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"Death is just the beginning of a magnificent journey."
―Snowflake to Dana[src]

Snowflake is a mercenary and former member of Sarge's Squad. She traveled with Sarge on many planets, helping him to put an end to the Shrike plague created by Izel, and was noticeable because of her constant belief that some of the people she murdered would be reincarnated in butterflies.

Upon arriving on Earth, Snowflake helped in the capture of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May, whose fighting skills she came to admire, but was eventually captured in turn along with Sarge and imprisoned in the Lighthouse. Released after Sarge struck a deal with Alphonso Mackenzie, Snowflake joined in a mission to prevent the Shrike from destroying Earth, but was horrified upon realizing that Sarge was willing to let her die if it could help kill Izel. Therefore, Snowflake helped S.H.I.E.L.D. to find and defuse the Atom Bomb Sarge planned on using. Despite this assistance, and her newfound relationship with Deke Shaw, she was imprisoned again on Daisy Johnson's orders in the aftermath of the Destruction of the Shrike Tower due to still being considered a criminal.


Sarge's Campaign

Destruction of Chronyca-2

"Snow's not no one. She's been with us for years."
Jaco to Sarge[src]

Due to an invasion across the galaxy of the Shrike that were destroying entire planets, Snowflake joined up with Sarge's Squad as they traveled the galaxy in an attempt to hunt down and destroy their creator, Izel.[2] During their crusade, they tracked Izel to Chronyca-2 and took out her crew.[4] Unfortunately, they arrived too late as the Shrike had already began to destroy the planet. Izel managed to escape and Sarge's crew were forced to flee the planet before it’s ultimate destruction.[1]

Destroying a Museum

"Don't worry, you'll be a butterfly."
―Snowflake to Fox[src]

Snowflake arriving on Earth alongside Pax

Snowflake came to Earth through a portal, accompanied by Pax. As soon they crossed it, they met with Jaco, who was waiting for them. Snowflake asked him about Tinker but the mercenary informed her of his death. She then exclaimed that Tinker had become a butterfly. Pax asked Jaco on the whereabouts of Sarge, to which the latter replied that their leader would be coming through a museum. To ensure that Sarge would arrive safely, the three decide to destroy the Museum of Natural History.

Snowflake, Jaco, and Pax prepping bombs

Soon after, the mercenaries arrived at the Museum of Natural History in Muncie, Indiana. As they were preparing to blow up the building, several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents showed up. Pax asked Snowflake to stall them for a while, to which she said she'd do it with pleasure. She then proceeded to make a scar on her head with her knife. She rushed out of the museum, pretending that her child was kidnapped. Fox took her to safety, only for her to smile at him and tell him that he would become a butterfly.

Snowflake held by Fox

She then took cover, as the bombs detonated, completely destroying the museum. She then began walking towards the explosion, but Fox grabbed her by her feet and threw her on the ground. Just then, a large truck came out of the smoke, crashing into the S.H.I.E.L.D. SUVs. As Fox managed to put handcuffs on Snowflake, Sarge got out of the truck and shot the agent with a gun. The two returned inside the truck and drove away.[6]

Snowflake and the Squad rob a gas station

Having successfully managed to bring Sarge to Earth, Snowflake and the others then went about collecting supplies, as they went inside a nearby gas station and began taking what they wanted, with Pax holding Amit hostage as Snowflake took what she found interesting. When Sarge fired Amit's shotgun at a glass container, Snowflake scrambled to collect what was on the floor. After getting what they wanted, the squad got in the truck and drove away, turning the vehicle invisible.[1]

Tensions in the Squad

Snowflake confirms they're out of PEGs

"We have to scramble and torch the place early because she can't keep her knife in her pants? You let her get off! We had a talker, Sarge, but she made him spill his guts literally."
"To be reincarnated."
"And it all went to hell, and now we're down a man."
Pax and Snowflake[src]

As their squad continued making their way through Ohio, Snowflake looked through a magazine to see what the Humans wore. After Sarge parked the truck in a shipping yard, Snowflake showed him the magazine, believing it would be hard to blend in. She then went through Tinker's things, much to Pax's annoyance and revealed that they were out of PEGs because Tinker always kept them on him for good luck. As tensions began to rise, Pax insisted that Tinker's bad crossing was not on him, as Sarge had then questioned if he had something more to say about this.

Snowflake and Jaco

Snowflake and Jaco then watched as Pax insisted that they all should have been transported to Earth while riding in the truck, as Sarge had noted that if they had they would have been trapped in the Museum of Natural History. Although Snowflake claimed that they always sent somebody to check ahead, Pax had noted that this had always been Jaco who was almost indestructible, but Snowflake then insisted that Jaco was really an old soul, making him smile. Pax continued to complain about Snowflake getting Fox killed, but she defended herself as wanting the man to be reincarnated as a butterfly. Eventually, the squad decided to rob a jewelry store to replace the PEGs they had lost.

Snowflake checking their weapon

After Snowflake Jaco scouted the site and Sarge and Pax secured the exit, the four regroup back in the truck to prepare for the robbery. As Sarge and Jaco readied a portal to be opened once they got them, Snowflake was looking over their PEG weapon. She told Sarge that Tinker would know for sure, but was confident that once they had the PEGs, the device will work.[1]

Robbery of Charmont Jewelers

Snowflake watches closely as the robbery begins

"Drop the knife, and tell me where the hell your boss is."
"I'm picking up on a lot of unhealthy anger from you."
Melinda May and Snowflake[src]

As their robbery went ahead, Snowflake entered Charmont Jewelers in the guise of the customer with Sarge and Pax, which had allowed them to surround the security team while Sarge spoke to Dana, who they intended to capture in order to force her to give them what they wanted. Once she got the signal from Sarge that they were ready to go, Snowflake killed Malcolm and Torres, promising they would be butterflies. Pax told her that not everyone she killed became a butterfly as she hoped, before they took Dana as a hostage, despite her pressing the alarm button.

Snowflake telling Dana not to worry

Snowflake followed Sarge and Pax as they forced Dana to open the safe where she kept the most valuable items, as Pax had placed an explosive device on the safe door to ensure that nobody could open it and stop them. While Snowflake kept her knife to Dana's throat and had promised that death was simply the beginning of a beautiful journey, Sarge told her not to kill her and opened a portal with Pax which allowed Jaco to step into the vault from their truck, before they then began going through all of the drawers in the vault to find what they were looking for, although they still struggled to find anything.

Snowflake and the others looking for PEGs

Having spent a good amount of time searching, Snowflake told Sarge that while the jewelry was shiny, they were useless. They then realized that S.H.I.E.L.D. had just arrived on the scene and were attempting to break into the vault, putting the squad on a time limit to complete the robbery. Sarge motivated Dana to help or else Snowflake would spill her "spiritual energy", much to Snowflake's delight. Eventually, Sarge and Jaco managed to explain to Dana what it was that they wanted to get away with, as Dana had then told them where all of their crystals were kept.

Snowflake pinning Dana

Snowflake continued to hold Dana at knifepoint while the others completed the robbery before they heard Pax call for assistance. As Jaco went to investigate, Snowflake promised to finish up in the vault and requested that Jaco wait for her to rejoin him before he killed whoever had attacked Pax and interrupted their robbery. After Jaco left, Dana screamed for help, forcing Snowflake to pin her to the wall.

Snowflake meets Melinda May

Snowflake was eventually cornered by Melinda May, who had just taken out Jaco and demanded to know where Sarge was. Snowflake claimed to have picked up a lot of unhealthy anger from her before the agent knocked her out. Getting back up, Snowflake attempted to follow after May and Dana, but the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent knocked down the portal door to the truck, trapping Snowflake in the vault.

Snowflake and Jaco challenging Melinda May

The recovering Jaco then put the portal back against the wall after May had knocked it over, which allowed Snowflake to walk through it and join Jaco in fighting May. Snowflake charged forward and began furiously slashing at her with her knives, while Jaco attempted to take her down with his mighty punch. However, May still proved herself to be a superior warrior, managing to hold her own against both Snowflake and Jaco, using any weapon she could get her hands on to strike back at the mercenaries, knocking Snowflake back into the vault. However, as May was distracted by the arrival of Sarge, Snowflake returned and slid the portal door beneath May, sending her into the vault. Snowflake and Sarge then deactivated the portal the squad fled with the PEGs.[1]

Assassination of Harold Simcoe

Snowflake watching Harold Simcoe's death

"Definitely not a butterfly."
―Snowflake to Sarge[src]

Having begun tracking the Shrike, Snowflake and the squad headed to Reno to kill Harold Simcoe in South Sioux City. Snowflake and Sarge waited as Jaco and Pax forced Simcoe into an alleyway. Snowflake greeted the host as Sarge pinned him against the wall. When Sarge pulled out the Shrike knife Snowflake commented her love for what comes next. She smiled on as Sarge killed the Shrike hidden inside his chest and causing crystals to shoot out of Simcoe's body. She gleamed, saying Simco was not a butterfly and went with the others to hunt down their next target.[7]

Attack on Deke Shaw

Snowflake chasing Deke Shaw

"You don't like guns either."
"Never needed them."
"Boys with their toys?"
―Snowflake and Melinda May[src]

Snowflake had then joined the rest of their squad in focusing on their next target, Deke Shaw, as they had allowed Sarge to engage with Shaw initially in order to get close to them. However, despite Shaw initially believing that Sarge was his old friend "Coulson", eventually the truth came out as Shaw attempted to escape. After fleeing from Sarge, Jaco, and Pax, Shaw ran into Snowflake, who took out her knives. Shaw managed to evade her, however.

Snowflake waving at Melinda May

Before long, S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrived on the scene in order to assist Shaw, as Snowflake and Pax took their positions in order to ambush the agents. After Pax caused some damage, Snowflake waved at Melinda May, remembering her from the robbery, and ran off. While the others handled Pax, May went after Snowflake. She followed the mercenary to the top levels of the building as she set off smoke bombs.

Snowflake about to fight Melinda May

As May reached the top floor, Snowflake had set off more smoke bombs. She ambushed the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent before the two women went to their corners. Snowflake noted May's dislike for guns like herself. May told her that she never needed a gun, to which Snowflake agreed, saying guns are boys toys. Snowflake then pulled out one of her knives and furiously attacked May.

Snowflake is beaten by Melinda May

While it seemed Snowflake was to kill May, almost stabbing her in the face, the agent got the upper hand and started beating Snowflake with objects around her. May knocked Snowflake to the ground and separated her from her knife. Becoming frustrated, Snowflake got up and charged at May, only for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to slap her to the ground. Before May could take Snowflake in, Sarge arrived and had May at gunpoint.

Snowflake driving Sarge's truck

Snowflake recovered her knife and got back to her feet. May told them to just get it over with, and Snowflake gleamed at the idea of making May the prettiest butterfly. Sarge halted her, however, as he had other intentions for the woman. Sarge and Snowflake then made their escape with their prisoner without Jaco and Pax, who got captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. during their assassination attempt on Shaw. Snowflake took the wheel to Sarge's truck while Sarge stayed with their prisoner in the back.[7]

Getting to Know Melinda May

Snowflake with the captured Melinda May

"Your boss runs a tight crew. Everyone has a role. But you, I can't figure out."
"Because I'm so mysterious."
"I was gonna go with nuts."
Melinda May and Snowflake[src]

Snowflake drove the truck to an isolated area where there shouldn't be any interference. She came to the back and petted May's head. Sarge gave her orders to "bag and gag" a Shrike and to check back in once she's completed her mission. Snowflake stared at May and commented on her serious expression despite having a beautiful face.

Sarge asking if Snowflake is up for the mission

Sarge pulled Snowflake aside and reminded her that with Pax and Jaco prisoners of S.H.I.E.L.D., she was all he had left and wanted to know if she was up to the task. Snowflake assured Sarge that she was, but volunteered to stay behind with May while he went after the Shrike, wanting to see May's full potential. Sarge declined and told Snowflake that she would do great. Snowflake said goodbye to May and left to retrieve the Shrike.

Snowflake begs Sarge to keep Melinda May

After a while Snowflake contacted Sarge and informed him that she had captured their target. Pleased, Sarge took May to where Snowflake was holding the Shrike. The two arrived at the location, where Snowflake had the target waiting. Snowflake watched as Sarge told May that she was to kill this man and assured May that she was to do great. Sarge shot the Shrike host in the head, killing him, and threw May the keys to her cuff. Sarge and Snowflake then left the room and waited till May had killed the Shrike. After she succeeded, Snowflake was amazed at how she killed the creature and begged Sarge to "keep her".

Melinda May knocks Snowflake out

After Sarge filled May in on what his squad's mission was and that they were hunting the Shrike's creator, he left Snowflake in the back with May, while he drives. Snowflake noticed May always staring at her and felt flattered. May talked about every member of their squad's purpose, but found Snowflake too nuts to be a real member and talked about how Sarge considered her unhinged. Not buying into what May was saying, she tried to convince her to let her kill her so she could be reincarnated. But, when Snowflake's guard was done, May easily took her out. After taking Sarge out, May drove the truck with her prisoners back to the Lighthouse.[2]

Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Snowflake and Sarge as prisoners

"See you soon. Don't let the fire go out."
Sarge and Snowflake[src]

Arriving at the Lighthouse, Snowflake and Sarge were taken to its lower levels be Melinda May. Snowflake noted how quiet it was before telling Sarge that despite May knocking her out, she still liked her. Once May and Sarge reached their destination, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent had the other agents take Snowflake to hold. Sarge bid farewell and told Snowflake to not "let the fire go out". She assured him she wouldn't and cheerfully waved goodbye to May.

Snowflake saddened by Jaco's defeat

Once Snowflake was taken to her cell, she heard Jaco coughing in his cell and felt bad for the pain he was going through, but felt as if it was worth it. When Jaco revealed his fire breathing ability to Trevor Khan, Snowflake walked over to her wall to listen closely to Jaco's escape. However, Snowflake was saddened to learn that Jaco's planned escape was stopped by the timely arrival of Daisy Johnson.[3]

Betrayed by Sarge

"He left me."
"I know. I know. It's okay, Snow, because I'm still here, and we just we got to find the bomb, so where is it, Snow?"
"I don't know."
―Snowflake and Deke Shaw[src]

To be added

Aiding S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Are all the females on your planet this powerful?"
"They are."
―Snowflake and Melinda May[src]

To be added

Taken into Custody

"Why isn't she in lockup?"
"Why would she be?"
"'Cause she's a murderer."
Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

To be added


"Between us, that girl might enjoy her job a little too much. But she's loyal, so what can you do?"
Sarge to Melinda May[src]

Despite her cute and cheery demeanor, Snowflake seems to often fantasize about death and resurrection, adamant that it is a pleasant experience for her victims and believes that would come back as butterflies. She appears to be very interested in the concept of spirituality, referring to death and emotions in such terms. She didn't seem to appreciate "negative energy," as she would declare sensing it in a concerned tone. She also wanted to help Melinda May break free of her "chrysalis of negativity."

Snowflake had a tendency to express attraction to people in spiritualistic terms. She told Deke Shaw that he had "a beautiful soul" and "a butterfly that was just dying to escape," which she believed "shines." Whether this was a result of his personality or him being from another time period is unclear.

Before meeting Shaw, she referred to May in similar terms; when May was captured by Sarge, Snowflake said that May "might be the prettiest butterfly [she'd] ever made." She also expressed her feelings towards May in more conventional terms, such as stroking May's forehead, stating May had "such a pretty face," and blowing a kiss to her before she and Sarge locked May in a room with a Shrike as part of her failed initiation. After May completed this test, Snowflake asked Sarge if their team could "keep her". Sarge quickly noticed the feelings, saying to May that it was "No wonder Snow like[d] [her]." When they were left alone, Snowflake joked that May "must like what [she] see[s]" because May was "always staring at [her]." When May insulted Snowflake, calling her insane, Snowflake responded with "I dig the 'unyielding warrior' vibe".

Somewhat hypocritically, when faced with her own death from an Atom Bomb, she began to panic. At first, she tried reassuring herself that she would join with the rest of the cosmos. As Shaw's efforts to deactivate it failed, she decided that she was uncomfortable with the prospect of dying. When Daisy Johnson prevented the detonation, Snowflake was ecstatic to have survived and embraced Shaw. She was reluctant to let Jaco sacrifice himself, but his reassurance that he would "be a butterfly" calmed her enough to let him go.

Snowflake is very loyal to Sarge, which made it all the more painful for her when he chose to leave her behind to die with the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Snowflake is ruthless and doesn't hesitate to use violence. She was comfortable with cutting herself to make herself look more vulnerable, so nearby S.H.I.E.L.D. agents would think she was a civilian.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Snowflake is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and was even able to hold her own against the notorious Melinda May.
  • Knife Mastery: Snowflake is fond of using knives in a fight.



"Snow here is dying to spill your spiritual energy all over the floor, but I can hold her off."
Sarge to Dana[src]
  • Knife: Snowflake's weapon of choice is a small knife that she uses in hand-to-hand combat to stab her enemies. Snowflake used it once to make herself a scar on the forehead, so that she could pretend to be injured in front of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Other Equipment




  • Lighthouse: Following her capture by Melinda May, Snowflake was imprisoned in an individual cell in the Lighthouse, from where she attempted to execute her release thanks to Jaco, who was also held in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody. Although this plan failed, Snowflake was eventually released from custody after Sarge enlisted her assistance for a mission to end Izel's plans. However, after S.H.I.E.L.D. apparently emerged victorious, Snowflake was once again imprisoned in the Lighthouse for her previous crimes.





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Behind the Scenes

  • The casting notes had the character listed as Butterfly, in reference to her fascination with people reincarnating into one.


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