The Sivian Foreman is a foreman who worked onboard Viro's ship.


Rescue of Sivian Engineers

The Sivian Foreman was was employed by Viro to join his engineering crew onboard the Lazy Comet, which was smuggling Xandarian Snails. Among her colleagues were Leo Fitz, who was passing as a Sivian as well. However, while helping him to fix a clogged pipe, the foreman could not help but notice Fitz's disgust towards the snails, which were surprising for a Sivian. The foreman thus asked Fitz where he came from on Sivos, and when Fitz answered that he came from the north of the planet, which was actually a radioactive desert, she figured out that he was lying.

Thus, the foreman and the other engineers confronted Fitz and soon discovered that he was actually a human who had changed the color of his eyes with an Iriscope, and they also found Fitz's stowaway friend Enoch, leading to the capture of both by Viro.

However, things went south for the foreman after that, as Viro realized that he could have Fitz and Enoch working for him for free and better than the foreman and her colleagues he had to pay. Therefore, the foreman and her fellow engineers were nearly dropped into space by Viro, along with Fitz who refused to let them die.

Nevertheless, Fitz and Enoch actually tricked Viro into opening the wrong airlock, thus causing Viro and his guards to die while the engineers were saved. The foreman thus thanked Fitz before being taken to the planet of Kitson, since the crew would be accused of mutiny if they went to Naro-Atzia as initially planned due to Viro's death.[1]




  • Viro † - Superior turned Enemy and Attempted Killer


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