"Ready the yacht. Start killing each other."

The Skirmish at the Hudson Ferry Terminal was the final confrontation between Jessica Jones and Kilgrave.


"You know, he left this here for you to find."
"Subtle, right? It's docked at the Hudson Ferry Terminal. I found the bills."
"And he wants you to go there."
"He must be feeling confident. At least now it'll end. One way or another."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

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"Don't insult my intelligence. You're faking, aren't you?"
"Faking what?"
"Obviously, you have a plan. Otherwise, you'd have jumped over them all and I'd be dead, so do share."
"I wanted you to make them stop."
Kilgrave and Jessica Jones[src]

Jessica Jones meets Trish Walker and both go to the Hudson Ferry Terminal where Kilgrave tries to use his powers to control her. Seeing that he cannot, Kilgrave orders some police officers to shoot down Jones. As Kilgrave makes his way to the yacht, he uses a group of innocent people to block her path.[2]

Kilgrave orders the people to kill each other, forcing Jones and Walker to try to protect them. Kilgrave roars at everyone to stop, which they do, including Jones, which briefly caused purple veins to appear on his face. Kilgrave briefly believes that Jones is faking but she claims that she wants him to stop the people from hurting each other. To mock Jones, Kilgrave orders the person she loves, Walker, to come over to him and claims that he has chosen the wrong sister to love, promising he would rape her continually for the rest of her life and make her his slave while she died inside. Kilgrave promises that if either of them ever saw Jones again, he would make Walker cut her own throat. He then forces Walker to kiss him passionately. Seeing that she has still not moved from her spot, Kilgrave becomes convinced that his powers can control Jessica Jones again. Delighted, Kilgrave approaches her and promises Jones that after a while she would love him like he loves her and orders her to smile. She obeys instantly. Overcome with joy, Kilgrave orders her to tell him she loves him. Jones says the words. Jones then grabs Kilgrave's face and snaps his neck, killing him instantly, and his body drops to the ground.[2]


"Jessica Jones didn't ask for this. She didn't go looking for it. This monster found her."
"She killed a man with her bare hands, Jeri. And it's not the first death she's been linked to."
"Now we have witnesses. All of whom will testify that he forced them to try to kill each other."
"They were a bunch of drunken brawlers off a booze cruise."
"Come on, Samantha. You must have tested their blood alcohol levels. [...] I will have more than enough testimony to convince a jury that this man forced Jessica to snap his own neck."
Jeri Hogarth and Samantha Reyes[src]

Jessica Jones is taken to prison, but thanks to Jeri Hogarth, Jones is set free, and she reunites with Trish Walker. In her apartment, Jones encounters Malcolm Ducasse and is overwhelmed with various requests by people to use her powers to help her, although she deletes the voicemails, citing to herself that maybe if the people believed she was a hero due to her actions, she could fool herself into thinking so as well.[2]


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