"Your strength has never let me down. And now I ask for you to lend it to me once again. We're so close, Sinara... to freedom from this place. Restored to glory together."
"You're begging. It's repulsive."
Kasius and Sinara[src]

Sinara was the leader of the Kree Watch in the Lighthouse, and the second-in-command of Kasius, tasked with controlling all of the humans kept in the Lighthouse. Upon S.H.I.E.L.D.'s sudden arrival, Sinara aided Kasius with capturing Jemma Simmons and later Daisy Johnson, so they could sell Johnson to the highest bidder in order to leave the Earth and return to Hala. Sinara's own loyalty to Kasius was tested upon being offered a chance to leave with Faulnak, but she sided with her lover and aided him in killing both Faulnak and Maston-Dar before being sent on a final mission to recapture the fugitives before they could escape, resulting in Sinara perishing during a final clash against Johnson.


Early Life

Serving Kasius

"Sinara defended me. She cut down my would-be attackers."
"And you were both exiled for abandoning your posts!"
"She saved my life! She's been by my side ever since. You call me weak. My strength comes from surrounding myself with loyalty."
Kasius and Faulnak[src]

Sinara served in a fleet under the command of Kasius. During the fight against their enemies, Kasius attempted to retreat, when two of his generals attempted to prevent him. However, they were both killed by Sinara, who agreed that the battlefield wasn't a place for someone like Kasius. Kasius then successfully managed to hide Sinara's involvement in the assassinations of the generals, and the two eventually became inseparable. Kasius' retreat cost the Kree Empire a strategic outpost and the lives of thousands of warriors, resulting in Kasius' own father, Taryan furiously permanently exiling both of them from Hala as punishment for their failure.[3]

Kree Watcher

Recruiting Jemma Simmons

Orientation P2 Kree

Sinara and the Kree Watch greet the humans

"You want to see me happy. Then tell me, what does Jemma have that makes her so different... makes her capable to succeed in this?"
Kasius and Sinara[src]

Approximately, seventy years after the destruction of planet Earth, Sinara served on the Lighthouse, a giant Kree space station that housed the remains of humanity. A ruthless member of the Kree Watch, she made sure that the Kree laws were obeyed by their human slaves. One day, as she and her guards were giving the humans extra food, a fight broke out between two humans. One of them accidentally stabbed Kasius' servant, Reese, so he ran for his life from Sinara. She then summoned up her spheres and used them to kill the human. Surprisingly, the human Jemma Simmons managed to save Reese's life, so she was brought to Kasius' suites. Before she left too, Sinara looked at Melinda May in suspicion.

When Simmons was before Kasius, he asked Sinara if the incident with Simmons occurred during the food providing. She responded positively, so Kasius ordered her to carry out a "Renewal". Later, when Kasius was not satisfied with the appearance of Reese's scar following his stabbing, he ordered Sinara to kill him.[5]

Inhuman Auction

Fun & Games 7

Sinara and Kasius discussing all their guests

"Everything I have been striving for is but one fight away."
"To the death!"
Kasius and Sinara[src]

After the battle between Ben and Melinda May, Kasius accused Ben of lying about the existence of additional agents who travelled through time with Quake and Jemma Simmons. Despite protestations from Leo Fitz, Sinara killed Ben with her spheres.

Kasius' brother Faulnak demanded that Sinara, whom Faulnak referred to as Kasius' stray and best Kree warrior, must fight Quake to the death in lieu of another Inhuman. Kasius was initially reluctant to his brother's demand but acquiesced after Faulnak implied that disobeying would jeopardize Kasius' attempts to gain their father's favors. Sinara was visibly taken aback by Kasius' attempt to justify his decision in terms of personal advancement, as Kasius had promised that Quake and her opponent would fight to the death.

Quake ultimately defeated Sinara but did not kill her. Leo Fitz rendered her unconscious with an I.C.E.R. while attempting to free Quake and Jemma Simmons.[2]

Hunting Down Fugitives


Sinara attempting to hunt down S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Faulnak loves to play general. Let him. I need him to be satiated. He's the gatekeeper to my father, to our freedom."
"Don't be dramatic."
"He gives the orders now, no?"
Kasius and Sinara[src]

As soon as she recovered from the assault she soon went to Kasius suite. She witnessed his brother Faulnak berating him for his lack of control over the Lighthouse. Kasius assured him that Sinara and the Kree Watch would soon sort out the problem by finding the fugitives. However, Faulnak rejected the idea and ordered his own warrior Maston-Dar to find out the fugitives.

Later, Sinara witnessed Flint murder Vicar and preparing to fight the other warrior present. Sinara knocked out Flint intending to use him as bait to lure the others. Her plan worked as Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie arrived to rescue him. She was soon joined by Maston-Dar and they fought the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents but they succeeded in rescuing him.

They figured out that they were hiding in the Salvage area which was bolted from the inside by using Flint's powers. Maston-Dar began to drill down into the wall in order to capture the agents. As he had finished, Sinara readied her spheres and killed him.

She returned to Kasius suite and informed him and Faulnak that the fugitives escaped on the surface of Earth. Faulnak immediately ordered her to ready a ship in search of the fugitives with Maston-Dar as in charge of the operation. However, she confessed she killed Maston-Dar. Faulnak was surprised by this action and he was impressed with her and also informed how he underestimated her. Faulnak gladly offered Maston's position to Sinara and promised her a great rank within the Kree Empire. However, this move greatly angered Kasius who responded by stabbing his brother with a bayonet and informed her of his love for her and also informed him that she was the one who killed his generals who were preventing him from fleeing the battlefield. She stood smiling and witnessed Kasius killing him.[3]

Quest for Quake

"My orders?"
"Follow their trail. If you encounter any of the human survivors, you know their weakness. Show no mercy."
―Sinara and Kasius[src]

Kasius was informed of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents using a Trawler to escape to the surface & he asked her if she intended to go for a hunt to capture the fugitives. Sinara agreed to Kasius proposal. Kasius asked her to try and bring Quake alive or at least reclaim her body if she kills her, intending to use it as their trophy. Sinara reached the surface during a gravity storm and managed to locate the crashed trawler. She searched for the agents but found no trace of them. She informed Kasius of this situation through her camera and also noted they might have been eliminated by the Vrellnexians. She was ordered to follow their trail nonetheless.[6]

Final Battle

AoS509 Sinara impaled by Quake

Sinara is impaled during her fight with Quake

"I'm not supposed to kill you, but..."
―Sinara to Daisy Johnson[src]

Disguised as a True Believer, Sinara managed to infiltrate the Zephyr One during a gravity storm when the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were going to return to the Lighthouse. She waited for the right opportunity to attack and she got it when Quake arrived to manually activate the thrusters of the plane. She attacked her by surprise and defeated her. As she was about to kill her, she was stopped by a retractable claw used by Deke Shaw. She dispatched him easily and focused her efforts to bring down Quake. Both women fought each other even when the gravity was zero due to the turbulence. Sinara readied her knife and leaped towards her intending to deliver the killing blow. As she reached near, Quake managed to impale her with a makeshift spear killing her for good.[7]


Honored by Kasius

"I, too, have failed. Lost Inhumans. Lost you. The glory we sought evades us. But if I pledge myself I could still give my father everything he desired, help elevate the Kasius family name. I know there's a path back to glory. A path back to you."
Kasius to Sinara[src]

Sinara's body was left on the Zephyr One after her death. When the ship docked, Kasius and the Kree Watch soon arrived to search the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but they soon located her body which traumatized him. Kasius even tried to resurrect her as did previously with Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Tess but he couldn't as the Kree Doctor explained the biology of Kree was complicated as compared to the relatively simple human biology. Sinara's death had completely broken Kasius' confidence as he claimed everyone including Sinara and himself had failed and the respect he sought was lost. Nevertheless, he decided to drink Odium and take a final stand against S.H.I.E.L.D to prevent the agents from returning to the past so that his father could take over Earth before it's destruction which would not only help him achieve his glory, but also would enable him to join her in the afterlife.[8]


"Maston is dead."
"By whose hand?"
"My own."
―Sinara and Faulnak[src]

Sinara was a cold-hearted and driven killer. She was a woman of action, never saying more than absolutely needed, to which she almost never spoke. Like the rest of the Kree, she had little regard for feelings such as compassion, speaking the word in a tone of contempt when describing Jemma Simmons. She also tented to display sadistic traits, often grinning at the perspective of killing others or making them suffer. Sinara also proved to be quite perceptive, as she did not believe that Daisy Johnson and Simmons were the only S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the past despite Ben's assurance and remained convinced that there were more, just like she perceived that Boshtok the Marauder should not be trusted by Kasius.

Sinara was shown to be very loyal and have romantic feelings for Kasius, becoming very close to him in the past after saving Kasius from two Kree generals, who in return saved her by concealing her crimes. However, she did seem to question her loyalties after Kasius ordered her to fight Quake to death. In order to prove Kasius' loyalty and feelings for her, she murdered Maston-Dar in cold blood, causing Faulnak to desire her as his new warrior in his place, in turn causing Kasius to murder his own brother to defend her.


"She is the most capable warrior in my employ."
Kasius to Faulnak[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Sinara often used her silver orbs to defeat or subdue opponents. However, when deprived of them, she was able to attack combatants with hand-to-hand combat to great effect, as demonstrated when she engaged Quake in a death match. She was also able to defeat Melinda May, although it should be noted that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent suffered from a heavy wound in the leg.



"Weird kid. Drew me a picture of a blue lady juggling someone's balls."
"Pretty sure they were her balls."
Tony Caine and Quake[src]
  • Orbs: Sinara had two silver orbs, which she was able to remotely control in the air and make them penetrate forcefully into her victims' bodies. She used them both in real combat, such as against Melinda May and Daisy Johnson, and to execute her victims, often on Kasius' commands, as she did with Reese, Ben and Maston-Dar.
  • Kree Crescent Knife: During her duel against Daisy Johnson, Sinara wielded a Kree knife and tried to stab Johnson, but she was stopped and briefly disarmed by Deke Shaw.


  • Lighthouse: As Kasius' second-in-command in year 2091, Sinara resided in the Lighthouse along with the Kree Watch. She was generally seen by Kasius' side in his suites, but would occasionally visit the levels inhabited by humans to conduct investigations on Kasius' behalf and carry out Renewals.





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