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"These Sokovians, they like knives."
Walker to Paul Edmonds[src]

The Sokovian Armed Forces are the military forces of the Sokovia.


Helmut Zemo served as a Colonel in the Sokovian Armed Forces and was assigned as the commander of the paramilitary tactical unit EKO Scorpion.[1]

Capture of US Soldiers

"They kept me in a concrete box, Joy. And took me out to question me. More often rape me. Torture me. Make me watch while they killed the rest of my squad."
Walker to Joy Meachum[src]

Sokovian Armed Forces had an encounter with United States Army soldiers who were stationed out in Sokovia. Following end of conflict, Sokovian military managed to capture Sergeant Mary Walker and the surviving members of her squad. They locked them in a Sokovian prison where Walker was repeatedly tortured and raped for almost two years. They forced Walker to watch her squad members being executed before her eyes.

Eventually Walker was removed from her cell and became aware that the Sokovian military were preparing to execute her. Unlocking a different personality within her mind, Walker broke free and armed herself with Twin Machetes, which she used to slaughter the soldiers until she was the only person left standing.[2]