Shannon is the head of security for Rand Enterprises.


Shannon works for Rand Enterprises as head of security. He tried to stop Danny Rand from entering the Rand Enterprises Building when the latter returned to New York City. Danny easily defeated Shannon, then locked him out of the elevator bank by using a baton to jam the door. Danny got all the way to the offices of Ward and Joy Meachum, and it took some time for Shannon to follow him. When Shannon arrived, he escorted Danny from the building with two other security guards. On Ward Meachum's orders the next night, Shannon and two other guards attempted to kill Danny as he left the Chikara Dojo. Danny disarmed one in the alley by the side of the dojo, then used a Chinese street festival to take out the other guard. Danny then took out Shannon and made him reveal that Ward Meachum had been behind the attempt on his life.[1]

Shannon later tried to track down Danny after he escaped from the Birch Psychiatric Hospital. He broke into the Chikara Dojo, but was beaten down by Colleen Wing. Shannon claimed that Ward sent them to protect Chikara Dojo and Colleen sent Shannon and his men away.[2]


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