"It was designed to keep the Shrike away. It emits a sonic pulse or something. It disrupts their equilibrium. It confuses them."

Shrike Repeller is a device utilized by Sarge's Squad to keep the Shrike away from their truck during their mission to kill Izel.


"Snow, without that repeller, how long can this trailer hold them off?"
"I don't know. We never stick around long enough to find out."
Melinda May and Snowflake[src]

The Shrike Repeller was kept inside Sarge's Truck and used by Sarge's Squad during their campaign to kill Izel. While on Earth, Sarge intended to use the repeller during the Destruction of the Shrike Tower in order to keep the Shrike away. However, he accidentally broke it, which made Sarge angry. He demanded to Alphonso Mackenzie to release Pax, as he was the only one who knew how to fix it. Still, Mackenzie refused to do so and sent Deke Shaw instead. He attempted to fix the device, but he did not succeed. Sarge then threatened Shaw, explaining what would happen if the device would not work when needed.[1]

Later, after the tower was destroyed, the Shrikes started to attack Sarge's Truck. However, Shaw still did not manage to repair the repeller. Because of this, Daisy Johnson choose to face the Shrikes with her powers, quaking them to dust.[2]


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