"Fully automated, like the old American movie Baba used to watch. And I made them completely sound absorbent. Guess what I call them? Sneakers. Because you... never mind."
Shuri to T'Challa[src]

Sneakers are sound adsorbent shoes incorporated into the Panther Habit, created by Shuri with the use of Wakandan nanotechnology.


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Shuri designed the Sneakers around 2016, and displayed them to T'Challa after his coronation. She installed them into the Panther Habit.[1]


  • Sound Nullification: The Sneakers are completely sound adsorbent, allowing the user to walk without creating any form of noise. Presumably, they also allow the wearer to land silently after jumping down from a height.
  • Shoe Manifestation: The Sneakers can materialize around the wearer's feet, originating from the soles of the shoes, in a similar fashion to the upgraded Panther Habits.



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