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"First we sharpen the axe, then we chop the tree."
"My axe is plenty sharp, and a shotgun."
Patriot and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The Shotgun-Axe is a weapon crafted by Alphonso Mackenzie to be used as both a firearm and a melee weapon, capable of firing normal and I.C.E.R. shells.

Originally a shotgun with a butcher knife taped to it, Mackenzie created an official Shotgun-Axe in time to fight Hive's Primitives on Zephyr One. Mackenzie wielded the weapon extensively, and used an alternate timeline version of the Shotgun-Axe to kill Kasius in an alternate 2091.

Another Shotgun-Axe was created in an alternate 1983 by Deke Shaw for Mackenzie to use against the Chronicoms.



"I need a bigger gun, I guess. Or my axe. Or maybe a shotgun-axe combination of some sort."
―Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Following the fall of Afterlife and the release of the Terrigen Mist, S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to recruit Lincoln Campbell to assist them in their efforts to help new Inhumans come to terms with their new powers. This became especially important after S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to rescue Joey Gutierrez from the Advanced Threat Containment Unit. Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie paid Campbell a visit at the hospital where he had worked since the fall of Afterlife. However as they tried to convince him to come to S.H.I.E.L.D., a new Inhuman, which S.H.I.E.L.D. would later name Lash, stormed into the hospital demanding that a baffled security officer tell him where "the Inhuman" was. Lash quickly found Campbell on his own, sparking a skirmish in the hospital. After using significant resources on Lash, the monstrous Inhuman escaped through a hole in the wall, and Johnson prepared to continue the fight. It was in this moment that Mackenzie conceived the idea of a Shotgun-Axe combination.[1]

First Version

"Really got to commit to that shotgun-axe idea."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

While on a mission to investigate the group called the Watchdogs, Alphonso Mackenzie, Daisy Johnson and Leo Fitz had their cover accidentally blown by Mackenzie's brother Ruben riding in on a motorcycle, who had been tailing his brother from their family home. The Watchdogs heard the noise, saw the light, and ran out of the barn to see what was going on. Johnson used her powers out of sight while Mack chased after his brother, who had retreated after realizing what was happening.

Alphonso Mackenzie builds a Shotgun-Axe

The Watchdogs, believing that Mack was the one who had used powers, followed him and Ruben back to the Mackenzie home. After burning their motorcycles, the Watchdogs proceeded to break into the Mackenzie home and block off the exits. Mack grabbed their father's old shotgun and they proceeded to take out the Watchdogs inside the home. Eventually, the brothers reached the kitchen, and Mack found a butcher knife which he strapped onto the barrel of the shotgun, deeming it the first version of the Shotgun-Axe.[2]

Second Version

Alphonso Mackenzie shoots a Primitive

"Well, I'd like to be in a fight. Built this damn thing for a reason."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

During his subsequent time at the Playground, Alphonso Mackenzie designed and finally crafted his Shotgun-Axe using a tactical shotgun and a custom axe blade. He finally found the opportunity to use it after Hive tried to turn all humans into Primitives by using a specialized warhead inside Zephyr One. The team managed to get inside Zephyr One and Mackenzie, using the Shotgun-Axe, fought the Primitives in the plane.[3]

During an investigation to track down the origin of a mysterious box and its contents, Mackenzie equipped himself with his Shotgun-Axe as his primary weapon. Alongside Leo Fitz, Mackenzie infiltrated a decommissioned research facility and entered a reactor room. Once inside, the pair were confronted by an intangible individual, and Mackenzie swung the axe blade at him. He continued to fire the shotgun at the disappearing man before he was trapped inside of a reactor.[4]

Shortly after, Mackenzie and Phil Coulson detected Hellfire in a firework warehouse. Mackenzie bought his Shotgun-Axe to the place. However, while attempting to use it against the Watchdogs soldiers who worked with Hellfire. Coulson reminded that it was not wise to shoot firearms inside of a fireworks warehouse.[5]

Mackenzie geared himself with his Shotgun-Axe with I.C.E.R. bullets before traveling to South Ridge Penitentiary to get Eli Morrow. As he was with Ghost Rider, the ghost Vincent appeared, whom Mackenzie attempted to shoot. After Vincent was killed by Ghost Rider, Hugo appeared and passed through Mackenzie, therefore infecting him. Mackenzie tried to hit him with the Shotgun-Axe, to no avail. After Mackenzie was cured, he used the Shotgun-Axe to open the door to save two staff members.[6]

Alphonso Mackenzie takes out the Chinatown Crew

After the Spirit of Vengeance passed to Mackenzie, it made him ride to a Chinatown Crew hideout. Once he arrived, Mackenzie pulled his Shotgun-Axe and shot a Chinatown Crew member.[7] During the Battle at the Chinatown Crew Headquarters, Mackenzie plunged his Shotgun-Axe into the chest of a Chinatown Crew member. Yo-Yo Rodriguez, while in super-speed, extracted the blade and moved Mackenzie's hand so the Shotgun-Axe would be pointed at another criminal.[8]

Alphonso Mackenzie decapitating Aida

Mackenzie walked with his Shotgun-Axe as Aida invaded the Playground. As he and Rodriguez entered the hangar, a Quinjet suddenly flew by itself and started shooting at the two. When the shooting stopped, Mackenzie fired at the Quinjet multiple times only to take cover again. Later, Mackenzie cut off Aida's head from behind.[9]

Mackenzie brought his Shotgun-Axe to Nome and the Burkov Mining Facility as he searched for Jeffrey Mace. He later used it in a Russian facility to open a locked door and to kill several men who were about to kill Mace. After Mackenzie was replaced with a Life-Model Decoy, his LMD took possession of the Shotgun-Axe.[10]

Alphonso Mackenzie's LMD hunting Quake

At the Playground, Mackenzie's LMD carried the Shotgun-Axe as he searched for Daisy Johnson. He arrived inside the Containment Module room where the Daisy Johnson LMDs were being kept. Believing Johnson had hidden herself among the identical robots, Mackenzie aimed his Shotgun-Axe and began looking for clues for the real Johnson's identity. Eventually Mackenzie aimed the gun at one LMD, only for Johnson to appear behind him and knock him back with a powerful shockwave before taking the Shotgun-Axe and quickly escaping. Johnson later encountered Jeffrey Mace LMD and shot at him multiple times with the Shotgun-Axe, all of which he was unharmed by. She then attempted to strike him with the axe blade, only for the Mace LMD to catch it midair, disarming and knocking her down.[11]

Leo Fitz prepares to hide the Shotgun-Axe for 74 years

Prior to the Playground's destruction, the Shotgun-Axe was retrieved. After discovering that Mackenzie and the other agents had been sent forward through time to the year 2091, Fitz planned to join them by placing himself in cryosleep for 74 years. Armed with the knowledge that Mackenzie and the other agents would be at the Lighthouse in 2091, Fitz hid the Shotgun-Axe, along with other weaponry, inside of a crate, which he hid inside of a wall of the Lighthouse on the third level.[12]

The original timeline's Shotgun-Axe continued to remain hidden inside the wall at the Lighthouse, as Mackenzie had returned to the present timeline with the Shotgun-Axe he had retrieved from an alternate universe 2091.[13]

Alternate Universe Versions

Second Version

Alphonso Mackenzie regains the axe

"I don't get it. Doesn't the axe make it harder to shoot?"
"It makes it easier to chop heads off."
Flint and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The Shotgun-Axe, which Leo Fitz had placed in a crate behind a wall on the third level of the Lighthouse, remained hidden there for 74 years. In 2091, it was reclaimed by a time-traveling Alphonso Mackenzie in order to fight the Vrellnexians and the Kree,[14] and later against the Kree Watch during the Uprising in the Lighthouse.[15]

Kasius is killed by Alphonso Mackenzie

Following the death of the that timeline's Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Mackenzie used the Shotgun-Axe to fight Kasius, who enhanced himself with Odium. Mackenzie shot two Kree with the Shotgun-Axe before shooting Kasius, who was not affected by the pain. Kasius managed to disarm Mackenzie, who struggled to reach for the Shotgun-Axe. When Jemma Simmons came and incapacitated Kasius, Mackenzie used the opportunity to retrieve his weapon, and turning the Axe blade, impaled Kasius behind his back through his chest, killing Kasius for good.[13]

Alphonso Mackenzie shooting Sleeper Mechs

Mackenzie carried the Shotgun-Axe with him when he used the Time Di'Alla to return to the 2017 of his time, bringing the alternate timeline Shotgun-Axe to the main timeline. He then used it against the Sleeper Mechs on the flying Principia ship.[16]

Mackenzie used the Shotgun-Axe against the Remorath who invaded the Lighthouse, but it had an insignificant effect on them. Once the team regrouped, Mackenzie allowed Phil Coulson to use the Shotgun-Axe in the fight.[17] Mackenzie patrolled in the Lighthouse to search for living Remorath, he encountered one of them who was powered by Odium. The Shotgun-Axe shots had no effect on him, but Mackenzie managed to knock him out with its blade.[18] Mackenzie also took his Shotgun-Axe in prevision for the Battle of Chicago.[19]

Third Version

Alphonso Mackenzie uses the chrome Shotgun-Axe

"Designed it myself. Chromed out blade, almost zero recoil."
Deke Shaw to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

When Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw were stranded in an alternate 1982, Shaw elected to form Deke Squad and have Mackenzie, as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., becomes its leader. By 1983, Shaw had designed and assembled a new Shotgun-Axe for Mackenzie, made in chrome with almost no recoil. Mackenzie was initially hesitant to use it, but he equipped it to combat Sibyl and her robots during the Attack on the Lighthouse.[20]


Deke Shaw's Shotgun-Axe on display

The Shotgun-Axe is a shotgun combined with an axe. The improvised model was a Remington 870 with a cleaver duct-taped to the barrel. Mackenzie used this to systematically eliminate a squad of Watchdogs invading his home, using birdshot ammunition.

The first official model was a Mossberg 500 Cruiser, which used ammunition strong enough to harm the Primitives. The blade is sharp enough to decapitate a Life-Model Decoy, such as Aida, as well as to pierce the skin of an Odium-augmented Kree, which is evidenced when Mackenzie impaled Kasius through the back. Mackenzie accomplished this by folding the blade of the shotgun forward, instead of its standard inward position.

Deke Shaw's model has a chromed out blade with almost zero recoil, and he also supplied Mackenzie with shells reconfigured with an electrical disruption charge, capable of killing Chronicoms.


Appearances for the Shotgun-Axe

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  • Contemporary with the Shotgun-Axe's first appearance, the Solid Slug Shotgun became available in the browser-based game Marvel: Avengers Alliance, although it was ostensibly patterned after the vampire-hunting arsenal of Blade. It was a Hallowed weapon, especially effective against supernatural monsters, and was one of the only Gun-type weapons in the game with both a melee and a ranged attack.


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