"Back in the day, I couldn't wait to see this view. Me and the boys, driving in Friday nights. Kings of the castle."
"Kings don't have bodies in the trunk."
"Tell that to Macbeth."
―Silvio and Ben Urich[src]

Silvio is a former mobster in New York City who, after retiring from his life of crime due to a jail sentence, began feeding information to Ben Urich about the Crime Rings in New York.



"You know when I went away to do my ten, every newspaper in town dragged my name through the shit. You were the only one who did it without mentioning my kids, always grateful for that."
―Silvio to Ben Urich[src]

Silvio was a mobster working in New York City when his organization was exposed to the media; Silvio was sentenced to ten years in prison. As the press wrote about the story, Silvio took offense to the journalists who would mention his family and his children in their articles. However, he noted and remembered that Ben Urich did not; this gave him a respect for Urich's as the man as well as his attitude towards his work.[1]

Meetings with Ben Urich

"Thought you'd forgotten about me, Urich."
"Never happen."
"I don't know. People's memories these days ain't so good."
―Silvio to Ben Urich[src]

Silvio meets with Ben Urich

Silvio had a meeting with Ben Urich to discuss the recent criminal activities in Hell's Kitchen. Silvio claimed the previous head mobster had been murdered and there was a new criminal leader, only nobody knew who it was and what they were planning. Silvio made it clear that the reason he had given Urich the information was that when the newspapers wrote articles exposing his mob, Urich was the only one who did not mention Silvio's family in his article. After the meeting with Urich, Silvio moved to Florida fearing he could become the next victim of the new leader.[1]

Weeks later, Silvio was called by Urich to substantiate that Bill Fisk owed money to Don Rigoletto;[2] however, he returned to New York City to be a pallbearer at the funeral of Ben Urich.[3]



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