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"Him can't die 'til he finish what him supposed to do."
"Kill my mother? But why? All over some Bushmaster Rum?"
"The rum is only the beginning."
―Sheldon and Tilda Johnson[src]

Sheldon is a childhood friend and partner of John McIver.


Early Life

"We grew up together. Me, John and our bredren, Sheldon."
Gideon Shaw[src]
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War for Harlem

Aiding Bushmaster

"What's on the agenda, bredren?"
"Mariah. Until I change your mind."
"We going to Harlem?"
"Nah. Better she come to Brooklyn. Or her people dem."
―Sheldon and John McIver[src]

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Chasing Piranha Jones

"Mr. Cage! You can release the likkle guppy. Or we war. The choice is yours."
―Sheldon to Luke Cage[src]

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Propositioning Tilda Johnson

"He needs a doctor."
"You are a doctor. He needs Nightshade."
"I don't have enough. I swear, I swear, I don't... I don't have enough."
"If he dies, you die."
Tilda Johnson and Sheldon[src]

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"Me like fish. So many different ways of filleting it."

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Sheldon using a rocket-propelled weapon

  • RPG: During an invasion on Rand Enterprises from the Stylers, Sheldon had equipped a rocket-propelled weapon that was made by Hammer Industries. Being one of the products of Mariah Dillard's gun dealings, it's value amidst the user's aiming capabilities allowed them to focus through a red holographic target for accurate precision. While Sheldon was aiming at the research facility, he was able to shoot the rocket out in the sky once the Stylers were alarmed by Luke Cage's presents.






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