"I gotta say the other guy was way better at that thing. I'm honestly, I'm shocked."
Spider-Man to Shocker[src]

Shocker's Gauntlet is a mechanical gauntlet used by Jackson Brice and later Herman Schultz under the alias of Shocker. Originally a discarded gauntlet from Crossbones' battlefield suit, Tinkerer used salvaged alien technology to modify it.



"I got the gauntlet from the Lagos cleanup. The rest is my design."

Crossbones utilising the original gauntlets

The gauntlet was initially a part of Crossbones' Battlefield Suit. However, during the Attack on the IFID Headquarters, Captain America managed to rip off one of Crossbones' gauntlets and throw it on the ground.[1] Following the aftermath of the battle, the discarded gauntlet was retrieved by the Department of Damage Control and was subsequently stolen by Adrian Toomes and in turn modified by Tinkerer. The updated gauntlet was intended for sale on the black market by Toomes' associate Jackson Brice, who often demonstrated the weapon to potential sellers under the moniker of Shocker.[2]

Chase of Adrian Toomes' Crew

SMH Brice x Spidey

Jackson Brice tries to subdue Spider-Man

After Spider-Man intrudes on an arms deal and is accidentally forced to let his presence be known, he engages in a fight with Shocker and his partner Herman Schultz. In order to defend himself, Shocker equipped himself with the gauntlet and punched Spider-Man, and then proceeded to shoot at him him with a Chitauri Gun multiple times. Unable to shake him off, Schultz called Toomes to help them as they returned back to their base of operation.

At headquarters, Brice relished over the aftermath of the fight, although Toomes berated him for his reckless antics. As Brice attempted to brush off Toomes' words, Toomes fired him from the crew. Angered, Brice threatened to expose Toomes' actions and was then killed as a result by Toomes, who took the gauntlet from his remains and passed it down to Schultz, appointing him to be the new Shocker.[2]

Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry


Shocker becomes trapped by Spider-Man

The gauntlet was employed on the Staten Island Ferry. When Spider-Man attacked the weapons deal that Herman Schultz was supervising, Schultz quickly put on the gauntlet and charged at Spider-Man while swinging the weapon, only for the web-slinger to dodge at the last minute, causing his gauntlet to be embedded in the boat's railing. Spider-Man quickly webbed Schultz to the railing to prevent his escape. While Schultz was unable to move, the FBI, who had set up a sting operation, showed up to arrest both Mac Gargan and Schultz, only to be attacked by Adrian Toomes, who had donned his Exo-Suit and had also grabbed a Chitauri Gun in order to fight back against Spider-Man and the FBI. Freeing Schultz from all his webbing restraints by shooting the railing, Vulture then told him to get off the ferry as they were retreating before they could be arrested by the FBI. Schultz raced onto the top of the ferry, as the Chitauri Gun was violently malfunctioning, causing it to fire several lasers that cut the ferry in half. Toomes then flew to the top of the ferry, where Schultz was waiting for him. Schultz jumped from the railing on top of the ferry, to land aboard Vulture's wings as Vulture took off.[2]

Ambush on Peter Parker


Herman Schultz attacking Spider-Man

When Spider-Man, clad in his homemade suit, went out into the bus yard to chase down Adrian Toomes, he was ambushed by Schultz, who stated that Spider-Man had made the wrong choice. After remarking on Spider-Man's "crappy costume", Schultz started beating Spider-Man around the bus yard, with Spider-Man, having lost his web-shooters, powerless to fight back. Before Schultz could finish him off however, he was stopped by Ned Leeds, who provided a distraction long enough for Spider-Man to retrieve his web-shooters and web Schultz to a bus. Tiny McKeever stole the gauntlet from Shocker before police arrived, and he later showed it off to his friend in a video.[3]


"You know, I wasn't sure about this at first, but now... damn!"
Herman Schultz[src]

Shocker releasing electric shockwaves

  • Shock Emission: Shocker's gauntlet can generate and release powerful blasts of electric shocks that, when used on a human being, can propel them a great distance away and also subdue them.
  • Strength Enhancement: The gauntlet possesses hydraulic functions that grant the user superhuman strength. They boost the wearer's physical attributes enough that they can combat enhanced individuals.
"Wait, you're gonna want to turn on the dampeners or that thing will shatter your arm."
Tinkerer to Shocker[src]
  • Power Dampener: The gauntlet possesses a power dampener that needs to activated when the user is fighting, otherwise the strength would be too much and their forearm would shatter.


  • In the comics, Shocker created his vibro-shock gauntlets while in prison and later upgraded them into a suit.


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