"You've had too many chances. You lie. You steal. You hurt people! You are no longer a part of this family."
―Sofia Vasquez to Topher[src]

Sofia Vasquez is a nurse and the sister of Topher.


"Please, just let me come home! Please!"
"Why? Why would we? Look at what you're doing! Look at what you did to Daddy! He can't walk, Topher!"
Topher and Sofia Vasquez[src]

Sofia Vasquez was born to Joseph and Eileen Vasquez, and was the sister of Topher Vasquez. As she and Topher were teenagers, Sofia saw her brother becoming increasingly violent and erratic due to his use of Gibborim Rocks, which led him to attack their father. Topher was rejected by his family and Sofia, having become a nurse, remained to help Joseph, who had his legs paralyzed because of Topher.

A decade later, Sofia and her parents saw Topher returning home and begging Sofia to allow him to stay. Sofia refused, seeing that Topher was as dangerous as before despite his promises that he would change. She was then surprised when the Runaways arrived to help. Sofia and her parents told the Runaways the truth about Topher's story, detailing how he was present the night the Geosciences Research Center exploded.

Once again begged by Topher to let him stay, Sofia outright rejected him because of his behavior, causing her to be attacked by Topher. Sofia and her parents then helplessly watched as Topher battled against the Runaways, ending up crushed beneath a dumpster he had thrown at them. As an ambulance arrived, Sofia told the Runaways that she would look after Topher's injuries and instructed them to leave and to get rid of the Gibborim rocks.[1]





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