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"We must not speak ill of the dead."
― Sheikh to Banker[src]

The Sheikh was one of HYDRA's main leaders in the wake of the HYDRA Uprising. While Sheikh and the other leaders were deciding how to replace Daniel Whitehall, he was accused of attempting to mount a coup before being killed during S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assassination of all the HYDRA leadership.


HYDRA Leader

Roundtable Discussion

"There is a vacancy at a management position in this region of the world."
"And who would you like to see fill it, Dr. List?"
"Baron von Strucker thought that Sunil Bakshi was well groomed to serve in that capasity."
List and Sheikh[src]

Sheikh raises his glass up to Daniel Whitehall

The Sheikh attended the biannual roundtable discussion of HYDRA leadership hosted in the mansion of Octavian Bloom. Also in attendance were the Baroness, the Banker, and List who was representing Wolfgang von Strucker. As they toasted to Daniel Whitehall joining the Red Skull in the afterlife, the Sheikh gave respect to Whitehall though the Banker would not.

He desired to replace Whitehall as leader of his faction of HYDRA; however, the other attendees wanted the same. List decided that whoever could destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. before it could make its move against them would get the position. The Sheikh and the others agreed.[1]

Death by Poison Gas

Sheikh getting assassinated by HYDRA

"Why have we stopped?"
― Sheikh[src]

Octavian Bloom and Sunil Bakshi sent a kill-order to have the Sheikh terminated; Lance Hunter lied, telling Bakshi that he was sent to kill him so that Bakshi could not take his rightful position as Daniel Whitehall's replacement. The Sheikh rode in a limousine with another person. The driver stopped the car and rolled up the partition, causing the Sheikh to wonder what was happening. The back of the car filled with gas, killing the Sheikh and the passenger.[1]






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