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"They call me the Predictor, but I simply read the Time Streams."
"Are you saying you see the future?"
"I see the past as written by a single future... a tree grown, but also the many trees it could've grown to be."
―Sibyl and Phil Coulson[src]

Sibyl, known as the Predictor, was a Chronicom who orchestrated a trip back through time to erase S.H.I.E.L.D. from existence. Initially planning to assassinate Wilfred Malick, she instead used Malick to jump start Project Insight. However, as Sibyl's efforts were constantly thwarted by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the future, Phil Coulson then managed to destroy the Time Ship, trapping Sibyl in the alternate 1980s, without a body. With no option, Sibyl allied herself with Russell Feldman and Nathaniel Malick, giving Malick access to the Time Stream as they then attempted to find and kill Leo Fitz. However, despite Sibyl managing to completely destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. in the alternate 1983, Sibyl and the Chronicoms were eventually transported back into the original timeline's 2019, where S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to defeat them, destroying their entire fleet, with Sibyl dying in the resulting explosions.


Designing Missions

Attack on the Helius

"I've calculated every possible outcome. If done correctly, it will be brutal and exacting."
―Sibyl to Luke and Abel[src]

Following the destruction of Chronyca-2 by Izel, the Chronicoms started planning establish Chronyca-3 on Earth. Sibyl, the Chronicom Head and their Predictor, accompanied Luke and his group of Chronicom Hunters on a mission to travel back in time, instructing them on how to properly ensure the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D.. She made sure that Chronicoms were set to self-destruct when compromised, rather than explode, to prevent the futuristic technology of Chronicoms from ensuring that S.H.I.E.L.D. would be formed.

Sibyl discussing Project Helius

When the Chronicoms time-traveled to the 1950s, Luke and Abel talked to Sibyl about the failure of their plan to kill Freddy Malick. They assured her that S.H.I.E.L.D. had not yet discovered their ship, and Abel challenged Sibyl's advice to self-destruct rather than detonate when compromised, and Sibyl defended her position. Luke told Sibyl that other Hunters had been sent to Area 51 in order to infiltrate the base, and asked for confirmation that causing Helius to explode was a viable plan, which Sibyl assured him it was.[4]

Next Phase

Sibyl listening to all Luke's dissatisfactions

"As one branch dies, a new one bears fruit."
"Do not speak in metaphor, Sibyl. Your path has led to disaster."
"Has it? S.H.I.E.L.D. revealed their ship to destroy Insight. We have their location. Malick's son captured Daisy Johnson. They are divided."
―Sibyl and Luke[src]

When Chronicom Hunters traveled to the 1970s, Sibyl saw that S.H.I.E.L.D. would find Wilfred Malick in his Estate.[5] Later, Sibyl was admiring every form of life, such as trees, leaves, shells and eroded shorelines with her prophetic abilities, and assured Luke that a new world would flourish under his feet. However, Luke was very angry about Malick's death and the destruction of Project Insight and asked if it was the world she imagined.

Sibyl instructs Luke to begin the next phase

Unimpressed by Sibyl's metaphors, Luke said that her path led to disaster. Sibyl disagreed with Luke, given the destruction of Project Insight led to reveal the location of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that Malick's son, Nathaniel, had kidnapped Daisy Johnson. She also recalled that Alphonso Mackenzie's parents would force them to go to the Lighthouse, so they were divided and rash. Luke then noticed that S.H.I.E.L.D. had started to bend with the tension and asked Sibyl if she wanted to destroy them, to which she replied "yes". Sibyl then told Luke to begin the next phase of their plan, waking all available Hunters, and that they must continue to adapt.[1]

Meeting with Phil Coulson

Sibyl neing first introduced to Phil Coulson

"Chronicoms cannot die. Time has no consequence. You should ask yourself which category you fall into."
"So, that's the difference that makes your species more valuable."
"Less fleeting. With a home planet intact, we will exist long after you're gone. Once you realize that, you'll give up."
―Sibyl and Phil Coulson[src]

Sibyl was approached by Phil Coulson, who questioned if it was a bad time. Having plugged himself into a Cerebral Fusion Machine, Coulson was confused about where he was.

Sibyl explaining her powers to Phil Coulson

Sibyl explained to Coulson that he was in a virtual space, which was an advantage for a digital mind, and his body was was surrounded by Chronicom Hunters in a spaceship that was located underground, therefore unavailable for S.H.I.E.L.D.. While introducing herself, Sibyl mentioned her role as the Predictor for the Chronicoms and that she read the Time Stream. Coulson asked her if she predicted the future, but Sibyl replied that she predicted the past, as if it were written by only one future and gave him the example of a grown tree and what could have become together with the other trees.

Sibyl notes that Phil Coulson is not a human

Coulson sarcastically congratulated Sibyl for being a predictor and a poet, noticing that she was different from any other Chronicom she had known. Sibyl pointed out to him that he was also different from the others Chronicoms, but he replied that he was not one of them and that people kept making this mistake. She noticed that Coulson was not a person at all and asked him what he was, but he didn't say and noticed that she was answering every question. Sibyl said that she saw no reason not to answer the questions.

Sibyl answering all Phil Coulson's questions

Answering more questions from Coulson, including the use of Alphonso Mackenzie's parents, Sibyl revealed that Daisy Johnson whad been kidnapped by Nathaniel Malick, who wanted to steal her powers, and calculated that Johnson would survive in 86% of cases. About the Chronicoms wanting to take over Earth, Sibyl answered it to ensure the survival of their species. Coulson noted that he too wanted the same as her, but for the survival of humans, and that they still had to argue, since they had a lot in common.

Sibyl claiming that Chronicoms are valuable

With Coulson asking what was the difference between a Chronicom and a human, Sibyl replied that it was the time that differentiated them: human beings have a limited amount of life and therefore fear death and that act irrationally to avoid themselves and to others the existence of this form, but the Chronicom cannot die, since time has no consequences on them. Sibyl then asked Coulson which category he belongs to. She also said that with their intact planet they would have existed for many centuries even when humans were dead and that when the humans themselves understood it they had to surrender or they would not have time.

Sibyl listening to Phil Coulson's arguments

Sibyl then accepted that Coulson told her about three things that she was wrong. The LMD explained that the difference between a Chronicom and a human was also in the sacrifice; Humans sacrifice themselves to save loved ones, or their country or nation or planet itself, and although time is limited, as Sibyl rightly said, sacrifice has a huge high price to pay and Chronicoms must not only be machines with data, but they must also have a heart, pain, blood, sweat and tears, all things that make a human worthy of being a human and another perspective of them is that they don't give up never.

Sibyl learns Phil Coulson will destroy them

Sibyl noticed that he had neglected the third thing he had to say and asked Coulson what it was and he replied that it was himself, because Coulson had not feared death for a long time. Sibyl replied if it was so, to which he answered yes and replied, above all, that dying had become, in the end, a sort of superpower for him, before transferring back his consciousness of his android body and destroying the Chronicom time ship, sacrificing himself in the process.[1]

Finding the Time Stream

Building Multiple Robots Bodies

Sibyl sends her images for Russell Feldman

"You sound like an actual woman."
"As I have always been and will be once more."
Russell Feldman and Sibyl[src]

Sibyl managed to survive the destruction of the Chronicom Time Ship due to her source code being uploaded onto a hard drive. In 1982, Chip Womack brought his broken PC to Russell Feldman at Feldman Electronics. Once the hard drive was activated, a sheet covered in unknown letters came out of the printer. Sibyl displayed messages on the computer, asking Feldman if he was willing to help her. She then printed a picture of herself to Feldman.

Sibyl receives flowers from Russell Feldman

With Feldman agreeing to help her, Sibyl sent blueprints and instructions to him. Sibyl was confident that they would make a "perfect pair". Over the following months, Feldman developed attraction towards Sibyl. When Feldman completed work on a voice synthesizer for Sibyl, she thanked him for returning her voice to her. Feldman was amazed that Sibyl looked like an actual woman. Sibyl's consciousness was finally transferred to a robotic body built by Feldman. He then presented Sibyl with red flowers to "match her red robotic eyes". Sibyl took the roses thanked him.

Sibyl builds her new army of the Sibyl-Bots

Sibyl instructed Feldman to purchase ammunition and weapons at Big Ern's Ammo Emporium. Meanwhile, Sibyl secretly started building robots. When Feldman returned, he saw Sibyl making the robots and questioned her about it. Sibyl replied that she needed to expand her capabilities. Feldman, who was feeling betrayed, expressed his feelings and emotions for her. Sibyl explained that he had served a purpose and that he knew too much about her plans. She then brutally killed Feldman using one of her robots.[2]

Attack on the Lighthouse

Sibyl manages to invade the Lighthouse

"During my last encounter with S.H.I.E.L.D., your Agent Coulson managed to catch me by surprise."
―Sibyl to the Deke Squad[src]

With her new army of Sibyl-Bots to replace the destroyed Chronicom Hunters, Sibyl infiltrated the Lighthouse in order to retrieve the Time Stream, murdering Cricket. Cricket's terrified girlfriend, Tawni, fled to warn the Deke Squad before being murdered in front of them.

Sibyl getting confronted by the Deke Squad

The robot was destroyed by Alphonso Mackenzie and Roxy Glass, who warned Deke Shaw and the rest of the team that there were still more robots invading the Lighthouse. As the robots continued attacking the base, Sibyl searched for the remains of the Chronicom ship to find the Time Stream. When the Deke Squad, including Tommy and Ronnie Chang, met another robot in the corridor, they destroyed it with a barrage of weapons, ending with backing the bot onto dynamite, and then detonating it. Immediately, Sibyl approached the team in the corridor.

Sibyl fighting back against the Deke Squad

Sibyl said Phil Coulson caught her off guard during her last confrontation with S.H.I.E.L.D., and she was ready to stop them. She fired shots at the team, hitting Olga Pachinko. During the fight, Sibyl's robotic body was destroyed by the Deke Squad. However, Sibyl's efforts were not in vain as one of the robots reclaimed the Time Stream and escaped the Lighthouse.[2]

Working with Nathaniel Malick

Sibyl giving Nathaniel Malick her technology

"You now have the one tool necessary to control your world's future."
"Well, lucky me. Aren't you just full of neat tricks, digital lady."
―Sibyl and Nathaniel Malick[src]

Later, Sibyl's consciousness was plugged to a TV owned by Nathaniel Malick. She proposed an alliance with Malick to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D.. The surviving Sibyl-Bot finally delivered the Time Stream to Malick, who questioned Sibyl about the device.

Sibyl and Nathaniel Malick form an alliance

Sibyl promised Malick the ability to control the world's future. Malick was impressed with the Chronicom technology, while Sibyl told him the she was confident their partnership would work.[2] Using the knowledge gained from Sibyl's Time Stream, Malick was able to find out about many different versions of the future, such as Kora's future. Sibyl then directed Malick and his team to Afterlife, an Inhuman settlement. Before attacking the sanctuary and capturing Inhumans to steal their powers, Malick convinced Kora to join him and Sibyl.[6]

Sibyl was again uploaded to the virtual space accessed by the Time Stream where she was able to meet with individuals recruited by Malick. She told Kora everything about her sister Daisy Johnson. When John Garrett was recruited by Malick, he also used the Time Stream to meet Sibyl. She showed Garrett his future in the original timeline, including the moment where he was vaporized by Phil Coulson with the Peruvian 0-8-4. For Garrett's amusement, Sibyl also showed him the moment when Loki stabbed Coulson with the Scepter.[7]

Sibyl subsequently ordered Nathaniel Malick to track down Leo Fitz's location, using Jemma Simmons' brain but, despite her sadistic efforts, she couldn't find him, so, she contacted her home planet and ordered her hunters to fire. in all bases of the S.H.I.E.L.D. to destroy this organization once and for all.[3]

Return to her Body

Upon arriving at the Chronicom spaceship, Nathaniel Malick ordered his men to put Jemma Simmons and Deke Shaw in the cell, saying that this would be their last chance to tell where Fitz is, but Shaw reacted sarcastically about what the Chronicoms are like, and Sibyl said there were more precise ways to retrieve information, so the Hunters injected her with a liquid which dissolved the implant in Simmons' brain and threw them in the cell.

Sibyl being united with Nathaniel Malick

Next, the Chronicom Hunters brought Malick into the presence of Sibyl, who, much to the surprise of the former, was synthetic flesh and blood, to whom he said he was like, or so, a space-age polymer and that he was impressive all of it; then he informed her that all the basics of S.H.I.E.L.D. they have been destroyed, to which Sibyl told that all but the Lighthouse have been destroyed, to Malick's excitement, who likes it when it gets right to the point. The latter told Sibyl that, since the latter was at the Lighthouse, she knows that it was built to withstand external attacks and that they would have a different approach, to destroy it, but Sibyl replied that it would do no good. as long as Fitz remained alive and their future will be uncertain if so.

Malick began to report that he did research in Simmons' brain by using the Cerebral Fusion Machine, saying that Simmons had really erased Fitz from her memories and that, based on the statistics she has seen, it is not even in existence.

Sibyl told him that it is not based on maybe, because the injection he gave Simmons will dissolve the latter's implant and that, thanks to the injection, he would understand if she was really forgetting Fitz, or if she had masked the truth.[8]

Interrogation Manipulation

Through computer skills, in fact, Sibyl spies in Jemma Simmons and Deke Shaw's cell to be able to figure out where Leo Fitz is, and in fact Simmons confessed to having a secret and so he made sure that he confesses everything until he has obtained the information on where is Fitz.

While guarding the cell, however, she was caught off guard by Daisy Johnson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Daniel Sousa, asking her if they thought they were sneaking into her spacecraft and Mackenzie pointed out that she hadn't expected this, which Sibyl respects them for unpredictability, but that the advantage they hope to gain is irrelevant and that nothing would change, even if she did not expect it to come, as the Chronicom destroyed all the bases of S.H.I.E.L.D., thus proclaiming their victory and S.H.I.E.L.D. lost, angering Daisy, who destroyed Sibyl's screen with her powers.

Nathaniel Malick said her team would finish them off in no time, but Sibyl said she never knew anything about the weather and, pleasing Malick, ordered her hunters to eliminate the Humans on the Zephyr One and advised Malick not to interfere with Daisy, although Malick disagrees and Sibyl said it would serve as confirmation that Fitz is dead and, looking at the time stream, said that the odds of finding out where the latter is are much higher than expected if Daisy succeeds. to find Simmons and advised Malick to be patient.

Meanwhile, according to the plans of Sibyl, who is spying, Daisy freed Simmons and they tried to escape and Sibyl herself ordered the hunters not to intervene, so that they will be able to understand once and for all where Fitz will be and saw that Simmons has not protection, since the injection worked, destroying the implant. She asked where Kora is and Malick replied that she is resting and said they won't get the information they need, but Sibyl said she won't have a choice, as the truth always comes out and wants to know if Fitz is dead or alive, because if he's alive, they'll know where he is and also said the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. is trapped and that they do not have sufficient weapons to fight the hunters and promised Malick that they would do with them what the latter wanted.

What Sibyl did not know was that Mackenzie and Sousa, being unpredictable by the latter's rules, had knocked out. his hunters and had planned to blow himself up with the nuclear explosions produced by the bodies of the Chronicoms if Daisy didn't find Deke and Simmons.[8]

Kora's Interference

Sibyl saw that Jemma Simmons is starting to remember some traits of the truth, letting Nathaniel Malick know that he was very close to the goal of finding out where Leo Fitz is, but found, to her dismay and to Malick's dismay, when asked, that Kora he is ruining everything, thus risking not to obtain Fitz's position and that their future would be in danger.

Sibyl then went with Malick to Kora and the second asked the latter where they ended up, but Kora said she couldn't stop them, because Daisy had said things that made sense, making Malick understand that Daisy herself is not as treacherous as she always believed, but a very selfless and brave person, thus pissing Malick, that he shot her with a Chronicom Rifle, asking Kimball to put her in the cell and told Sibyl to consult her timeline again.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Sibyl, the S.H.I.E.L.D. he managed to escape from the spaceship by opening a passage with rockets, to which the bodies of the Chronicoms chained us to give them safe access.[8]

New Static Anomaly

Nathaniel Malick asked Sibyl where Daisy Johnson was, but she, thanks to her temporal flows, saw that there is a new statistical anomaly, namely a powerful spike of energy over the city of New York. Malick reported that S.H.I.E.L.D. he has a safe house there, but it has not been well documented, and therefore not detected by the lasers and that perhaps they have all gathered there. Malick asked her to assign hunters to him, so as to eliminate the S.H.I.E.L.D. before the Chronicoms start the invasion, but Sibyl said that even if she wanted to give him the chance, the odds are slim by twenty two percent, but she found a hundred percent higher chance that it will be the last time S.H.I.E.L.D. you work together and then the end will be near.[8]

Quantum Crossing

Sibyl, meanwhile, despite correctly predicting that the team would no longer work together after this battle, did not predict that S.H.I.E.L.D. was coming towards them to teleport them to the original timeline, ending the Chronicoms invasion of the alternate timeline of 1983.

Malick complained that time was up and that if he had commanded the hunters he could have eliminated S.H.I.E.L.D., although Sibyl pointed out that he cannot command anything; Malick, however, replied that it no longer mattered, as they were thrown out of their reality and that he was only a breath away to rule and save the world from tyranny. Sibyl said there is a very high 99% chance that they are crossing the original timeline, where the Earth is already under attack from other separate Chronicoms forces. Malick asked to use violence instead of percentages, but Sibyl said that the Earth is at hand and Malick replied that their future was very unpredictable.

Unpredictability of Enemies

After arriving in 2019, Sibyl immediately went looking for the Zephyr One, but found it nowhere, yet she was perfectly sure it was in space. Although the hunter found nothing, Sibyl ordered him to find and destroy it.

After the hunter warned Sibyl that the Zephyr One had been sighted on the Earth's surface, the latter ordered it to fire to instantly incinerate it. Shortly after, the hunter told Sibyl not to see the Zephyr One, thinking he had destroyed it, but the latter doubted it and ordered the percentages to be ignored, as those people started to be unpredictable.[9]

Defeated by S.H.I.E.L.D.

After S.H.I.E.L.D. broke into their spaceship, and they split up, Sibyl found Phil Coulson, intent on snapping the neck of one of her hunters and, after turning around, she grabbed him by the neck, swearing that he would be reassigned as a hunter too.

After taking him to the control room, Sibyl punched him enough to knock him to the ground, feeling happy that she finally nipped him for the first time, but Coulson told her he wanted to do worse. In fact, Sibyl said that she could use her mind to give orders to her hunters and that Coulson himself would be next, in which he would rip everything he keeps from him, excluding the Chronicoms hardware he was created with.

Coulson said there would be no need, as the war is over and Sibyl immediately asked him if they would give up, but Coulson said the opposite and that Fitz-Simmons are taking back the Lighthouse. Upon hearing the news, Sibyl smiled ominously, having finally found Fitz's location, which is nothing new.

Sibyl then went to give the order to her hunters to go to the Lighthouse, where they created a fortress and to fire on the S.H.I.E.L.D. already impressed, but Coulson said it was his turn to smile now, since they needed Sibyl to grant her authorization to the console and Sibyl said what she would expect now; just then, Melinda May swooped off the roof, knocking out Sibyl, saying that she was the cavalry and so they fought against her hunters, beating them to submission and Kora and May took the opportunity to combine their powers to give the hunters human empathy, since, being machines, they did not know the emotions, like Enoch, who was able to learn them on his own, having been on Earth for so long.

Sibyl, after recovering, did not have time to react, because Daisy Johnson, using a more powerful earthquake wave, destroyed all the Chronicoms spaceships, killing all the crew members inside, including Sibyl herself.[9]


"To ensure the survival of my species."
"See? Me too. We should talk more. So much in common."
"Neither one of us is actually speaking."
"And a great sense of humor, too."
―Sibyl and Phil Coulson[src]

Sibyl, like other Chronicoms, is cold and calculating. Being the final Chronicom Predictor left, she is shown to be trusted by the Chronicom Hunters. She is cautious, taking every step to make sure that the Chronicoms manipulate time the way they want without unintended consequences. Over the course of her antagonistic interactions with S.H.I.E.L.D., she realized how they were progressively learning how to act in ways difficult to predict, even for her, and admitted that they had developed a tendency to beat the odds, which made her even more willing to ensure that nothing escaped her attention. As such, she was conscious that Leo Fitz was the cornerstone of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resisting her assaults, and she dedicated her ultimate efforts in finding him, knowing that the future she wanted to set could not be ensured as long as Fitz was alive.

Sibyl's interactions are not limited to the Chronicoms, and she will answer questions and talk with anyone who connects to the system enabling to interact with her. As such, she was willing to answer Phil Coulson's questions, despite noting that he was not a person, but an android. During this exchange, Sibyl explained that the Chronicom race will exist even after humans are dead, and thus that they shoud have priority over them for the control of Earth, dismissing their attempts to avoid death as futile. However, Sibyl could display open-mindedness to a certain extent, showing interest when Coulson explained that she was wrong about some aspects of humans and himself about death.

Being a Chronicom, Sibyl barely displays any form of emotion, although she seemed quite surprised when she figured out that Coulson would sacrifice himself to destroy the Chronicom time-ship. As such, she had no remorse manipulating others, such as Russell Feldman, keeping him alive as long as he served a purpose before ruthlessly eliminating him once he became a liability to her. Her Sibyl-Bots were sent into the Lighthouse on a "seek-and-destroy" mode, leading to the brutal deaths of Cricket and Tawni, as she was relentless in her pursuit of the time stream which would enable her to complete her task. She could also display annoyance to a certain degree, such as when she realized that Nathaniel Malick's actions went against the actions she had planned.

Powers and Abilities


  • Chronicom Physiology: As a Chronicom, Sibyl is a synthetic being and possesses powers above those of an average human.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Sibyl is programmed with advanced intelligence beyond that of an average human, to the extent that she can predict the result of various changes in the timeline, and inform the Chronicom Hunters of what to do in order to gain the desired result, and how to avoid undesired results.
    • Enhanced Strength: Thanks to her artificial physiology, Sibyl displayed a degree of physical strength superior to that of a human. As such, she was able to lift Phil Coulson, an android himself, with one hand without any visible sign of effort.
    • Longevity: Like all Chronicoms, Sibyl is immune to aging and disease and can extend its life for over thousands of years.
    • Computer Interaction: As a Chronicom, Sibyl was able to interact with various computers, hardware and software. She can also interact with her fellow Hunters, as she is able to make them follow her will with a single thought by using her programming to override theirs.
    • Optic Blasts: When Sibyl was using a robotic body, she was capable to shoot a red energy blast from her eyes.
"I've calculated every possible outcome."
  • Precognition: Using the Time Stream, Sibyl is able to predict the future and how changes in the timeline will affect history. She used this ability to guide Luke and the Chronicom Hunters of how to affect desired to changes and avoid undesired ones.


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Other Equipment

"She uses something called Time Streams to predict the future."
Phil Coulson to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
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Appearances for Sibyl

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  • Sibyl is the first and only named Chronicom to appear who is not named after a Biblical figure. Instead, Sibyls were Ancient Greek oracles.

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