"I have to tell you that I took this meeting because my lawyers advised me to. After the drubbing I took at Rand–"
"The patent I wanna talk with you about is not in the Rand portfolio. I took it with me when I left."
"I'm listening."
―Sofia Rios and Joy Meachum[src]

Sofia Rios is a businesswoman who partnered with Joy Meachum to work on her patent that had been bought by Rand Enterprises.


Following Joy Meachum's resignation from Rand Enterprises, she arranged a meeting with Sofia Rios. Rios doubted because of multiple drubbing of Rand but her lawyers advised her to meet with her. In her apartment, Meachum informed her that she left Rand and patent that she wanted to talk about with her was took from the Rand portfolio when she left. Rios then agreed to listen to her.

Meachum said that Rios' photovoltaic solar cell patent has the potential to change the global economy. She offered partnership: Rios gave Meachum access to her development and engineering assets in exchange for Meachum's money and experience. Rios thought about her offer and said that she needs a day to discuss the proposal with her engineers and production will be a hurdle.

Meachum informed her about the factory in New Jersey; if Rios sent her schematics, engineers will start production within the week. Then Rios headed out of apartment and Meachum walked her out before asking to call her when Rios is ready to accept her offer. Rios said that she haven't agreed yet but Meachum was sure that she will.[1]

Later, Rios arrived in New Jersey to examine the Meachum's factory. Then she called her up and asked her to come too but she refused because Meachum was busy.[2]




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