Slice City is a pizza parlor located in New York City.


Mavis and Rafi

Jessica Jones met with Mavis in the parlor, in which she displayed photos of Rafi's affair with another woman hours prior. As Mavis broke down in tears and Jones requested that she pay for her services, Rafi entered the restaurant, kissing Mavis on the cheek while preparing a pizza for the women; in her fuming anger, Mavis attempted to hire Jones to murder him, which she expressed being paid firstly.

When Rafi came by the table with a warm pizza, Jones showed him the pictures she took of him, confessing that she had been hired by Mavis to expose his affair and that his girlfriend was attempting to hire her to kill him, displaying her superhuman strength on a steel chair. Distort, he left the parlor in disgust. Though she tried to leave herself, Jones was stopped by Mavis, who cited Jones killing a man some time ago. Infuriated, Jones pushed Mavis into her seat, proclaiming that she was not a hero or a vigilante, emphasizing that she was not a murderer. She eventually left, taking a box of pizza alongside her.[1]


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