"Once the field goes up, nobody gets in or out. Doesn't matter how fast."

Shelter Charges are devices capable of generating a force-field to divide a room in half. The charges run so hot, that it is capable of killing an individual.


"Careful, Pax. These things run hot, remember?"
"Remember? That image scarred me for life. I mean, not as badly as the guy who got his face fried off, 'cause he's dead, but still."
Jaco and Pax[src]

Shelter Charges were used by Sarge's Squad during their galaxy-wide hunt for the Shrike. On one occasion, one of their victims got their face so deeply burnt by the force field generated by the Shelter Charges that it remained a most vivid memory in Pax's mind.


Pax is forced to touch the force field

Sarge's squad later deployed Shelter Charges in the Zephyr One's bridge to prevent Yo-Yo Rodriguez from interfering with their plans after they had taken over the plane. However, Rodriguez was able to figure out the danger after she captured Pax. She thus tied him up and gagged him before putting him in front of the force field generated by the charges. To further taunt her enemies, Rodriguez used her superhuman speed to push Pax against the energy field, mildly burning his face.

Acting against Sarge's orders, Jaco disabled the charges to check on his teammate, thus enabling Rodriguez to quickly access the bridge and give Alphonso Mackenzie the key to his handcuffs unnoticed. Since Rodriguez was still a problem, Sarge murdered Pax and reactivated the Sarge, leaving Jaco on the other side of the force field with the order of finding Rodriguez and deal with her.

The charges were later deactivated after Sarge was defeated by Mackenzie.[1]


Once deployed, the Shelter Charges generate a red force field which is nigh impenetrable, regardless of how fast an object tries to break through it. Moreover, the energy created emits a tremendous quantity of heat, causing anyone or anything touching the force field to get burnt. In case of prolonged contact, the force field can even cause lethal burn to an individual.



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