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"Whoever you are, puta, this visit don't start until Sissy gets her snacks. Cash, for the machine."
―Sissy Garcia to Jessica Jones[src]

Sissy Garcia is the cell mate of Hope Shlottman in Northeastern Correctional Facility who was bribed into attacking Shlottman to cause a miscarriage of her unborn child.


Attacking Hope Shlottman

Sissy Garcia was a prisoner in Northeastern Correctional Facility when Hope Shlottman was sent there to await her trial. Garcia became Shlottman's cell mate, with Garcia on the bottom bunk.[1] Shlottman approached Garcia and asked the larger woman to beat her up; Garcia agreed when Shlottman offered her fifty dollars cash and a carton of cigarettes.[2]

Jessica Jones arrived to the Facility to visit Shlottman while Garcia was in the common area of the prison talking with two other prisoners. During Shlottman's conversation with the woman, Garcia decided to interrupt, citing that a television show she liked was soon to air, and she wanted to watch it with her cell mate. After a moment, Shlottman went to Garcia's side. Later, that evening, Garcia told her cell mate to stay quiet as she severely assaulted her;[1] Shlottman was hospitalized, with a beating so brutal it could have killed her.

Days later, Garcia was visited again by Jones; Garcia did not know who she was or what she wanted, but Garcia insisted that the visit would not proceed until she bought her food from the vending machine. As Garcia was deciding what snack she wanted, Jones grabbed her from behind and slammed her into the machine, telling her to leave Shlottman alone. Garcia revealed that she had done nothing that she was not paid to do and told the woman about the arrangement. When Jones released Garcia, Garcia checked her fingers; she said she wanted to assure that they were undamaged because she needed them to pleasure other inmates.[2]