"If I turn, I need you to take one of those knives and put it right here."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez to Quake[src]

The Shrike Daggers are weapons capable of killing the Shrike.


Sarge's Campaign

"Sounds like you took my blade out too soon. The Shrike take time to die."

Sarge and his crew used the daggers to kill all the Shrike disseminated across the galaxy by Izel they could track down.[1] Since the Shrike were highly durable creatures, Sarge made sure that the blade remained in the host for hours until he was sure that the Shrike, and the host with it, were both dead and no longer posed a threat.[2]

Assassination of Harold Simcoe

Harold Simcoe is killed with a Shrike Dagger

Among the hosts killed with a Shrike Dagger was Harold Simcoe, a Human whose body was reclaimed by S.H.I.E.L.D. for an autopsy. During the autopsy performed by Marcus Benson in the presence of Agents Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Damon Keller, Benson made the mistake to remove the Shrike dagger before the Shrike was actually dead. As a result, the Shrike escaped and later infected Keller. Due to the Shrike overloading Keller's body and manifesting mineral protrusions out of his body, Rodriguez recovered the dagger and stabbed Keller, killing the Shrike and giving Keller a mercy death.

Shaw attacked by Sarge

Sarge threatens Deke Shaw with a Shrike Dagger

Sarge also threatened Deke Shaw with a Shrike Dagger, fearing that he might be a Shrike Host due to his readings showing that Shaw did not belong in the world he was living in. However, Shaw was able to escape from Sarge before he could thrust the dagger into his body.[1]


Melinda May uses a Shrike Dagger to kill a host

Following her capture by Sarge, Melinda May was left in a room with a Shrike host and a Shrike Dagger so she would see for herself how dangerous the Shrike were. May initially attempted to take down the host who attacked her without the knife, but as the Shrike began to burst out of his body in the form of the crystal spikes, May swiftly seized the dagger and plunged it into the host, thus stopping the process.[3]


Melinda May saves Deke Shaw from a Shrike

In the aftermath of the Destruction of the Shrike Tower, a swarm of Shrike attacked Sarge's Truck, which was crewed by May, Daisy Johnson, Deke Shaw and Snowflake. Feeling that the Shrike would eventually make their way inside the truc, they all took Shrike Daggers to defend themselves, and May killed a Shrike right before it could infect Shaw, although she grimly joked that Shaw might finally have stopped talking if she had not put her dagger into the Shrike.[4]

Due to being infected by a Shrike, Rodriguez asked Johnson to be prepared to kill her with a Shrike Dagger if she were to share the same fate of Keller. Rodriguez did nearly die from her infection as the Shrike inside her nearly killed her, but Johnson found herself unable to kill her with the dagger. She handed it to Mackenzie, hoping that he would be able to end Rodriguez's suffering, but Mackenzie was prevented from using the dagger when May finally killed Izel, thus killing the Shrike inside Rodriguez as well.[5]

Battle at the Temple of the Forgotten

Despite Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons melting some of Sarge's daggers into bullets, Melinda May, who had a well-known distaste for firearms and preferred blades, kept using the traditional Shrike Dagger when approaching the Temple of the Forgotten.[6]


"The blade generated a chemical reaction, paralyzing the creature, and after six hours, it took on an inert, hardened state and expired."
Marcus Benson[src]

The Shrike Daggers were among the few artifacts able to kill the Shrike. When coming in contact with them, they induced a chemical reaction within the Shrike's body, which paralyzed it and eventually caused its death along with the death of its host. However, as noted by Sarge and later Marcus Benson, the process was not immediate, and the dagger actually had to remain plunged into the Shrike for hours before the creature actually died.


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