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"I forgot to tell you, my wife is from Europe."
"Oh, how exotic!"
"We don't break bread with Bolsheviks."
"Oh, hush, Arthur! Have you no culture at all?"
Vision, "Mrs. Hart", and "Arthur Hart"[src]

Sharon Davis is a Westview citizen. Following the Westview Anomaly, she became Mrs. Hart, the wife of "Arthur Hart" and neighbor of Wanda Maximoff and Vision.


Early Life

Sharon Davis married Todd Davis at some point in her life living in the town of Westview. Davis was having coffee when she was trapped and enthralled by Scarlet Witch in the hex.[2]

Dinner Party

Sharon Davis as Mrs. Hart

"You men stay put. I sense a domestic emergency."
―"Mrs. Hart" to "Arthur Hart" and Vision[src]

Mrs. Hart accompanied her husband Arthur to have dinner with his new employees whenever they were hired. She was invited to Wanda Maximoff and Vision's home after Vision was hired by Mr. Hart. Unlike her husband, she was interested in Maximoff's nationality, Sokovian, rather than suspicious of it.

When they sat down for dinner, she questioned the pair on their pasts, which they could not answer about. When her husband began choking, she calmly told him to "stop it" repeatedly until he was saved by Vision. Later she along with her husband then left without a clue to what had happened.[1]

Talent Show

Mrs. Hart was also present at the Westview talent show and watched Wanda Maximoff and Vision's magic act.[3]


"Your grief is poisoning us. Let us go!"
―Sharon Davis to Wanda Maximoff[src]

Sharon was released from her character by Agatha Harkness and confronted Maximoff along with every other citizen, begging for help and their loved ones. Maxmimoff was overwhelmed by the situation and suffocates Sharon and the others with her powers, Maximoff proceeded to free the citizens and allowed them to leave.

Later, Sharon watched as Scarlet Witch left.[4]


"We had such a lovely time. This guest is leaving your home."
―"Mrs. Hart" to Wanda Maximoff[src]

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