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"I want you to throw this at the Sibyl-Bot."
Alphonso Mackenzie to Roxy Glass[src]

Sibyl-Bots were robots invented by Russell Feldman, with the goal of giving Sibyl a body.


"Deke was right."
"About what? Gun-toting robots?"
"He and Coulson believe Sibyl was building an army."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Roxy Glass[src]

Sibyl contacted Russell Feldman on his computer, asking for help building a body for her after Phil Coulson destroyed hers. Feldman agreed to help, and Sibyl provided him with instructions. Feldman completed the robot's construction and bought Sibyl flowers to commemorate the achievement.

Sibyl building her robots

Sibyl then began building more robots, and killed Feldman when she discovered it. The robots infiltrated the Lighthouse while Deke Squad trained with Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie, and one of them killed Cricket, a member of the band who did not double as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Cricket's girlfriend, Tawni, panicked and found the rest of Deke Squad, only to be killed in front of them. The robot then approached the team and asked for help, claiming to be lost, as it had with Cricket and Tawni. Another robot attacked Mackenzie and Roxy Glass at the same time.

Sibyl-Bots attacking the Lighthouse

Mackenzie, newly inspired to rejoin the field after learning that the Chronicoms killed his parents, helped Glass defeat the robot that was about to attack Deke Squad, but not before Olga Pachinko was injured by it. The team gathered, and attacked another robot, while a third one found the time-stream, which they were after. Pachinko placed an explosive underneath another robot. Tommy and Ronnie Chang then shot at the robot, making it slide backwards onto the explosive. Shaw then caused it to detonate.

Sibyl's robot then attacked Deke Squad, injuring Pachinko. Mackenzie and Glass worked together to destroy the robot, while a smaller Sibyl-Bot escaped the Lighthouse and brought the Time Stream to Nathaniel Malick, who had forged an alliance with Sibyl.[1]

Design and Capabilities

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  • Sibyl-Bots resemble Protector 1 and Johnny 5 from the 1986 films Chopping Mall and Short Circuit, respectively. Additionally they utter "Exterminate!" which was the catchphrase of the villainous Daleks from the long running sci-fi series Doctor Who.

Behind the Scenes


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