"You mentioned some place with amazing plantains."
Alex Wilder to Livvie[src]

The Simply Blossom is a Caribbean restaurant located in Los Angeles.


"You tricked us."
"OK, we're not here just for the food."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

The Simply Blossom was a restaurant located in Los Angeles where AWOL and his teammates frequently went to eat, although they tended to behave quite rudely towards the customers and the staff, including Sharon. Livvie, who had already seen AWOL in the restaurant, shared that information with Alex Wilder, who decided to use this to set up a meeting with AWOL so he could assist him in his fight against PRIDE. Therefore, Wilder tricked his fellow Runaways into going to the Simply Blossom, allegedly to share a meal.

Upon arriving in the restaurant, the Runaways were quickly followed by AWOL and the strike team, and Molly Hernandez immediately recognized them as those who had previously captured her. Ignoring them, AWOL went to the counter and complained to Sharon that his meal was not ready at the moment he arrived. Wilder then approached AWOL, and quickly explained who he was.

AWOL confronts the Runaways in the restaurant

This caused AWOL to react abruptly, ordering all the other customers to leave the restaurant while he remained with the Runaways. AWOL and his teammates ordered the teenagers to kneel on the restaurant's floor and threatened to kill them all, musing that he would still get away with it. However, before he could carry on his threats, Nico Minoru used the Staff of One to immobilize them all, enabling the Runaways to safely leave the restaurant.

AWOL murders Flores in the cool store

Later, AWOL, who had decided to turn on his boss Flores, lured him into the Simply Blossom, pretending to have captured the Runaways and to wait for Flores in the restaurant's cool store. Once Flores entered the cool store, AWOL revealed his betrayal, explaining that he had grown tired of Flores' leadership. He then fired at a pipe, releasing freezing gas into the cool store, and quickly left, locking the door behind him and trapping Flores inside so he would freeze to death.

AWOL then left the restaurant, where Wilder had just arrived expecting to meet him. AWOL thus called Wilder and told him that they would reschedule their meeting.[1]



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