"I need men in these buildings. There are people inside that can run into the line of fire. You take them through the basement or through the subway, you keep them off the streets I need a perimeter as far back as 39th."
"Why the hell should I take orders from you?"
Captain America and Silva[src]

Sergeant Silva is a officer of the New York City Police Department who was ordered by Captain America along with Saunders to keep everyone who was still in New York City to evacuate during the Battle of New York.


Battle of New York

When New York City was attacked by the Chitauri, Silva and Saunders began assisting people by trying to find a safe way to evacuate them from the invasion.

Cap cops

Silva is commanded by Rogers to protect areas of New York

While Silva and his team were trying to defeat the Chitauri by using guns, he ordered the NYPD officer to call the United States Army. However, the Army replied that they would be arriving over the next hour to Silva's anger. When he was losing all hope Captain America arrived and gave him orders for how to ensure the safety of the people.

Silva questioned why he should take orders from him. Before Rogers could answer, he proved himself by defeating with ease three Chitauri soldiers. Seeing Rogers' strength and skill in battle, Silva decided not to question him again and instead followed his orders.[1]





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