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"Be sure to like, comment and subscribe at Sloth Baby Productions."
Kamala Khan[src]

Sloth Baby Productions is a YouTube channel owned and operated by Kamala Khan. It drops new episodes every Wednesday. Its videos are mixed-media animations populated by Khan's doodles while she provides the voiceovers to the topics of interest.


Prior to the New Jersey AvengerCon, Kamala Khan composed and uploaded The REAL Carol Danvers Story, promising at the end of it to produce a two-part video next explaining why Thor is secretly a gamer.

Despite considerable effort Khan poured into her productions, her channel appeared to be unsuccessful. She only had two subscribers, her previous two videos only garnered five and eight views in the past three weeks, and the only commenters were her friends Bruno Carrelli and Nakia Bahadir.[1]



  • In the comics, Ms. Marvel is referred to as SlothBaby in the comic All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual Vol 1 1.


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