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"Impotence disguised as confidence. They're so afraid, they wanna burn this city down."
"But you don't want that."
"What I want is irrelevant."
―Sherry Yang and Colleen Wing[src]

Sherry Yang is the wife of Hai-Qing Yang and owner of Bayard Community Center. Following the death of her husband, Sherry became a leader of Yangsi Gonshi.


Bayard Community Center

"I know we count on her support to keep the lights on so we look the other way, but everyone knows her husband has connections."
"Mrs. Yang, as in Sherry Yang on the board? She's Hai-Qing Yang's wife?"
"She does a ton for the community. So, who am I to judge, right?"
Sam Chung and Colleen Wing[src]

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Gambling Event

"I don't pretend to understand the intricacies of your life. But whatever responsibility you think you have to your husband, you have an equal one to this place and the people in it. We all do good in different ways, Mrs. Yang. I volunteer here. You invite your moneyed friends to come and bet a fortune, knowing most will lose that money to the house."
"You know your pai gow."
Colleen Wing and Sherry Yang[src]

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Meeting with Ho

"Thank you for agreeing to meet."
"I agreed to meet with your husband."
"And he sends his regrets and apologies."
―Sherry Yang and Ho[src]

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Negotiation Attempt

"Our temporary alliance has run its course. Last night was a mess."
"We owe you an explanation."
"I only had your safety in mind. I didn't mean to blow the negotiation."
"Your intentions don't change the facts. After last night's debacle, the war between Hatchet and Tiger will only intensify."
"Unless you go back with another offer, a sweeter one–"
"There will be no more offers!"
"And we won't allow a full-blown war to erupt."
"Do not speak in absolutes to me, young man."
―Sherry Yang, Colleen Wing and Danny Rand[src]

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Davos' Campaign

"Madness. The Wen brothers, our man watching Pell Street businesses, Sammy Lee and his cousin. All dead. And that's just on our side. Find me who did this! As my husband used to say, "Blood for blood.""
―Sherry Yang[src]

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Truce with the Golden Tigers

"The peace you wanted has been achieved."
"It's a pretty heavily armed version of peace."
"All that was needed was a common enemy."
"You're planning to retaliate against Davos. He'll slaughter you. All of you."
"Not if we slaughter him first."
"I'm grateful you came when you did. And I know you've saved lives. But he killed my husband and many others."
―Sherry Yang, Danny Rand and Liu[src]

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Attack on Bayard Community Center

"You've seen the bodies. You know what he can do to trained soldiers. How do you think those families are gonna fare?"
"We're going to escort the civilians out of the building. This isn't their battle. They shouldn't be touched by it. I'm taking a chance trusting you."
Danny Rand and Sherry Yang[src]

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A Balanced Future

"What's gonna happen to the Triad alliance now that Davos is no longer a threat?"
"The war is over. And we will never forget what you and Daniel Rand did for us."
"For the lives lost to mean something, you have to do more than just remember. You have to change. Move into legitimate business. No more... No more protection rackets, no more criminal activity."
"I want what you want. But neither of us are so naive as to think that can happen overnight."
"No, we aren't. Which is why I will be watching, should you backslide."
"Watch all you want. But I will brook no interference from you or Daniel Rand. A balance, Ms. Wing."
Colleen Wing and Sherry Yang[src]

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"My wife likes to tell me this place is a cautionary tale. All the little fish that thought they were headed upstream now someone else's meal."
Hai-Qing Yang to Davos[src]

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"The Dragon Head Baton. Symbol of absolute authority in our Triad. My husband has entrusted me with it."
―Sherry Yang to Ho[src]







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