"Claire. Heard you were on the floor."
"You heard I was on the floor?"
"I've been here 30 seconds."
―Shirley Benson and Claire Temple[src]

Shirley Benson is an administrator at Metro-General Hospital.


Dealing with the Urichs


Ben Urich talking to Shirley Benson

Shirley Benson was visited by Ben Urich to discuss his wife's situation. According to Urich, his wife cannot be in a communal, saying that she needed to be hand-on. Benson reminded him that private rooms are hard to come by and that he should be happy that his insurance is still covering them at all, even though they said that in some cases they offer extension.

Urich handed Benson the forms, asking her to approve them. Benson initially declined by telling him that this is only the first step, with a thousand more to follow and that she has a hospital to run. She would not be able to do that if she had to sign every appeal she received. In a way to get Benson to fill the forms Urich told her that they are going to cut her off and that it is not her fault. Benson told him to come with her.

In her office, Benson reminded Urich that his wife would not be thrown on the street. At least not yet, according to Urich, who was worried that the at one moment the communal ward would be at capacity and that she would get pushed to an out-patient facility. Urich once again tried to convince Benson by telling her that he just wanted to make sure she can rest, so that she can get better and come home. Benson, clearly touched by the situation, gave Doris five more days in a private room, which was all that Ben could afford. She also told him that she was not able to make promises about the appeal.

Benson then sent Urich from her office, since she has a measles outbreak to deal with because parents did not want to vaccinate their children. Since her best nurse called out sick, she needed to focus as much on it as possible. When Urich placed a bag of cheese blintz from her favorite place on her desk, she told him that he should have began with it, even though it would have been cheating.[1]

Bombing of Hell's Kitchen

"What are you doing here? I heard you were in a car accident and since when do you drive?"
"I made a very bad decision."
"Story of my life."
―Shirley Benson and Claire Temple[src]

During the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen, Metro-General Hospital was filled with casualties from all over the neighborhood. In order to get control over the situation, Benson ordered a doctor to get all the people triaged and coded. She also told the nurse to get central on the line.

While walking into one of the communal wards Benson told one of her nurses to make sure incoming casualties got re-routed to either Mercy or St Mary's hospital. She then noticed Claire Temple, who had called sick because of a car accident, working on one of their patients. Surprised to see her, she asked what Temple was doing there after a car accident, stating that Temple does not even drive. Before walking away to search for Shapiro, she shared her gratitude for having Temple back.[2]

Decision with Doris Urich

Since her last talk with Ben Urich, Benson had tried everything she could to make sure Doris Urich got an extension on her private room. When she was unable to get an extension she had to share the news with Ben; she took the opportunity to talk with Ben while he was visiting his wife. During Ben's visit, Benson walked into Doris' room, asking him to come outside to give him the bad news. She apologized. When Ben asked if they did all they could, she told him they did. She then walked away, leaving a saddened Ben behind.[3]

Claire Temple's Absence

Benson was called by Claire Temple, who informed her that she could not come to work that day. Temple, who at that moment was helping Jessica Jones with Luke Cage, gave a personal emergency as the reason. Benson reminded Temple that they were short on staff and requested her to come as soon as she can, to which Temple eventually agreed.[4]




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