The Skrull Spy was one of the four Skrulls on the Skrull flagship when it crashed on Planet C-53 in Los Angeles in 1995. He had attempted to track down and capture Vers, he attempted to neutralize her with a Skrull Sniper Rifle. When his cover was blown when he missed her, he fought Vers on a subway train, before escaping into the 7th Street/Metro Center train station.


Kree-Skrull War

Capturing Vers

In the aftermath of the Ambush on Torfa, the Skrull Spy was present on Talos' Skrull flagship as one of his enforcers. When Vers escaped Skrull custody, she fought her way through many of the Skrull defenses. The Skrull Spy remained one of the few operable Skrulls remaining under Talos' command. He, Norex and one other Skrull enforcer took space pods, intercepting Vers to Planet C-53.[1]

Crashing in Los Angeles

The four pods carrying him, Talos, Norex, and one other Skrull crash-landed in the Atlantic Ocean, on the coast of California, and later emerged at a beach during a sun-sprawling morning in Los Angeles. While familiarizing themselves with their surroundings, the Skrulls were given orders by Talos to locate Vers. To blend in with the rest of the beach, the Skrull Spy had alongside the rest of the group, shapeshifted into several human surfers.[1]

Chase on the Metro Transit

After landing in Los Angeles, he spotted Vers and tried to neutralize her with a Skrull Sniper Rifle. He failed and she went after him. He went into a nearby train and shapeshifted into an old lady who just got off the train. Vers noticed and started fighting him. The bystanders thought that Vers was fighting just an old lady, so they held her back. He managed to get away and shapeshift into another person on the train. They fight for a little bit more on top of the train before having to go back inside the train because of a tunnel. Vers failed to find him in the 7th Street/Metro Center train station.[1]

Powers and Abilities



The spy, shapeshifting into a human

  • Skrull Physiology: Unlike the many species on Earth, the spy is a Skrull who is not a carbon-based life-form and possesses a wide variety of superhuman abilities.
    • Shapeshifting: Like the rest of his species, the spy was able to shapeshift into sentient beings, though he has to visually perceive the person who is going to be imitated.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all his species, the spy is superhumanly strong. He was able to fight against Vers and kick her back several feet back while on top of a train.
    • Superhuman Durability: Like the rest of his species, the spy possesses superhuman durability. This allowed him to withstand the might of Captain Marvel and easily jump down from a few stories without harming himself.
    • Superhuman Agility: Like the rest of his species, the spy possesses superhuman agility and dexterity. He was able to easily traverse the top of a moving train and leap several feet into the air.


  • Marksman: The spy showed proficiency to some degree in handling firearms, as he was armed with a Skrull Sniper Rifle.
  • Combatant: The spy showed great skill in unarmed combat. Being able to fight against Vers for much longer and in a more effective way than any other Skrull.


  • Skrull Sniper Rifle: The spy used a Skrull sniper rifle to shoot Vers.
  • Skrull Crystal: While fighting Vers in a metro train, the spy dropped a crystal that contained the information the Skrulls had found in Vers' memories.




Behind the Scenes


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