone missing and unknowingly approached and grabbed by a Hand soldier.[1]

Aiding Danny Rand

Two days after Bakuto took Wing, Rand, and Gao away to the Hand Compound, Temple heard a knock at her door, revealing to be Rand and another Mystery Man, whom asked if she was "the healer." Allowing them inside, she made efforts to remove a piece of a dislodged pen from his abdomen and staple the wound close, demanding she is told everything that has happened in the last twenty-four hours since their last interaction. Asking where Wing was, Rand requested that Davos performed another search of the property despite doing it twice before entering.

Rand informed Temple that Wing was part of the Hand to her disbelief. Though Temple tried to defend her, Rand gradually became agitated over the deception, close to becoming aggressively erratic. Gifting him with a shirt from a friend of hers, he, soon, went to the rooftop to meditate.

Davos stayed in the apartment, keeping guard over Temple in the case that Hand soldiers were to approach the premises. During the guard-watch, he conversed with Temple about K'un-Lun and the power of the Iron Fist. Davos slowly vented his frustration with Rand leaving the gate with this power but quickly calmed himself through a breathing exercise. When Temple questioned this, Davos told her that he was trained in this way, as a weapon is not allowed to possess emotion.

Eventually, a buzz is heard, alerting Davos that someone was at the apartment. Though he wished to accompany her to the pizza delivery, Temple assured him that the extra security was not needed, assuming he were to attack the person. Headed downstairs, she met eyes with Wing, whom informed her that she had already paid for it. The two conversed about Wing's affiliation with the Hand and gradually became heated over the lives and deaths that changed both Rand and her own life since their arrival in New York City. When Wing decided to walk away and regretting the visit, Temple stopped her and apologized for her anger, citing that she had defended Wing to Rand earlier. Wing asked to speak with Rand; Temple was reluctant but granted her access to him at the rooftop.[2]

Luke Cage's Return


Hurrying back to the apartment, Luke Cage and Claire Temple engaged in heavy and intense sexual relations after being apart. Afterwards, they conversed over the letters sent to one another and what has happened in Harlem since his departure. A knock at the door, Temple found Misty Knight, asking to borrow Cage, promising that she would bring him back.[3]

The Kid with the Fist

Cage returned to Temple's apartment after seeking answers from Miller. While there, he took to the fridge to retrieve some ice to numb the pain he had experienced last night. When Temple asked what was wrong, Cage told her that he managed to sustain a minor injury, going on to tell her that his opponent's hand illuminated. Soon, Temple grabbed the phone and called Wing and arranged a meeting at Chikara Dojo.[4]

Targeted Again

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Cleared of All Charges

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Boiling Point

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