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"Your strength has never let me down. And now I ask for you to lend it to me once again. We're so close, Sinara... to freedom from this place. Restored to glory together."
"You're begging. It's repulsive."
Kasius and Sinara[src]

Sinara was the leader of the Kree Watch in the Lighthouse, as well as being the second-in-command for Kasius, tasked with controlling all of the humans kept inside the Lighthouse. Upon S.H.I.E.L.D.'s sudden arrival in there, Sinara aided Kasius with capturing Jemma Simmons, and later Daisy Johnson, so they could sell Johnson to their highest bidder in order to leave the Earth, and return into Hala. Sinara's own loyalty to Kasius was tested upon being offered a chance to leave with Faulnak, but she sided with her lover and aided him by killing both Faulnak and Maston-Dar before then being sent on her final mission to recapture their fugitives before they could escape, resulting in Sinara perishing during her final clash against Johnson.


Early Life

Serving Kasius

"Sinara defended me. She cut down my would-be attackers."
"And you were both exiled for abandoning your posts!"
"She saved my life! She's been by my side ever since. You call me weak. My strength comes from surrounding myself with loyalty."
Kasius and Faulnak[src]

Sinara served in a fleet under the command of Kasius. During their fight against their enemies, Kasius attempted to retreat, when two of his generals attempted to prevent him. However, they were killed by Sinara, who agreed that the battlefield was not a place for Kasius. Kasius successfully managed to hide Sinara's involvement in the assassinations, and the two then became inseparable. Kasius' retreat cost the Kree Empire one strategic outpost and the lives of thousands of their warriors, resulting in Kasius' father, Taryan permanently exiling both of them from Hala as punishment for their complete failure.[2]

Kree Watcher

Recruiting Jemma Simmons

"This was a fight over food, Sinara?... The pressure must be building up there. Tell the guards to give them some breathing room, for mercy's sake. A Renewal will do them some good."
Kasius to Sinara[src]

Sinara arrives to give Humans their food

Approximately seventy years following the destruction of planet Earth, Sinara served on the Lighthouse, the giant Kree space station that housed the last remains of humanity. As the ruthless member of the Kree Watch, she made sure that the Kree laws were obeyed by their human slaves, with the rule being maintained that if a life was taken, this would be regarded as a life being earned. One day, in 2091, Sinara personally oversaw the distribution of extra food to the humans, as she stood by while Reese announced this to the starving humans.

Sinara then stood by, as all of the food was thrown onto the ground, forcing the humans to crawl and collect as much as they could, desperately attempting to collect something for themselves and all their families before it was all taken. However, this had soon led to a conflict, when Sinara witnessed one human draw his knife and threaten another man. Sinara then witnessed this man inadvertently stab Reese straight in the stomach, only to then realize the terrible mistake that he had made, as Sinara watched him desperately attempt to escape.

As the man attempted to flea, Sinara then proceeded to launch her Kree Spheres, crushing the man's skull as he attempted to escape. With Reese still bleeding onto the floor, Sinara then witnessed Jemma Simmons running over to his aid, much to the confusion of all their other humans, while Simmons had attempted to stop Reese's bleeding with the aid of Melinda May. As Simmons had then cauterized Reese's wounds, Sinara had a member of their Kree Watch drag him away, despite all Simmons' objections, before Sinara had Simmons taken as well.

Believing that Simmons would now be able to replace Reese as Kasius' servant, Sinara brought her up to the suites, where they were greeted by Ava, who presented Simmons with her robes, and advised her to wash and dress herself. Sinara witnessed Simmons attempting to ask Ava how Reese's recovery was, only for Ava to be unable to answer her, due to the Silencing Implant in her ear which caused her to be unable to hear her words. Once Ava had left their room, Sinara and Simmons had made eye contact, as Simmons nervously glanced down at Sinara's Spheres, before she removed her jacket and allowed Sinara to bring her to Kasius.

Sinara brought Simmons to meet with Kasius, who was trimming his plant and glancing at the vast openness of space, as he had claimed that Hala did not have any views as spectacular as this. Sinara stood by, as Kasius spoke about how Simmons had saved Reese's life, noting to Sinara that Simmons seemed to be more like a mouse than a doctor. As Kasius questioned why Simmons would save a life, Simmons had claimed that she only wanted to make Kasius happy, as he glanced to Sinara and noted that this was the superior answer. Kasius questioned if their fight began due to a lack of food, which Sinara had simply confirmed.

Considering this and the potential impact that these incidents could have all around the Lighthouse, Kasius had then ordered Sinara to tell the Kree Watch to give the humans more breathing room, as he felt that the pressure must be building among them. However, Kasius had ordered Sinara to arrange a Renewal, since it would be the only response for Simmons saving a life, as this broke Kasius' rules. With that, Sinara nodded to Kasius and left the room to do as he had instructed, leaving Kasius to continue learning more about Simmons and where she had actually come from, since he had suspected her of lying to both of them.[5]

2091 Renewal

Sinara begins the Humans' next Renewal

"What is wrong with you?"
"A life taken, a life earned."
"What is wrong with you?!"
Jemma Simmons and Kasius[src]

Sinara returned to the lower levels of the Lighthouse, where she had their Kree Watch scan every Metric, in preparation for their Renewal. Sinara had one of her guards drop one shotgun in the middle of the kitchen, announcing that a life spent would be a life earned. With that, Sinara and all the Kree Watch departed, before activating the Renewal, which soon selected Holt and two others as the tributes, which had ended once Holt and two others had been killed.

Returning into their suites, Sinara then brought Reese to meet with Kasius, while Jemma Simmons had objected that Reese should be not standing due to his injuries. Sinara stood by while Kasius and Simmons discussed the likelihood of Reese's injuries leaving scars, with Kasius commenting that his servants should represent perfection, to which Simmons insisted that with time and medical procedures, they could reduce the scarring. While Kasius had accepted that the scar on Reese's stomach could be hidden behind his robes, he pointed to another scar on Reese's forehead, which Kasius had insisted was unacceptable.

In response, Sinara raised her Kree Spheres, and proceeded to impale Reese straight through the stomach with them, much to the complete horror of Simmons. While Reese bled out and died onto the floor, Sinara retrieved her bloodied spheres and rolled them around in her hands, as Simmons questioned what was wrong with Kasius, until Kasius roared at her to be silent, while he closely examined Reese's corpse. Sinara stood by as Kasius commented on Simmons' beauty and skills, before noting that she was a beauty worth keeping, before he placed the Silencing Implant inside of her ear, removing Simmons' ability to hear.

With Simmons' unable to hear their voices, Kasius spoke with Sinara and instructed her to oversee Simmons' being inducted as one of his servants to replace Reese, as he had determined that she would be a valuable asset to them. Sinara stood by in silence and watched closely, as Ava and all the other servants dressed Simmons in her robes and painted her face gold, before Sinara brought Simmons and the other servants to meet with Kasius, who asked about her progress. Sinara remained on the side, as Kasius complimented Simmons' appearance, noting that they were just in time to greet Basha, as her Ship arrived.[5]

Controlling Abby's Powers

"Did you set our little healer up to fail? Because I think she's pretty? Or did you really think she'd succeed? You want to see me happy. Tell me, what does Jemma have that makes her so different... makes her capable to succeed in this?"
Kasius and Sinara[src]

Once Basha's Ship had docked at the Lighthouse, Sinara was sent to collect their guest, only for Basha to refuse to join them, as she instead sent her Emissary. Sinara brought the Emissary to meet with Kasius, who greeted him warmly and offered him a drink, until the Emissary revealed to Kasius that Basha would not be joining them, much to Kasius' annoyance while Sinara watched on. Sinara listened in as the Emissary explained that Basha looked forward to their Inhuman Trial Ceremony, before leaving.

As Kasius asked Tye how their Inhumans were preparing for the ceremony, only to be told that they were not ready to fight yet due to them still recovering from Terrigenesis. Sinara watched Kasius become enraged at not receiving the news he wanted, as he proceeded to smash the glasses against the walls. However, Sinara then calmly stepped over to Kasius and advised that he use Jemma Simmons to train their Inhumans, which he agreed to. As Sinara stepped aside, Kasius turned off Simmons' Silencing Implant and explained that they had a problem, noting that he hoped that she would be able to fix this, for her own sake.

Following Kasius' instructions, Sinara had Simmons brought to their chambers, where she turned off the Silencer Implant, and brought her into Abby's room, showing her that Abby was now struggling to understand her Inhuman powers. When Simmons questioned what they had done to her, Tye explained that Abby was doing it to herself, while making his frustrations about this situation clear, before leaving Simmons to fix it. With that, Sinara gave Simmons a final glance, before leaving the room, allowing Simmons to attempt to help Abby learn and control all her new Inhuman powers ahead of the Inhuman Trial Ceremony.

Sinara left Simmons to work with Abby for several hours, until she returned with Kasius and Tye, finding that she had already been able to help Abby gain greater control over her powers, allowing her to phase her hand through a glass and then smash this to pieces without harming herself. Sinara then stood by as Kasius took Abby away for the Ceremony, before reactivating Simmons' Silencer Implant when she tried to object and tried to get more time to train with Abby. With Simmons silenced, Kasius then went to speak to Sinara, as he questioned if she had tried to set Simmons up for failure with this more difficult task.

With Simmons still unable to hear them because of her Silencer Implant, Kasius had then questioned if Sinara was motivated by Kasius thinking that Simmons was pretty, and although Sinara did not answer him, Kasius then deduced that she only wanted to make him happy. Sinara watched as Kasius stepped over to Simmons, touching her face, while he asked Sinara what made Simmons different from all of the other Humans, and capable of succeeding in training Abby with her Inhuman powers, to which Sinara explained that it was due to her compassion for others, while also making her own disgust at the concept clear.[6]

Arrival of Lady Basha

"No, Abby you can't..."
"Sinara, let's not be rash, Jemma demonstrated her worth."
"You sold her!"
"And if not for you, she would not have fetched such a high price."
Jemma Simmons and Kasius[src]

Sinara had been present when Lady Basha had arrived into the Lighthouse ahead of their Inhuman Trial Ceremony, as Sinara stood by while Basha was greeted by Kasius, only for Basha to insult her host and the location. Once Kasius had given Basha a gift, he then invited her to the fighting pits. While they followed behind, Jemma Simmons asked Sinara what was happening to them, which Sinara did not answer, as she responded only with a slight smile, as they followed closely behind Kasius and Basha.

Stepping into their fighting pits, Sinara stood beside Tye, as he commented that they would soon see the fruits of their labor. Sinara watched as Abby was brought into the pit, and prepared to battle against the Beast, much to the horror of Simmons, who attempted to object, only for Sinara to calmly threaten her with her Kree Spheres, causing Simmons to be silent. Despite Basha being disappointed at the sight of Abby, Kasius reassured her that Inhumans were often stronger than they looked, as Sinara stood by and watched as the battle began, as the Beast swiftly overpowering Abby and then throwing her across the pit.

With Abby being overpowered by the Beast, Kasius glanced at Sinara and Tye, warning that Tye's life depended on her victory. However, just as victory seemed certain for the Beast, Sinara watched as Abby looked to Simmons for reassurance, before managing to change her body's densities, causing the Beast's arm to break when he had attempted to punch her. As Sinara watched, she witnessed Abby causing her arm to phase through the Beast's chest, which had resulted in his insides being torn apart, finally killing him and leaving Abby as the victor, much to the considerable satisfaction of both Kasius and Basha.

Following her victory, Sinara and Tye then collected Abby, and brought her up into Kasius' suites, where she was presented to Basha and sold, with Sinara also noticing that Simmons was watching the exchange closely. Once Basha took Abby away to her Ship, Simmons attempted to object, only for Sinara to once again threaten her with her Spheres. However, Kasius ordered Sinara to not be so rash, despite Simmons confronting Kasius for selling Abby to become Basha's warrior, to which he noted that if it was not for Simmons' aid, Abby would have never been sold for such a high price, much to Sinara's amusement.[6]

Capture of Quake

"So this is Quake, Destroyer of Worlds. How is it possible that she's here?"
"The important thing is she's yours."
Kasius and Deke Shaw[src]

Sinara and Kasius were later approached by Deke Shaw, as he had claimed to have information about the arrival of and current location of Quake, who had somehow managed to arrive in 2091. With all Shaw's information, the Kree Watch managed to capture Quake in a glass gas chamber, as Sinara joined Kasius and Shaw to witness Quake's capture. Sinara stood by and watched, while Shaw asked about payments, while Kasius marveled at the arrival of the Destroyer of Worlds, questioning how it was possible that she was there.[6]

With Quake captured, Sinara watched as their Kree Doctor then extracted her blood, with Quake now forced to wear an Inhuman Control Device, while Kasius spoke to her about his belief that he had saved humanity, telling her that these humans had held on to the stories about Quake, as well as the belief that humans had that one day, S.H.I.E.L.D. would travel from the past to save them. While Sinara watched on in silence, Kasius told Quake that they had captured Jemma Simmons, although it did not seem to phase Quake at all, who simply continued to mock Kasius and insisted there was nobody else who traveled from the past.

However, Kasius did not believe Quake's claims, as Sinara had listened as Kasius suggested that Quake had actually come to the future to help him, which Quake denied, although Kasius explained that there were already bidders on their way, looking to purchase Quake, to use as their personal Inhuman slave and warrior. Although Quake denied that she would be willing to go along with all Kasius' schemes for them, Kasius and Sinara then threatened to torture Simmons if she did not agree to all their demands, noting how beautiful Simmons' face was, and that they would be willing to damage it, if Quake resisted them.[7]

Questioning the Travellers

"I share your concern, but we have preparations to make, and remember, you're not the only one working on this."
Kasius to Sinara[src]

As Sinara went through the lower levels of the Lighthouse with her Kree Watch, she had come across a worker using the same welding device, which Jemma Simmons had used to cauterize Reese's wounds. Sinara recalled that Simmons had required the assistance of Melinda May to grab this device, as she deduced that this meant that Simmons and Quake had not traveled from the past alone. Sinara stole the device from the worker and decided to confront Simmons about this.

Returning to Kasius' suites, Sinara grabbed Simmons while she was collecting some water and violently threw her down to the ground, before Kasius' feet. Sinara then dropped the welding device by Simmons, making her theories about Simmons' lies clear to Kasius. While Kasius ordered Tye to bring Quake to him, Sinara collected Ben, as they turned off his Inhuman Control Device, intending to use Ben's Inhuman power to hear people's thoughts to confirm if Quake and Simmons were attempting to lie to them about how many other S.H.I.E.L.D. had managed to travel through time into 2091 alongside both of them.

Sinara watched closely as Kasius asked Simmons who helped her save Reese's life, only for Simmons to deny any knowledge about the woman, to which Ben claimed that she was telling the truth. However, Sinara remained unconvinced, as she shook her head at Kasius, before he asked Quake if she and Simmons had traveled through time together, noting that others could have come there separately, to which Quake insisted that they came together. Knowing that due to her Silencing Implant, Simmons would be unable to hear them, Sinara watched closely as Kasius ordered Quake to explain the details of the journey to him.

Once she was finished telling her story of the journey, Kasius then turned to Simmons, and ordered her to also explain the story of how they got to the Lighthouse, noting that it would need to be the exact same story. To the surprise of Sinara and Kasius, both Quake and Simmons claimed that they had been alone, discussing Leo Fitz and Jeffrey Mace, when they were kidnapped and then forced through the Time Di'Alla. With Ben confirming that this was the truth, Sinara watched on as Kasius ordered the Kree Watch to remove them from his suites, frustrated about not getting the answer that he expected.

Sinara expresses her concerns to Kasius

Unconvinced that they had actually been told the truth about how S.H.I.E.L.D. had really managed to travel from 2018 to the Lighthouse, Sinara approached Kasius once they were alone, with Kasius noting that he shared her concerns over Quake and Simmons, but Kasius insisted that they had to prepare for the upcoming Inhuman Trial Ceremony, where he intended to sell Quake to the highest bidder. Kasius had then reminded Sinara that she was not the only one who was currently attempting to understand the situation with S.H.I.E.L.D., before Kasius walked away from her, leaving Sinara to simply glare at Simmons.[7]

Capturing Melinda May

"You take Deke upstairs, make him talk. I'll hold them off."
"I'm not leaving you alone here."
"May, your leg, you're still not 100%."
"I got this. Go."
Melinda May and Phil Coulson[src]

Hearing of a disturbance on level 35 of the Lighthouse, Sinara went down to investigate, where she had been surprised to be confronted by Melinda May, who was armed with her Kree Battle Axe, who had taken down several members of the Kree Watch. Unintimidated by May, who was clearly still struggling with an injured leg, Sinara responded by readying her Kree Spheres, which she launched at May, only for May to surprise Sinara by avoiding the Spheres and kicking Sinara in the head and punching her.

However, with her Spheres still flying through the room, Sinara attempted to impale May through the back, only for May to see the weapons coming, and knock them away with the Battle Axe. As May attempted to impale Sinara with the Battle Axe, she was able to avoid the blow, before managing to knock the Battle Axe out of May's hands. Sinara had then managed to kick May across the head, throwing her across the room and into a table, as May hit the ground with considerable force. While May struggled to stand, Sinara stood above her and prepared to finish their fight, only for May to then surprise Sinara by standing back up.

Although May was able to land several blows against Sinara in quick succession, when she kicked her with her injured leg, May fell back in agony, as Sinara used this moment to her advantage, by grabbed May by the collar and lifting her into the air, before slamming her body down onto the table. With May struggling for air, Sinara caught one of her Spheres and watched, while May was barely able to hold herself up, leaning against the wall for support. However, rather than kill May, Sinara then captured her and brought her to Kasius, proving that more S.H.I.E.L.D. agents traveled through time beside Quake and Jemma Simmons.[7]

Inhuman Auction

"I too am unfamiliar with the Marauder, though his fortune is rumored to be vast. You want me to keep an eye on him?"
Kasius to Sinara[src]

Having successfully captured Melinda May, Sinara proceeded to rejoin Kasius in his suites, as the guests began to arrive for their next upcoming Inhuman Trial Ceremony. Upon arriving, Sinara had greeted Kasius, as he asked if she had dealt with May, which Sinara then confirmed with simply a nod of her head as well as a slight smile. While Sinara cleaned her two Kree Spheres, she had watched as Ava introduced Kasius to all of the guests, as Kasius welcomed them to the Lighthouse, while promising that they would be the first to witness an exhibition of powers that would excite their senses.

With Ben and all the other Inhumans already presented, Sinara watched as Kasius brought out Quake, introducing her as the long believe deceased, Destroyer of Worlds. While Sinara stood behind him, Kasius noted that somebody in that room would soon be able to buy Quake from him, and take Quake's power as their own, as their Inhuman slave. However, as Kasius had been speaking, Sinara witnessed Boshtok the Marauder stepping up and dismissing any exhibition of powers, while he removed his own helmet and instead suggested that Quake should fight to the death, much to the surprise of everyone in the room.[7]

Once more guests arrived into the Lighthouse for the Inhuman Ceremony, including Lady Karaba and Gaius Ponarian, Sinara and Kasius took time to observe the room, with Kasius noting how these same guests had previously mocked him, but now they desired his wealth. However, Sinara glanced to Boshtok, with Kasius confessing that he was also curious about him, but had heard that his fortune was rumored to be vast. Although Sinara did not speak, Kasius deduced that she wanted him to keep his close eye on Boshtok, which Kasius agreed to, before speaking to Ponarian, while Sinara had observed Boshtok.

Sinara remained in their room, silently observing, while Kasius and his guests sat down for their dinners, where Ponarian had commented on Taryan banishing both Sinara and Kasius from Hala, which Kasius denied. As their guests had prepared to enjoy all of the fresh Xandarian Snails that Ponarian supplied, Karaba questioned how Kasius kept his Humans controlled, as Boshtok noted that he had them kill each other. Just as tensions began to rise between Ponarian and Boshtok, Kasius ended the meal, and had invited all his guests to join him for their first Inhuman Trial, as Sinara had followed the group to the fighting pits.

Sinara stood at the back of the room, as Kasius sat with Boshtok and informed his guests that Ben would be pitted against May in the fighting pit, with Kasius explaining that May was an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who had traveled there from 2018 along with Quake and Jemma Simmons. As Sinara watched their fight unfold, she witnessed Ben regaining the upper hand, against May due to his Inhuman powers, until Boshtok spoke up as he insisted that the fight began to bore him. Although Kasius ordered Sinara to have the Kree Watch provide more weapons, Boshtok convinced him to throw May down to Earth and focus on Quake's battle.[1]

Public Execution

"He lied, normally that would not preclude him from being sold, only in this instance, that lie was told to me."
"Is this really necessary? Make one of the buyers discipline him."
"You of all people must understand, no man of honor can allow the tongues of his slaves to lie so boldly."
Kasius and Boshtok the Marauder[src]

Following the battle between Ben and Melinda May, Sinara had returned to the upper suites after having May sent down onto the Earth to be consumed by the Vrellnexians, where she found Lady Basha and Gaius Ponarian in the middle of a bidding war for Ben. However, despite the bidding, Kasius announced that he would not be selling Ben to either one of them, much to Ponarian's annoyance, only for Kasius to turn off Ben's Inhuman Control Device, allowing Ben to read his mind, as Ben became terrified.

As Sinara watched on, Kasius explained that Ben had lied about both Quake and Jemma Simmons being the only ones to travel through time. Kasius made it clear that all Ben's lies to him, had taken him off the market, and the punishment would be death, despite the objections of Quake, who insisted that she was the one to blame, and Boshtok the Marauder, who questioned if the public execution was required for this crime. With Kasius giving the order, Sinara raised her Kree Spheres, which she proceeded to use to impale Ben through the chest, killing him, while Kasius then questioned if Boshtok had enjoyed this display more.[1]

Sinara vs Quake

Sinara and Kasius discussing their guests

"I understand this is sudden, but this presents a tremendous opportunity. Everything I have been striving for is but one fight away."
"To the death!"
"Yes, that is what has been promised. I have every confidence that you will provide us all a great spectacle."
Kasius and Sinara[src]

Sinara returned to the fighting pits, where she watched all the guests taking their seats, before Kasius approached her, noting that their fate would soon be at hand, which Sinara had simply smiled at. However, before they could discuss the upcoming plan for their own redemption, they were then interrupted by the arrival of Faulnak and Maston-Dar. Sinara stood back, while Kasius greeted his brother, noting how pleased he was that he had traveled all the way from Hala to the Lighthouse, although Faulnak merely insulted the location, noting that he was in there due to the orders that Taryan had given to him.

While Sinara had remained close by, she listened to Kasius and Faulnak discussing Quake's upcoming fight, only for Faulnak to insist that Quake should be pitted against a Kree warrior, rather than another Inhuman. To their surprise, Faulnak then pointed to Sinara, suggesting that she should battle Quake, noting that Sinara was supposed to be Kasius' most fearsome warrior, with Faulnak then mocking his brother by suggesting that he could be seen hiding behind her. Despite all his initial objections that Sinara was not prepared to go into battle, Kasius had agreed to Faulnak's terms and allowed Sinara to fight against Quake.

While Faulnak took his seat for the fight, Kasius had approached Sinara and acknowledged the sudden decision to have her fight, noting that everything that he had been desiring could be his by the end of the fight. However, Sinara also questioned if he was planning on sacrificing her to achieve their goal, which Kasius reluctantly admitted to, noting that a death had been promised to Faulnak, which he intended to deliver. Kasius then noted that he was certain that Sinara would be able to provide them with a spectacular final battle, before taking his seat, leaving Sinara to consider how she would handle this new situation.

Sinara was brought down to the fighting pits, where she awaited the arrival of Quake, while Kasius introduced these two warriors, before turning off Quake's Inhuman Control Device and putting a shield between himself and their two warriors, ensuring the protection of himself and his guests. However, before Faulnak could give the opening commencement, Sinara began the fight early by launching her Kree Spheres at Quake, in order to catch her off guard, only for Quake to narrowly avoid the attack, while Sinara caught the Spheres, only for Quake to respond by firing a shockwave at Sinara, which had launched her backwards.

This had caused Sinara to drop her Spheres, as Quake charged forward and began striking Sinara in the face multiple times, as Sinara attempted to hit her back, only to be thrown over Quake's shoulder. Although both Quake and Sinara had been able to land heavy punches against each other, Quake soon regained the advantage by kicking Sinara in the stomach, knocking her off her feet. With Sinara lying on the ground, Quake stood over her and prepared to end the fight with another shockwave, only for Sinara to secretly regain control of her Spheres, which struck Quake in the shoulder and launched her across the room.

Sinara used this momentary advantage to get herself to higher ground, while she bounced the Spheres off the walls and tried to strike Quake with them once more, only for Quake to catch one Sphere with her shockwaves, which she then launched back at Sinara, insisting that this would be for Ben. However, Sinara had then leapt off her platform, avoiding the Sphere as she jumped, before landing a heavy punch against Quake. As they continued fighting, Quake was able to kick out Sinara's legs, wrestling her on the ground, before Sinara managed to use her tactic against her, picking up Quake and slamming her down to the ground.

Despite the strong blow, Quake was still able to get back onto her feet, as she avoided Sinara's next blow to the ground, as well as a kick to the head, before she was able to block Sinara's next attacks and kick her in the stomach. This blow angered Sinara, who furiously charged at Quake, who finally ended their battle with a powerful shockwave, aimed directly onto Sinara's head, which knocked her down to the ground with considerable force, knocking her unconscious. However, it was then revealed that Boshtok the Marauder worked with Jemma Simmons as well as Quake, as they had assaulted Kasius and the other guests.

With Sinara unable to defend them, Simmons and Boshtok, who was revealed to be Leo Fitz, had shut down all their shields and had leapt down into the fighting pits, attempting to make their escape, although Faulnak was able to reactivate Quake's Control Device before she could attack them, although Maston-Dar and Lady Karaba had both been subdued in the chaos, with Kasius gaining a heavy facial scar. Just as Sinara began to stand back onto her feet, Fitz was then able to use his I.C.E.R. to knock her unconscious once again, before they had shot several members of the Kree Watch and then made their escape with Quake.[1]

Hunting Fugitives

Faulnak Taking Command

Sinara and Kasius preparing for their hunt

"Faulnak loves to play general. Let him. I need him to be satiated. He's the gatekeeper to my father, to our freedom."
"Don't be dramatic."
"He gives the orders now, no?"
Kasius and Sinara[src]

In the aftermath of Quake's escape during the duel, Sinara went to rejoin Kasius, while he was getting his facial scar covered up with makeup, something that made Kasius uncomfortable. Once they were rejoined by Faulnak, they were then asked for an update on Quake, as Kasius noted that they had destroyed her Chronicom Vessel and, with her powers disable with the Inhuman Control Device, she would soon be recaptured. Although Faulnak attempted to take control of the situation, Kasius insisted that Sinara would be more than capable of taking care of finding and capturing Quake, calling Sinara his best warrior.

However, Faulnak had simply dismissed Sinara, claiming that her performance during the Inhuman Trial Ceremony had proven her to be inadequate, as Faulnak instead introduced Maston-Dar to them, while promising that he would be able to quickly complete the task, with Sinara watching while Maston-Dar began showing off his Twin Kree Blades. As Maston-Dar requested the weapons of Humans, Faulnak asked Sinara to provide them for him, while noting that this was Maston-Dar's preferred means for hunting. Sinara had then turned to Kasius for approval, as he nodded and Sinara left to collect any guns collected from the humans.

Sinara had later found Kasius walking alone in his suites, as he continued touching his new facial scar, only for Kasius to smile upon seeing Sinara, and insist that there was work to be done. However, Sinara did not follow Kasius, clearly disappointed over how he had handled their discussion with his brother, only for Kasius to simply insist that Faulnak would always love to be the general, and they should allow him to do so, in order to appease him and gain Taryan's approval, and to return to Hala together. Despite this, Sinara remained unconvinced, while questioning if Kasius had actually ever intended to bring her with him.

Although Kasius tried to dismiss Sinara as being dramatic, she just noted that Faulnak was the one who gave the orders now, as she walked away from Kasius. In response, Kasius followed Sinara, acknowledging that she was resentful that he had just allowed her to fight against Quake in the Trail Ceremony, as he began to desperately attempt to compliment her, noting that she was no worse for ware following their battle. When Kasius noted that Sinara's strength had never let him down before, he desperately asked her to give it to him one more time, only for Sinara to accuse him of begging, which she had despised.

However, Kasius insisted that he was merely trying to get Sinara to think about the bigger picture, noting that they were close to finally being able to leave the Lighthouse and return to Hala in glory together. In his desperate attempt to regain Sinara's trust, Kasius noted that he had to appease his brother, in order to not allow him to steal his own reward for recapturing Quake. Kasius explained that they had intended to let Maston-Dar chase down Quake, Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz in their Lighthouse, while Sinara would come up with her better plans to track them down, as Sinara agreed to figure out where they would actually go.[2]

Chasing S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents

"Don't hurt the kid, I'm the one you want."
"On your knees."
"Just take me, let him go."
"I'll take you both."
Quake and Sinara[src]

Sinara had been able to deduce that Quake may attempt to help the Humans on the lower floors, as she went downstairs, just in time to witness Flint using his new Inhuman powers to murder the Vicar. Sinara was able to sneak up on Flint and knocked him unconscious with a strike to the back of his head. With Flint unconscious, the Kree Watch Commander told Sinara that he would inform their command, only for Sinara to insist that they would use Flint as bait.

Once Flint began to awake, Sinara grabbed his collar and pulled him up to his feet, just as Quake stepped out with her hands up, asking Sinara not to harm Flint. Sinara ordered Quake to get down onto her knees, which she did, while Quake insisted that Sinara allow Flint to go free and to take her back to Kasius, to which Sinara told her that she would instead take them both. However, before Sinara could take Quake into custody, she was shot in the shoulder by Phil Coulson, knocking her down, only for Maston-Dar to ambush Coulson, while Alphonso Mackenzie had then prevented Maston-Dar from shooting Coulson.

Sinara and Maston-Dar deciding to team up

During the chaos, Quake was able to pull Flint away from Sinara, while Coulson and Mackenzie escaped before Maston-Dar could shoot them down. Getting back onto her feet, Sinara examined the wound on her arm, angered to learn that these humans had been able to acquire weapons to use against their Kree Watch. Sinara had then rejoined Maston-Dar, who commented that the humans were scrappy, before ordering Sinara to follow him, and finally track down and execute the humans, although Sinara had already begun to make her plan to take down Maston-Dar before he would be able to reach the humans and recapture them.

Sinara and Maston-Dar had then recruited several members of the Kree Watch to join them, as they had followed the humans through the Lighthouse's corridors into the Salvage Yard, where Maston-Dar pushed Sinara out of his way, and attempted to get through the door, only to then discover that Flint had been able to block it by pilling up rocks against the door. However, Sinara witnessed Maston-Dar using an air cannon to blast holes through the next wall, as she watched him blast these holes one by one, commenting that he was slow, which Maston-Dar ignored as he focused on his work, placing small explosives in the holes.

Sinara walking over Maston-Dar's corpse

With everything ready, Maston-Dar had yet again pushed Sinara aside, insisting that he would kill these humans, which angered Sinara, while she instead readied her Kree Spheres. As soon as Maston-Dar blew up the wall to get them inside, Sinara impaled him through the back with these Spheres, killing him. Sinara and her Kree Watch had then stepped inside the Salvage Yard, where they then discovered that all the Humans had already been able to escape, having used Deke Shaw's Gravity Puck to float them through the air vent, and were heading to the Trawler to escape down to Earth, much to Sinara's considerable frustration.[2]

Assassination of Faulnak

"Maston is dead."
"By whose hand?"
"My own."
"Sinara. Holding your own against the Destroyer of Worlds, and felling my own best warrior. Seems I underestimated you."
―Sinara and Faulnak[src]

Following the escape of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Sinara had then returned to Kasius' suites, where she found him waiting with Faulnak for an update on the hunt. As Kasius questioned what news she had, Sinara looked to Faulnak, who demanded that she speak, as she confessed that the agents had managed to escape down to the Earth, where she claimed that they had allies, which Kasius insisted was impossible. Enraged, Faulnak noted that Sinara had allowed Quake to escape, while blaming Kasius for the many failures, including allowing Humans to survive on Earth, calling his incompetence astounding.

However, when Faulnak demanded that Sinara prepare the ship for Maston-Dar to pursue their targets, Sinara had revealed that Maston-Dar was dead. When Faulnak questioned who killed his greatest warrior, Sinara calmly explained that she had killed him, much to the horror of Kasius, as they watched Faulnak taking a step back as he reacted to this news. However, to their surprise, Faulnak responded not with rage, but laughing, acknowledging that Sinara had survived a battle against Quake, before killing his greatest warrior, with Faulnak suggesting that he may have underestimated her, and her desire to climb up in their ranks.

Faulnak noted that, with Maston-Dar dead, he had an opening within his ranks, commenting on how Kasius had confided with to the Lighthouse, which he called a dungeon, claiming that this had denied Sinara the right to shine, whereas he would allow her to shine radiantly if she stood by his side, while promising her the chance to conquer other universes together. While Faulnak spoke, Sinara glanced over at Kasius, who was horrified by the prospect of losing her, as Faulnak went on to claim that a warrior as strong as Sinara deserved a leader worthy of her, promising to show her things that Kasius could never provide for her.

However, before Faulnak could continue attempting to recruit her onto his side, Sinara then witnessed Kasius grab a bayonet and impale him through the back, as Sinara did nothing more to prevent this, with Kasius insisting that Sinara was not an object that Faulnak could take away. Sinara stood by and watched, as Faulnak fell onto the floor, while Kasius stood over him with the bayonet, explaining that Taryan had sent them onto the suicide mission years earlier, where Sinara had saved his life by killing two Kree generals who attempted to prevent his retreat, before then proceeding to kill Faulnak with a stab to the chest.

With Faulnak dead, Kasius wiped all his brother's blood over his face, before stepping towards Sinara, taking ahold of her hands so she could also feel the Faulnak's blood. Kasius then explained to Sinara that he believe that Taryan would greet them warmly, once they had avenged Faulnak's death, which he intended to blame on the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, while he also intended to bring Quake to his father, to become his warrior and slave. As Sinara smiled, Kasius noted that everything that they had ever wanted, would soon come to them, once they had finally killed all of their remaining humans down on Earth and recaptured Quake.[2]

Punishing the Humans

"All resources are at your disposal, while you're away, I will focus on those human traitors who aided the escape, we've been far too lenient with those who serve us, it's clear they require a firmer hand, their disobedience must be punished."
"A Renewal?"
"No, retribution. This ends today."
Kasius and Sinara[src]

Following the escape of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Sinara and Hek-Sel searched for any sign of them, but were only able to locate the abandoned Trawler on the Earth, but with no signs of the agents. Sinara and Hek-Sel presented their findings to Kasius, who was enraged by their lack of news, smashing his tablet down onto the table, as he acknowledged that, if they had escaped to the Earth, it would mean they were capable of surviving there, noting that Quake had already proven herself to be quite resourceful, while Sinara had remained silent.

As Kasius had noticed Sinara's expression, while he had been speaking, he had then managed to deduce that she wanted to hunt down all of the Humans herself, which Sinara confirmed with a silent nod. Kasius told Sinara that, if Quake was still alive, she was to bring her back into the Lighthouse, but also noted that, if Quake was dead, she was to bring back her corpse as a trophy, which they could still present onto Taryan. Kasius then promised that all their resources would be at Sinara's disposal, while he would deal with all those traitors who remained in the Lighthouse, with Kasius pouring himself and Sinara a drink.

As Sinara took a drink from Kasius, she listened to him explain that he would punish all of the humans who had aided with the Humans' escape, noting that they had been far too lenient with their humans, who he believed should serve them. With Kasius claiming that their humans required a firmer as punishment to deal with their disobedience, Sinara questioned if he intended to host another Renewal, only for Kasius to look down at Ava, who was clearly terrified. However, Kasius told Sinara that this was not his plan, as he now intended to send in their Vrellnexians to slaughter the humans, which he had called a retribution.[8]

Quest for Quake

"My orders?"
"Follow their trail. If you encounter any of the human survivors, you know their weakness. Show no mercy."
―Sinara and Kasius[src]

Sinara proceeded to take one of the Trawlers down onto the Earth's surface, where she was soon able to locate the Trawler that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had just used to escape from the Lighthouse, finding it empty, which proved that they had not only survived the crash, but escaped onto the planet's surface. Using a communicator in her helmet, Sinara was able to show Kasius all her findings, as he noted that he hoped that the Vrellnexians would not locate and consume them before Sinara could capture her targets.

Turning the cameras to face her, Sinara asked Kasius what her orders were, to which Kasius ordered her to follow the trail of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, telling her to show no mercy if she was able to encounter any of these survivors, since she knew all of their weaknesses.[8] Sinara then prepared for her mission, armed with her Twin Kree Blades, intending to kill all the humans she found, with the goal of keeping Quake alive, if possible. Sinara was soon able to follow the humans' trial all the way back to the crashed Zephyr One, where they had been seeking shelter with a band of survivors who had previously been banished onto Earth.[9]

Final Duel Against Quake

"I'm not supposed to kill you, but..."
―Sinara to Quake[src]

In order to get onboard Zephyr One unnoticed to recapture her targets, Sinara was able to disguise herself as a member of the True Believers, as she passed by Fletcher and another believer, who were attempting to leave Zephyr One to get underground during a gravity storm, warning her that she would be going the wrong way. Despite the warnings, Sinara had simply remained silent as Fletcher and the other Believer departed the ship, while Sinara had then removed her mask and hood and then began searching the ship for all of her targets.

By her damaging some of the controls in Zephyr One's hanger during their attempted take off, Sinara was able to draw Quake into a trap, as she waited for Quake to be distracted by fixing the damage, before striking her across the face, knocking her to the ground. While Quake had expressed her frustration at Sinara's determination, Sinara noted that Kasius missed her and wanted her back in the Lighthouse. However, a sudden gravity surge on Earth caused Zephyr One to be launched into the sky, resulting in Sinara and Quake experiencing zero gravity and being thrown into the air before they could begin fighting each other.

Quake was then able to kick herself off the wall and launched herself forward as she punched Sinara in the head, as she pair grappled for control in mid-air, before Sinara managed to knee Quake in the stomach and kick away, separating them. However, while Sinara and Quake floated through the air, Melinda May had been able to turn on the artificial gravity, causing them both to drop back down onto the walk-way, before Quake managed to grab the fire extinguisher, and strike Sinara. Despite that blow, Sinara managed to disarm Quake and began repeatedly hitting her, before Quake was able to throw Sinara to the ground.

Despite Sinara's continued onslaught of attacks, Quake used her surroundings to her advantage, by avoiding her punch and then wrapping Sinara's arm and neck in some loose cables, and then throwing her backward, only for another gravity surge to cause Quake to lose her grip, allowing Sinara to break free. However, Quake still managed to land several kicks against Sinara, before charging at her and knocking them both off their walkway, and back down to the platform below. As they both got back on their feet, Sinara and Quake proved themselves equally matched, as they proceeded to strike at each other as best they could.

Eventually, Sinara had become able to pin Quake back against a box, as she began punching her repeatedly, causing her to gain a strong advantage in the fight, with Quake being beaten to the point of becoming unable to defend herself further. Taking full advantage of her position, Sinara continued hitting Quake and kneeing her in the stomach and throwing her back to the floor, watching as Quake desperately attempted to crawl up the stairs to escape, with Sinara still following her. As Quake kicked back against Sinara, she was able to knock her back, which enraged Sinara, who now wanted to end their fight once and for all.

Frustrated, Sinara drew her Kree Blade, and followed Quake up the stairs, noting that she had been ordered by Kasius not to kill Quake, but would be willing to do so regardless. However, before Sinara could stab at Quake, her arm was suddenly caught inside a Grappling Claw, launched at her by Deke Shaw, who had then proceeded to pull Sinara off the stairs in order to protect Quake, as Sinara was thrown down onto her back by Shaw. As she then swiftly got back onto her feet, Sinara then furiously faced Shaw, who admitted to instantly regret his decision to have challenged her, while Sinara responded by punching him in the face.

Sinara impaled during her fight with Quake

Although Shaw attempted to defend himself by punching Sinara in the face, he only seemed to hurt himself, commenting on the strength of Sinara's jaw, before she knocked him to the ground with a strong kick to the gut, as Sinara looked up to see Quake standing on the walkway above her, with Sinara reclaiming her blade. At that moment, Zephyr One left Earth's atmosphere, as this caused Sinara to be launched into the air, while she aimed herself towards Quake. However, Quake was able to grab a steel spike, and Sinara inadvertently flew directly into it, killing her.[9]


Honored by Kasius

"I, too, have failed. Lost Inhumans. Lost you. The glory we sought evades us. But if I pledge myself I could still give my father everything he desired, help elevate the Kasius family name. I know there's a path back to glory. A path back to you."
Kasius to Sinara[src]

Sinara's body was left on the Zephyr One after her death. When the ship docked, Kasius and the Kree Watch soon arrived to search the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but they soon located her body which traumatized him. Kasius even tried to resurrect her as did previously with Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Tess but he couldn't as the Kree Doctor explained the biology of Kree was complicated as compared to the relatively simple human biology. Sinara's death had completely broken Kasius' confidence as he claimed everyone including Sinara and himself had failed and the respect he sought was lost. Nevertheless, he decided to drink Odium and take a final stand against S.H.I.E.L.D to prevent the agents from returning to the past so that his father could take over Earth before it's destruction which would not only help him achieve his glory, but also would enable him to join her in the afterlife.[10]

Studied by the Enemy

"I've studied your history, know all the enemies you've faced. I am honored to be the last."
Nathaniel Malick to Daisy Johnson[src]

When Nathaniel Malick, an anarchist working with the Chronicoms, was to do battle against Daisy Johnson, he studied all her battles over the years through the Time Stream, which included her final battle with Sinara in Zephyr One in 2091.[11]


"Maston is dead."
"By whose hand?"
"My own."
―Sinara and Faulnak[src]

Sinara was a cold-hearted and driven killer. She was a woman of action, never saying more than absolutely needed, to which she almost never spoke and even then was always to the point. Like the rest of the Kree, she had little regard for feelings such as compassion, speaking the word in a tone of contempt when describing Jemma Simmons. She also tented to display sadistic traits, often grinning at the perspective of killing others or making them suffer. Sinara also proved to be quite perceptive, as she did not believe that Daisy Johnson and Simmons were the only S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the past despite Ben's assurance and remained convinced that there were more, just like she perceived that Boshtok the Marauder should not be trusted by Kasius.

Sinara was shown to be very loyal and have romantic feelings for Kasius, becoming very close to him in the past after saving Kasius from two Kree generals, who in return saved her by concealing her crimes. However, she did seem to question her loyalties after Kasius ordered her to fight Quake to death. In order to prove Kasius' loyalty and feelings for her, she murdered Maston-Dar in cold blood, causing Faulnak to desire her as his new warrior in his place, in turn causing Kasius to murder his own brother to defend her.

Powers and Abilities


  • Kree Physiology: As a Kree, Sinara possesses all of the various superhuman attributes common among her people, such as superhuman strength, durability, agility, and an efficient healing factor.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all Kree, Sinara is superhumanly strong and possesses greater physical strength than any normal human being.
    • Superhuman Durability: Sinara's body is more resistant to physical damage than the body of a normal human being.
    • Superhuman Agility: Sinara naturally has greater agility, dexterity, balance and body coordination than a normal human being.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As with all Kree, Sinara possesses a healing factor which allows him to recover from injuries in a much shorter time than humans.


"She is the most capable warrior in my employ."
Kasius to Faulnak[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Sinara often used her Kree Spheres to defeat or subdue opponents. However, when deprived of them, she was able to attack combatants with hand-to-hand combat to great effect, as demonstrated when she engaged Quake in a death match. She was also able to defeat Melinda May, although it should be noted that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent suffered from a heavy wound in the leg.
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  • Expert Marksman: To be added
"I'll alert command."
"But he's an Inhuman."
"He's bait."
Kree Watch Commander and Sinara[src]
  • Expert Tactician: To be added



"Weird kid. Drew me a picture of a blue lady juggling someone's balls."
"Pretty sure they were her balls."
Tony Caine and Quake[src]
  • Kree Spheres:

    Sinara arming herself with her Kree Spheres

    Sinara was often armed with two silver spheres, which she was able to remotely control in the air and make them penetrate forcefully into her victims' bodies. She used them both in real combat, such as against Melinda May and Daisy Johnson, as well as to execute her victims, which was often under the direct command of Kasius, as she did with Reese, Ben and Maston-Dar. Since the deadly force of her weapons were known to her enemies, Sinara would often just hold the spheres in her hands, threatening to use them against anyone who went against Kasius' wishes.
  • Twin Kree Blades: During her duel against Daisy Johnson, Sinara wielded a Kree blade and attempted to stab Johnson, despite being ordered not to kill her, but she was stopped and briefly disarmed by Deke Shaw, with the use of the Grappling Claw.

Other Equipment

  • Silencing Implant: Sinara was given control over Jemma Simmons' implant, allowing her to have power over when Simmons could hear anything other than Kasius' voice. Sinara only turned off this implant when she and Tye needed Simmons to assist them with gaining control over Abby's Inhuman powers.


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  • Lighthouse: As Kasius' second-in-command in year 2091, Sinara resided in the Lighthouse along with the Kree Watch. She was generally seen by Kasius' side in his suites, but would occasionally visit the levels inhabited by humans to conduct investigations on Kasius' behalf and carry out Renewals.





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