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"You look too young to be a nurse, if you don't mind me saying."
"Mind? No, of course not. Why would I mind?"
―Smith and Amy Bendix[src]

Officer Smith is a member of the New York City Police Department based at the 15th Precinct Police Station.


"Look, the only reason that I'm saying this is so that you realize that by keeping me from conferring with my client, we're risking a mistrial and Frank Castle walking free. Now, I am sure that your co-workers at the precinct would not appreciate that, now would they?"
"No, I guess not. All right, just go."
Karen Page and Smith[src]

Smith was tasked by Brett Mahoney to guard the area at the Sacred Saints Hospital where New York City Police Department was holding Frank Castle. As Smith was guarding the door, Karen Page asked him to let her through to speak with Castle; however, Smith refused as the area was restricted and only hospital staff or police officers could be there. Page presented herself as a member of Nelson, Murdock and Page that were assigned as Castle's lawyers, but Smith stated that he has strict orders.

However, Page stated that according to the Bill of Rights, Castle had a right for counsel assistance and neither the federal nor the state government may deprive his legal rights. She also noted that if he will keep her from conferring with the client, that could be interpreted as a mistrial and Castle would walk free. Smith guessed that the NYPD will not appreciate that and allowed Page to speak with Castle, saying Lawrence to let her through.


Smith and Brett Mahoney finds O'Rourke

Smith was visited by Amy Bendix who posed herself as a nurse named Mary Morrison and she needs to perform a neurological exam on Castle. Smith noted that Bendix looks to young to be a nurse what Bendix interpreted as a compliment. Assuring Bendix that Castle was not dangerous, he let her through to Castle's room.

Later, as the hospital was evacuated due to the fire alarm, Smith and Brett Mahoney suddenly found O'Rourke, tied to the stretcher and realized that Castle is already escaped.[1]






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