"Andre plays in a rugby league. He got his team buddies all worked up. Now they're headed to Luke's bar."
Gina to Jessica Jones[src]

The Skirmish at Luke's was an altercation between Luke Cage and Andre, who learned that Cage was having an affair with his wife Gina.


"Look, I'm sorry that you screwed up your marriage, but–"
"You screwed it up, digging around. And all you've done is get Luke's ass kicked."
Jessica Jones and Gina[src]

One night, Jessica Jones jumped to a fire escape and witnessed the affair between Gina and Luke Cage, some time after closing his bar. Taking pictures with her camera, she witnesses them enter his apartment and began to have sex.[1]

Later, Jones is taken into custody and interrogated by Oscar Clemons on the murder of Bob and Barbara Shlottman. He revealed the pictures of Cage and Gina, which Jones quickly debunks as irrelevant to the Shlottman cases and that she wanted repossession of the photographs. Eventually released, Jones headed for Luke's to clear the issue. She is, however, met with an upset Cage, whom had no desire for drama or interrogation from the police. Explaining the reason behind having images of him, Jones lied and said that she was working a case for Gina's husband Andre. Despite never seeing a ring on her finger, Cage persisted that Gina had never wed and never dealt with married women or affairs of the sort. Still heated, he demanded that Jones left and never step foot in his bar.

Gina visited Luke's, wishing to drink with Cage. Cage rejects the offer; when she tries to sleep with him again, he rejected the offer and asked her about the marriage. Though Gina informed him that her husband cared little what she did, with their relationship souring, Cage questioned why he hired a private investigator to seek out information on whether she was cheating on him. Shocked, Gina left the bar and spoke with her husband on the issue.

That night, Gina visited Jones at her apartment-office to confront her. Though Jones initially kept the case to herself, Gina figured that Jones purposely ruined her fling with Cage and her marriage with Andre. As Gina was about to leave, she commented that Cage was going to be forced into a fight with her ex and his rugby team.[2]


"Guys, I don't want any problems. I just want you to leave the bar."
"You're gonna have to kick us out."
"Look, I don't want any trouble. Get out of the bar."
"If you didn't want trouble, you shouldn't have slept with my wife."
Luke Cage and Andre[src]

Gina's husband Andre came into Luke's that night to confront Luke Cage, bringing a group from his rugby teammates to attack him. While Cage fought them off, he was joined by Jessica Jones who had come to help. Cage witnessed Jones throw men twice her size across the bar with ease, while Cage soon knocked out all the men. When Andre tried to stab Cage in the neck, his unbreakable skin saved him and he ordered Andre to return home.[2]


"You're drunk. Your mind's not right. Go home to your wife."
"You've ruined my life."
"I'll do worse, if I see your face again. Sleep it off. Forget you were here. I'll do the same."
Luke Cage and Andre[src]

After having roughed Andre and his rugby team, Luke Cage demanded they left Luke's. Disappointed, he offers the remaining patrons of the bar free drinks on him. When Jessica Jones asked if Cage was okay, he quickly questioned why she returned, going on to say that her presence was bad for business.

Later, Cage visited Jones at her apartment and commented on her enhanced strength, having tossed a man with one hand. Though she tried to debunk that she was special, Cage used a nearby saw and pressed it against his abdomen to displace his unbreakable skin. Amazed, the two kissed and engaged in sex.[2]


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