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Sojourn Enterprises is a transport multinational founded by Richard Frampton.


Richard Frampton founded Sojourn Enterprises as a transport multinational, but in reality, he used it as a cover for some of the Ten Rings activities.

As part of Frampton's space tourism division, Sojourn Enterprises acquired a launching site near the border between Russia and North Korea.

In reality, Frampton was using the site to assemble a Hammer Industries version of the Jericho Missile, being bought piece by piece by Russian arms dealers Mikhail Fjodorov, General Starodoub, and Yuri Klementiev, though many of the purchasers were, in reality, fronts for the Ten Rings.

Frampton then hired an assassin known as Sofia to retrieve the targeting software for the Jericho, in possession of the arms dealers. She clashed with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff, who was also trying to recover the software without knowing its real nature.

Sofia's personal grudge against Romanoff first helped to acquire the software, but Romanoff was able to track it to the launching site where Frampton had built the Jericho and was planning to launch it to North Korea to destabilize the region.

Before battling Sofia, Romanoff was able to change the target of the missiles to the same compound they were going to be launched from, killing Frampton in the subsequent explosion.

The status of Sojourn Enterprises after Frampton's death is unknown.[1]