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"You know, everything that we teach them about being good human beings that's what this comes down to. This is why I took this job. This is why we are here and I'm not writing apps in Silicon Valley."
David Lieberman to Sarah Lieberman[src]

Silicon Valley is the southern portion in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, and home to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations.


Cybertek Undercover Mission

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Set Things Right

Scott Lang spent several days at his apartment after he was fired from Vistacorp for trying to reveal a fraud committed by his former employers. Lang's wife Maggie supported him over this, but as Scott was thinking of how to make things right, Maggie, knowing what her husband was thinking about, asked him to get over it and find a new job.

Maggie reminded Scott the promise he made that once their daughter Cassie was born, he would stop committing crimes, even if he called them to be just stealing from crooks. Despite Scott's claims that what Vistacorp was doing was criminal and was not right, Maggie simply asked him not to do anything stupid.[1]

Security Systems

Scott Lang, one of the chief engineers at Vistacorp, finished one of the routine updates to the security systems of the building with his partner Bryan, having implemented a Qubit Defense Matrix capable of encrypting itself every 1.5 seconds.

Lang was angrily called by Geoff Zorick, CEO of Vistacorp, though Lang was oblivious to his calling, as Zorick was apparently calling for someone named "Chang". Zorick demanded to know if Lang was the one that updated the payment systems. Lang had discovered what appeared to be a mistake in the systems, that made the company overcharge customers in their transactions; so believing it was a clear error in the coding, he easily fixed it.

Zorick angrily asked who told him to fix it, and as Lang explained he did it for himself as he felt it was a clear error. Zorick ordered him to change it back immediately. Lang was stunned for the demand, believing that doing something like that was illegal. Zorick threatened Lang, telling him to stick to his pay grade and do his job, as Lang was not a member of the accounts team. As Zorick left, Bryan asked Lang what was he going to do, and Lang headed to the Human Resources section.

Due to trying to do the right thing, Lang was fired from Vistacorp, and accused of trying to extort the company.[1]

Successful Break-In

Scott Lang broke into the Vistacorp Headquarters in order to get revenge from the whole situation that got him fired. He managed to cut the fence and enter the building while reciting the steps into a successful break-in: To know the location, to know the way around security, and to be awesome.

Lang managed to avoid being caught by security guards or cameras due to his knowledge of the security system, and entered the mainframe of the building, successfully hacking into the Qubit Defense Matrix that he installed prior to his firing. Lang entered into the accounts of the company, and returned the money that it had been illegally charging from their customers to their legitimate owners.

Once he finished, he seized the opportunity to enter Geoff Zorick's office, and surrounded by the luxury, Lang decided to break into Zorick's Mansion too.[1]


Scott Lang broke into Geoff Zorick's Mansion in order to get revenge from its owner, who fired him from Vistacorp for trying to expose a fraud. Just like he did at Vistacorp Headquarters, Lang entered the mansion while reciting the steps to a successful break-in: To know the location, to know the way around security, and to be awesome.

Lang avoided Zorick's dog by feeding it with a piece of meat, and began to steal some of the jewels kept in the mansion, with the intention of giving them to his own wife Maggie. When he was about to leave, Lang could not resist the opportunity of taking Zorick's car as he remembered how Zorick used to yell at him.

Lang drove Zorick's car inside the garden, leaving the tracks of the vehicle all over the estate, until he lost control of the car and fell into the swimming pool. However, the police arrived to the mansion and arrested Lang, as he forgot the most important step in a successful break-in, to not get too carried away, or somebody would put you away.[1]


Scott Lang was caught breaking into Geoff Zorick's Mansion and judged for it, much to the amusement of Geoff Zorick, his former boss. Lang was found guilty of his charges, and sentenced to serve in San Quentin State Prison, leaving behind his wife Maggie and daughter Cassie.[1]

Deke Shaw's Business

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