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"Now you're the Shocker."
Adrian Toomes to Herman Schultz[src]

Herman Schultz is a salvage worker who had become a professional criminal and a member of Adrian Toomes' Crew who had sold Chitauri and Ultron based weaponry created by Tinkerer. Following Toomes' murder of Jackson Brice, who had used a modified gauntlet under the alias of Shocker, Toomes passed the gauntlet down onto Schultz and appointed him as the new Shocker. Schultz continued to help Toomes with fighting against Spider-Man's ongoing attempts to bring an end to all of the black market arms deals, which resulted in Shocker being defeated during a fight and subsequently arrested by the NYPD.


Bestman Salvage[]

Battle of New York Clean-up[]

"So, now the assholes who made this mess are getting paid to clean it up."
"Yeah, it's all rigged."
―Herman Schultz and Phineas Mason[src]
SMH Trailer3 17

Schultz cleaning up the Battle of New York

In 2012, Herman Schultz was employed to work for the Bestman Salvage by Adrian Toomes. During his career, he helped with the clean-up in the wake of the recent Battle of New York. Schultz attempted to take apart one of the crashed Chitauri Chariots, only for Toomes to recommend that he instead use a Chitauri Staff to cut through it, noting that the alien metal was too tough for normal human tools, before leaving Schultz to continue his work on the crashed Chariot.


Schultz learning he is losing his current job

As Schultz got back to work, Jackson Brice finally arrived, leading to Toomes berating him for being late before ordering him to join Schultz in taking dismantling the chariot. During their work, however, the United States Department of Damage Control suddenly arrived onto the scene and Anne Marie Hoag informed Toomes that they had lost their contract to clean up the city. As Schultz watched on, Toomes attempted to argue for them to stay, noting that they had families to provide for. However, it was hopeless and they were told to leave.


Schultz discussing their career changes

After Damage Control had taken over the clean-up contracts under the orders of the U.S. government and Tony Stark, Schultz and all the other members of Toomes' crew discussed how the Avengers were profiting off their own chaos while they lost their jobs. Under Toomes' suggestion, Schultz and his co-workers then turned to a life of crime. Over the next four years, Schultz, alongside Brice, would act as arms dealers, selling all of the weapons built from technology salvaged by Vulture, such as the broken Ultron Sentries, anti-gravity climbers and Black Hole Grenades, among others.[1]

Weapon Dealing[]

Encounter with Spider-Man[]


Schultz makes a new deal with Aaron Davis

"You letting off shots in public now? Hurry up. Look, times are changing and we're the only ones selling these high-tech weapons."
―Herman Schultz to Aaron Davis[src]

Schultz and Jackson Brice met Aaron Davis in the outskirts of Queens, where Brice enthusiastically demonstrated the Ultron Blaster Gun, straight out of Sokovia. Davis was wary, noting that he wanted a small device for mugging. Schultz was dismayed at Brice's carelessness and spoke with Davis, while Brice offered alternatives, including Black Hole Grenades, Taser Rods and an Anti-Gravity Climber, which Davis took some interest in.


Schultz first encountering the Spider-Man

When the trio heard a ringtone suddenly go off, Schultz and Brice immediately assumed that Davis had set them up. As Schultz pulled his gun on him, Spider-Man appeared, telling the arms dealers to shoot him instead, which Schultz agreed to do without a second thought. As Davis made a retreat, Schultz tried to open fire on the young vigilante, but Spider-Man took away his gun. As Brice put on Shocker's Gauntlet and dealt with Spider-Man, Schultz then started the van and drove away.


Schultz attempting to escape Spider-Man

While Spider-Man used his Web-Shooters and swung after the two, Brice activated several weapons, shooting at the web-slinger and causing damage to the van and the street. Brice accidentally dropped one of the guns when Spider-Man snagged the van doors. This prompted him to suggest calling Adrian Toomes for assistance, which Schultz did. With Vulture showing up and then successfully dealing with Spider-Man, Schultz and Brice made their getaway.


Schultz watches Jackson Brice being fired

Schultz and Brice then managed to return base with the latter being thrilled with the chase, only to be confronted by Toomes while Schultz stayed in the background. Schultz watched as the argument between Brice and Toomes escalated, until Toomes told Brice that he was now fired. Disgusted, Brice then threatened Toomes that he would inform the authorities about their operation, asking what would happen if he told Toomes' wife about his business.


Schultz is told he is now the new Shocker

This was a step too far for Toomes, who promptly picked up a gun the Tinkerer was working on and shot Brice with it, instantly vaporizing him and leaving Schultz staring at his friend's ashes. Confused and shocked about his actions, Toomes told the Tinkerer that he thought he had picked up an Anti-Gravity Gun, only to have picked up the Chitauri Gun instead. Toomes walked over to Brice's ashes and picked up the Shocker's Gauntlet. He gave it to Schultz, sarcastically telling him that he was the "Shocker" now and tasking him to find the weapon Brice lost.[1]

Tracking the Energy Source[]


Schultz and Randy Vale look for the weapon

"It's saying there was an energy pulse right here."
"No sign of the weapon, and even if it was here now it's gone."
"So are we."
―Herman Schultz and Randy Vale[src]

The next day, Schultz took a scanner and set out with Randy Vale to locate the Chitauri Energy Core that was lost during the car chase last night, eventually tracking the power source to the Midtown School of Science and Technology. Looking through the workshop room where his scanner told him was where the energy source had been activated.


Schultz decides to give up with the search

Vale noted that if the device had been there it had already been taken away so Schultz decided that it was time for them to leave, however as he turned around, Schultz thought he had heard a noise and saw a chair wobbling in the back. Checking the sound for anyone, Schultz is unknowingly tagged with a Spider-Tracer. Believing that finding the weapon was a lost cause, Schultz left and headed towards Maryland in order to get ready for their incoming robbery alongside Vale.[1]

Damage Control Robbery[]


Schultz discusses using Shocker's Gauntlet

"Can't believe they're still cleaning up that Triskelion mess."
"I love it. They keep making messes, we keep getting rich."
Phineas Mason and Herman Schultz[src]

Several days later, Adrian Toomes' Crew received a tip that a truck full of confiscated technology was heading to the Damage Control Deep Storage Vault by the way of Maryland. Sitting in a van with the Tinkerer, Schultz discussed how the United States Department of Damage Control were still cleaning up all the mess caused by the Battle at the Triskelion, with Schultz noted that the more damage the Avengers caused, the easier they all got rich.

SMH Stark Industries Spidey Suit 2

Schultz spies on the Damage Control truck

Schultz prepared to get out of the van, only for Mason to note that he had to put the dampeners on Shocker's Gauntlet or he would be at risk of shattering his arm from all the force. Schultz then oversaw the heist as Vulture used the Matter Phase Shifter to get into the van before Spider-Man showed up and stool the weapons away from Vulture, causing Vulture to then quickly escape, leaving all his stolen technology behind and trapping Spider-Man inside the van.


Shocker practices with his new gauntlet

Back inside their Headquarters, Schultz continued practicing with his new Gauntlet, using it to punch a van while Toomes was still fuming over the recent loss of the technology. Mason offered once again to upgrade Vulture's Exo-Suit with the new high-altitude vacuum seal, so they could go pull off an airborne heist against the Stark Cargo Plane, however Toomes turned Mason down, fearing the job where they would go against the Avengers would be too risky.


Schultz sees the Spider-Man on the news

Asking if they still had enough Chitauri technology ready to sell their weapons to Mac Gargan on board the Staten Island Ferry in a few days, Mason confirmed this but Toomes remained nervous. Toomes began muttering that it was Spider-Man's fault and he would kill him for interfering with his business. Schultz, overhearing, pointed at the television, which was now broadcasting a rescue at the Washington Monument, including Spider-Man saving Toomes' daughter.[1]

Interrupted Weapons Deal[]

Shocker & Vulture (Staten Island Ferry)

Schultz and Adrian Toomes await a meeting

"He's upfront, main deck."
"I hate this guy."
"Just keep me posted."
Adrian Toomes and Herman Schultz[src]

The next day, Herman Schultz and Adrian Toomes made their way to the MV Spirit of America to sell all their Chitauri and Ultron weapons to their latest buyer, Mac Gargan. Schultz and Toomes sat with their backs facing each other to avoid suspicion as Toomes informed Schultz that Gargan was waiting on the main deck for them. Despite noting that he still hated Gargan, Schultz then left Toomes dealt with Gargan, promising to tell Toomes if anything went wrong.


Schultz has a meeting with Mac Gargan

Meeting him at the front of the boat, Schultz told Gargan that the technology was being stored in a white van which Randy Vale was waiting in. Schultz stayed with Gargan as a man spoke with Vale and examined all of the weapons while Schultz discussed their deal with Gargan. However just as Schultz prepared to hand over the van keys to Gargan, Spider-Man suddenly showed up and took the keys with his Web-Shooters, soon dispatching Gargan and his associates.


Shocker becomes trapped by Spider-Man

Schultz radioed Toomes to tell him that Spider-Man had interrupted the deal while he put on the Shocker Gauntlet, charging Spider-Man while swinging the weapon, only for the web-slinger to dodge at the last minute, causing his gauntlet to become embedded in the boat's railing. Spider-Man quickly webbed Schultz to the railing to prevent his escape, while noting that Jackson Brice had been much better using the gauntlet than Schultz, claiming to be shocked.


Shocker managing to escape Spider-Man

While Schultz was unable to move, the FBI agents who had set up a sting operation, showed up to arrest both Gargan and Schultz, only to be attacked by Toomes, who had donned his Vulture Exo-Suit and had also grabbed a Chitauri Gun in order to fight back against Spider-Man and the FBI agents. Freeing Schultz from all his webbing restraints by shooting the railing, Vulture then told him to get off the ferry as they were retreating before they could be arrested by the FBI.

SMH Introduction

Shocker escapes along with Vulture

Avoiding being webbed up by Spider-Man again, Schultz raced onto the top of the ferry, as the Chitauri Gun was violently malfunctioning, causing it to fire several lasers that cut the ferry in half. Seeing his opening, Vulture then flew to the top of the ferry, where Schultz was waiting for him. Schultz jumped from the railing on top of the ferry, to land aboard Vulture's wings as Vulture took off, flying away from the battle just before Iron Man showed up and save the passengers.[1]

One Last Job[]


Schultz tells Adrian Toomes he is quitting

"Feds were waiting for us. Now we're on Iron Man's radar? Yeah, I'm running. You should too."
―Shocker to Vulture[src]

Back inside their Headquarters, Schultz decided enough was enough and packed his things, becoming concerned that Adrian Toomes' Crew's activities would soon be exposed and he would be arrested soon, as the FBI would have captured him at the ferry if not for Spider-Man's interference, as Schultz recommended to Adrian Toomes that he should also make his own escape while he still could.


Schultz convinced to complete one last job

Noting that he could not stop his criminal ways due to still having to care for his wife and daughter, Toomes managed to convince Schultz to stay on by ordering the Tinkerer to complete his work on a new high-altitude vacuum seal for Vulture's Exo-Suit so they could pull off one last job, the hijacking the Stark Cargo Plane in order to steal all of the Stark Industries and Iron Man technology that would then be getting transported from the Avengers Tower by the next day.[1]

Ambush on Peter Parker[]

SMH Trailer 54

Shocker locating and attacking Spider-Man

"He gave you a choice. You chose wrong."
"Ah, what the hell?"
"What's with the crappy costume?"
―Shocker to Spider-Man[src]

On the night of the heist, Shocker was called by Adrian Toomes, who had figured out the Spider-Man's secret identity. Shocker was told to head to the Midtown School of Science and Technology and wait to see if Spider-Man would appear to chase after Toomes. As Spider-Man appeared, Shocker attacked, striking Spider-Man and knocking him back.


Shocker prepares to finish off Spider-Man

With a powerful strike, Shocker smashed Spider-Man into a school bus, causing him to drop his Web-Shooters as he was attempting to get them on to follow Toomes and interrupt his plans. Shocker mocked Spider-Man on making the wrong choice in following Vulture before he remarked on Spider-Man's homemade suit before punching him again with some incredible force, sending him straight through a school bus windshield and back through the other side.


Shocker gets webbed onto the side of a bus

Spider-Man questioned why the Shocker was sent, but Shocker just said he would never know. Once Shocker prepared to deliver the final blow, the web fired by Ned Leeds managed to snag onto Shocker's Gauntlet, distracting Shocker long enough for Spider-Man to escape his grip, grab the web-shooter and web him onto a bus.[1] Shocker was found by the schoolchildren, who took photos of him before the police arrested him, with Tiny McKeever acquiring his gauntlet.[2]


"If you're gonna shoot at somebody, shoot at me!"
Spider-Man and Herman Schultz[src]

Herman Schultz is shown to be practical and level-headed, putting business before emotion, unlike Jackson Brice. This is shown multiple times such as his and Brice's first encounter with Spider-Man, when Schultz contacted Adrian Toomes rather than use the merchandise. When scolded by Toomes, Schultz was cautious enough not to get on Toomes' bad side even after Toomes accidentally incinerated Brice for his troubles. He was trusted as such that Toomes helped him avoid capture by Spider-Man.

Despite this, Schultz is shown to have no qualms with killing anyone who would jeopardize his criminal activities. When he thought Aaron Davis had set him and Brice up, he wasted little time in pulling a gun on him, only to be stopped when Spider-Man diverted his attention, shooting at the latter albeit unsuccessfully. He would later try to kill Spider-Man, seemingly on the orders of Toomes should he interfere in his business.

When facing the possibility of incarceration, Schultz originally quit Adrian Toomes' Crew to go on the run, only to be talked into another job by Toomes.

Powers and Abilities[]


"Wait, you're gonna want to turn on the dampeners or that thing will shatter your arm."
Tinkerer to Shocker[src]
  • Shocker's Gauntlet Capabilities: After killing the previous Shocker, Jackson Brice, Adrian Toomes gave Schultz the Shocker Gauntlet, which is a metal gauntlet that gives him shock blasts.
    • Enhanced Strength: The gauntlet possesses hydraulic functions that grant Schultz superhuman strength. They boost his physical attributes enough that he can propel school buses away and even combat enhanced individuals. He was able to blast Spider-Man through a school bus from the back all the way to the front. He also punched him hard enough the second time to dent the side of the bus.
    • Vibration Beam Emission:

      Shocker releasing electric shockwaves

      Using his specialized gauntlet, Schultz can generate and release powerful blasts of vibrational shocks that, when used on a human being, can propel them a great distance away and also subdue them.


  • Combatant: Schultz has decent skill in combat, able to gain the upper hand against Spider-Man in their second fight outside Midtown School of Science and Technology, albeit without the latter's web shooters, but was quickly subdued afterwards due to Ned Leeds' intervention.
  • Thief: As a part of Adrian Toomes' Crew, Schultz was a criminal and had to steal to be able to sell more technology on the black market.



"You know, I wasn't sure about this at first, but now... Damn!"
―Shocker to Spider-Man[src]
  • Shocker's Gauntlet:
    SMH Trailer 64

    Shocker attempts to murder Spider-Man

    Schultz inherited the powerful modified version of Crossbones' Gauntlet from Jackson Brice that, when fired, was able to generate energy blasts that can push heavy objects. His gauntlet can inflict blunt force trauma if the blasts are aimed at a living target.
  • Glock 19: Schultz carried this handgun during a meeting Aaron Davis in order to sell him some weapons. As he heard a ringing phone, he drew his gun in order to threaten Davis, believing they had set them up. Spider-Man quickly revealed himself, taunting Schultz to shoot at him, and quickly disarming him before he had the chance.
  • SIG Sauer P229: Schultz carried this handgun while investigating the missing Chitauri Energy Core, tracking its signal to Midtown School of Science and Technology. However, he was unable to find anything.






  • In the comics, Herman Schultz is a brilliant inventor who designed his own gauntlets in order to start his criminal career. He briefly worked with Hammer Industries in order to improve his equipment but refused to give them the complete blueprints of his invention.
  • The yellow sleeves of Schultz's normal outfit is a nod to his mainstream counterpart's costume.

Behind the Scenes[]


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