"There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I wanna try it."
Iron Man[src]

The Shawarma Palace is a small restaurant in New York City, where the Avengers assembled following the Battle of New York.


Battle of New York

Iron Man battling near the Shawarma Palace

During the Battle of New York, Iron Man entered the mouth of a Leviathan, provoking a series of explosion inside that managed to kill it. He crash-landed in front of the Shawarma Palace, an establishment that caught his attention before being ambushed by a series of Chitauri.[1]


"Have you ever tried shawarma?"
Iron Man[src]

Having defeated the Chitauri, Tony Stark suggested taking a vacation and trying shawarma at the Shawarma Palace, a nearby establishment, but Thor noted that they had not finished yet. Together, the six Avengers went to confront Loki, who surrendered and now accepted the drink Iron Man offered him earlier.[1]

The Avengers then gathered at the Shawarma Palace, eating quietly being exhausted from the battle.[2]

James Rhodes arrived at New York City, being unable to arrive earlier as he was ambushed by a Ten Rings cell in Hong Kong, and was surprised to see that the "situation" that made Stark call him for help, and that prevented backup for him in Hong Kong, was an alien invasion.

Rhodes tracked Stark's signal and entered the Shawarma Palace, where Stark invited him to pull up a chair and eat with them.[3]

Avengers Wall Mural

In 2016, the owner of Shawarma Palace commissioned a famously incognito street artist to create a mural dedicated to the Avengers on the wall of the restaurant.[4]

Behind the Scenes

  • Shawarma sales increased incredibly immediately after the release of The Avengers.[5]
  • The idea to shoot the post-credits scene in the Shawarma Palace occurred the day after the film had its original premiere, with Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige clamoring to film the scene and add it into the film before its wide release. As a result, Chris Evans has his hand on his face to cover the beard he had grown for another film. Jeremy Renner revealed in an interview with Variety that filming the scene was a very frustrating experience for Evans, who had to spend hours having a facial prosthetic put on his face for a scene that only lasted a few seconds[6], as he was unable to talk or eat due to the prosthetic. Additionally, Chris Hemsworth had to hunch down within his suit as he had shed his bulk for another film.[7]


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