"I invite you to my lab, and you just kick things around?"
Shuri to T'Challa[src]

Shuri's Lab was a lab located beneath Mount Bashenga in Wakanda where Princess Shuri and the Wakandan Design Group worked on new designs based on Vibranium.


"There's Vibranium all around us. That's how I healed you."
Shuri to Everett Ross[src]
Black Panther OCT17 Trailer 28

Shuri presents the two new Panther Habits

Shuri invited her brother T'Challa in her lab shortly after his incoronation since he intended to journey to Busan for a mission to arrest Ulysses Klaue. Shuri presented several new designs for T'Challa to test, notably Remote Access Kimoyo Beads and Sneakers. She also presented two versions of an upgraded Panther Habit and demonstrated their ability to store kinetic energy and release it, although Shuri only revealed it after T'Challa experienced the energy outburst on himself.

During the mission, Shuri remained in her lab in case T'Challa would need backup. When T'Challa called her, she used the Remote Access Kimoyo Beads to remotely drive a car in the streets of Busan through a hologram in order to help T'Challa apprehend Klaue. Although Klaue managed to destroy the car, shutting down the lab's hologram, Shuri successfully assisted her brother in Klaue's capture.

Shuri Designs Gauntlet

Shuri works on her Vibranium Gauntlets in the lab

Shuri then welcomed T'Challa, Nakia and Okoye when they returned from South Korea with a heavily wounded Everett Ross. While T'Challa went upstairs to discuss with W'Kabi, Shuri began treating Ross and successfully performed surgery on him. She then waited for Ross to regain consciousness, working on her new Vibranium Gauntlets in the meantime.

Ross eventually woke up in the lab, amazed by what he saw around him in the lab. He and Shuri had a talk about the Vibranium technologies designed by Shuri and her team in the lab, including the Wakandan Maglev Train. As they spoke, Shuri was contacted by Okoye who informed her of Killmonger's arrival in Wakanda. Shuri displayed a picture of Killmonger in the lab and called T'Challa so he would join them. When Shuri, T'Challa and Nakia gathered in the lab, Ross told them who Killmonger was.

Shuri, Nakia and Ross later sneaked in the lab after they returned from their short exile in Jabari Land. There, Shuri reclaimed her Vibranium Gauntlets and Nakia a pair of advanced Ring Blades and a Dora Milaje armor. They instructed Ross to stay in the lab and wait until they implanted a Remote Access Kimoyo Bead on a Royal Talon Fighter, creating a replica of the aircraft in the lab so Ross could fly the ship and destroy the Vibranium weapons cargo sent to the outer world by Killmonger.

Ross carried out on his task and successfully destroyed one of his two targets. However, he caught the attention of the Dragon Flyers escorting the planes. While two of them attacked the Royal Talon Fighter, the remaining one went to directly attack the lab where Ross was. Ross decided to remain in the lab as long as the lab's bay window's glass would hold. He managed to destroy the last target by rushing at it with the Royal Talon Fighter, which put an end to the lab simulation.

As the glass was nearly broken, Ross managed to escape from the lab. Seconds later, one final shot finally shattered the glass, destroying Shuri's lab.[1]


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